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Saturday, July 28, 2012

Johnny Northside Security Camera Not What He Claims

Johnny Northside aka John Hoff, is getting more and more paranoid. Recently he announced  on his blog that he (actually he said his roommate did it) has installed a remote access security camera. He went on to suggest that it has similar abilities to military camera's which (hardly) allow him to... "tell if a dog is taking a piss or a crap at 500 yards based on the heat signature". 
Click here to read the post on his blog, The Adventures of Johnny Northside. Here is the picture of the camera he posted on his blog.

There are a few things that warrant some clarification with regards to what John claimed in his post as well as some observations I made.
The camera pictured appears to be an "IP Wireless WiFi Pan Tilt Zoom PTZ Security Camera With Support For Internet or Smart Phone Viewing." Click here for specs
The IR (night vision) capability is listed at 10 meters (3 feet, 3 inches per meter). That is the maximum range. The camera pictured appears to have 12 IR illuminators and based off my personal experience with night vision camera's, the camera Hoff uses would be lucky to see past his own sidewalk at night. You can also see the very obvious power cord coming out of it and appears to be plugged into an extension cord that is run along the ceiling. The cord is to power the camera, the base unit and the transmitter which sends a wireless signal to a receiver that is almost certainly inside the house. Wireless signals can be intercepted and viewed using a video scanner. I should also mention that wireless camera's almost always produce an image that has distortion.

Let me put all of that into perspective... The camera Hoff claims he has operating at 2226 Bryant Ave. N. is a wireless camera that is not capable of seeing past his side of the street at night and the image it does produce will always have some distortion in it which means it does not produce a clean, clear picture. Plus, the camera is sitting on a folding clair on his porch with either a storm window or a screen is directly in front of it. What that means is that the IR illuminators will bounce off the window/screen in front of the camera right back at the camera which severely limits what the camera can see. It is like aiming a camera directly at the sun.

Hoff also claims to have TWO roommates. IF that is true, it would mean that there are at least three adults living at his house (John has said he also resides there). Hoff has gotten around having to get a rental license for the property (which would require an inspection that would NOT pass based off of the TISH repairs he did not complete as promised) by claiming he has roommates that live with him. The house has only 2 bedrooms according to county records and for Hoff to live there, it would mean he "rigged" another room in the house to serve as a bedroom and according to county records... He did not obtain a permit to do so.
It is my opinion that John Hoff does not live at 2226 Bryant Ave. N. and that opinion is based off of conversations I have had with neighbors who live on his block. In fact, one long time resident on his block told me that Hoff has not been seen in over a year.  This information has been passed on to the city of Minneapolis and Hennepin County.

Lastly, here is the link to Hoff's blog post about my idea for the city to mount signs that say the area is under video surveillance (the sign in the post was designed by me and I sent a copy to John to put on his site). Click to read.  My idea was to only put signs up but, only dummy camera's would be put up which would make people THINK there are camera's recording what is going on. After reading Hoff's post about his new video camera at his house, I would not be a bit surprised if the camera he has is not a working one at all. Merely a ploy to make people think there is a camera recording what is going on outside his house. He has good reason to do such a thing because, he continues to attack various north Minneapolis residents he see's as "Thugs" by posting pictures of them and personal information about them on his blog. In other words... He has been pissing off a lot of people and they reportedly have not appreciated what he has said about them.

Keep running John! Sooner or later... You will be held accountable for your Internet bullying.


Anonymous said...

John night rider psycho Hoff has boasted at his blog that he took his 14 year old son along on a night ride around midnight in the hood. He sought out pedestrian strangers, a black women in this case, and did yell out the window,"WHORE", at her. His boast, but he likely did more, in front of his son, that he has not mentioned on his blog. This is the man, John Willard Nazi Fascist Hoff, that wants you, NOMI Residents and North Talk participants, to beleive that he is calm, analytical, and a benefit to the neighborhood he shares with you. Who is more dangerous to your family safety?: Tom David who got push off North Talk for his ramblings? Or Johnny -psycho yell at a woman stranger violent hater- Hoff? And who ams I, Johnny nut case Hoff?

Tom David said...

Just what "ramblings" were you talking about, "Anonymous"? I was very analytical I thought, and was delivering one-punch knock outs to about a dozen different Cultural Marxists at once! They couldn't argue with my ideas, so they just kicked me off. A batch of junior high school idiots.

Anti-Johnny said...

(sigh) Regarding publishing Tom David's comments, I see I am now put on the spot and it is damned if I do and damned if I don't.
Mr. David, I don't know you nor do I know about you other than what I saw on the North Talk facebook group. You are entitled to your opinions but, I have to say that I don't agree with your political beliefs. That being said, I refuse to engage even in a casual discussion about any politics above and beyond north Minneapolis politics. Actually, I want political banter limited to Hoff related issues. This is not a general chat forum as North Talk is. This is a blog that is focused on reporting the history and current antics of John Hoff.
So... You are welcome to comment on this blog but, I ask that you direct your political opinions elsewhere as (based off the north talk comments) many people don't agree with or care to talk about Marxists, etc.
Call me a hypocrite for saying I don't want this blog to become a flame wars blog but, I want to keep the flaming focused on Johnny Northside but, also factual.
To any other would-be commenter... I ask the same of you and I ask that you refrain from engaging Mr. David with further discussion about what I just listed.
Thank you

Anti-Johnny said...

To the person who submitted the reply to Mr. David... Come on! I just strong armed Mr David and asked that he refrain from doing exactly as you did in your reply. Seriously, I am not going to publish the petty name calling. Will you re-write the comments and leave out the banter? Please?
God! This is making me feel like Skrenes on the North Talk page and it sucks!

Dave said...

Actually, on the North Talk page Jeff Skrenes is biased against who he disciplines. I don't know how he was named a moderator but that is a position he clearly shouldn't have. While most of us don't agree with Mr. David's political beliefs, he did publicize several factual items about John Hoff which have previously been published here or in the Jordan Hawkman blog. Hoff in return reposted numerous derogatory items about Mr. David in North Talk. Both men violated the "rules" to an equal degree(no one knows what those rules are because Skrenes appears to make them up as he sees fit).
Yet, only Mr. David was banned from the group. IMHO John Hoff should also be banned from North Talk. The problem is that Jeff Skrenes is close personal friends with John Hoff, and Skrenes is too much of a "Pussy Wookie" (I like that description) to take against his friend.

In order for a forum like North Talk to be effective, participants need to know that what they say in the group, stays in the group, and that there will be no retaliation for expressing their opinions.
John Hoff is already using North Talk as a resource for his JNS blog, republishing photos and comments. Hoff is well known for attacking those that disagree with him (as he openly did with Mr. David), and the members of North Talk have seen what Hoff is capable of.
Jeff Skrenes once wrote that people are afraid to talk in public meetings when John Hoff is present because they are afraid of becoming his next headline.
This also would hold true for North Talk. John Hoff recently joined the North Talk group, and clearly his presence has has an effect
I have absolutely no doubts that John Hoff's membership in North Talk has had a chilling effect on what people say, and is detrimental to the success of North Talk

Anonymous said...

@Tom David: You responded on the North Talk Face Book page to people who repeated vocal and literal threats to your elderly mother and her home. You were intent on protecting your mother and representing her interests there.
In reviewing their words on that thread your mother and you were victims of a whirlwind of local hate from a few individuals haters led by John fascist Hoff. Regardless of their possible political underpinnings they appeared as petty fascists in there inflammatory words against the very safety of your mother. Further, their hate filled comments likely incited the arsonist attack at your family home.
If you are intelligent, and I think you are so, you will recognize the ironic life lesson offered you from their shameful show. Ironic because you proudly espouse fascist ideologies, which is your right. Life lesson because their fascist hate likely turned you two innocent people into arson victims lucky to have survived the manifestation of their hate. You unknowingly bought, paid for and received a life lesson of the most dramatic level. What did you learn from it? They have learned nothing, they have moved along on-line, and like a pack of wild hounds hungrily seek their next victim.

I wish you both peace and I wish your mother comfort and security at her next home.
I do not mean this note as flame bait to Mr. David, at all.

Tom David said...

I have learned not one new thing as a result of the arson attack against my mother's house. I already knew that the great majority of Americans are literally psychopaths and am proud to say that I no longer have a single American friend. The John Hoffs of this country have become the norm, quite literally. They have been sold a bill of goods that just isn't there and I REALLY hate to think just how psychopathic the John Hoffs of this country are going to become after the coming economic collapse. I get condemned as a fascist yet I WISH I had just half the hate in my heart that the John Hoffs do- it would provide a vital force in the coming trying times, but I simply view my situation too philosophically. The John Hoffs simply can't- they view themselves as failed men and are always looking to strike out at someone, anyone, to alieviate the stress caused by failed marriages, failed careers (Hoff failed the BAR Exam and ended up driving a truck!), and failed social lives.

Anonymous said...

Tom David is exactly correct. John Hoff is a miserable failure in life.
His family history is one of mental illness and irrational behaviors. His father was a criminal and abuser, Hoff's brother Judd is so mentally ill the State tried to commit him to a mental hospital, and John himself is a textbook sociopath. His ex-wife divorced him and moved far away from him, only to have John Hoff stalk her and move near her again. John got elected to the city council in Grand Forks, ND because he liked the feeling of "power". But he abused his power, and was so verbally abusive and irrational that the people of Grand Forks held a recall election and kicked him from office after only three months.
His truck driving job didn't last because he is irresponsible.
John Hoff believes it is acceptable behavior to buy stolen property from strangers on street corners so it stays in "his" neighborhood.
John Hoff is one of those people that believes the laws only apply to the other guy. That's why he has several traffic violations.
That's why he makes home repairs without a permit, then reports his neighbors for the same violations.
John Hoff is also nothing but a racist who wants to get the minorirtes out of north Minneapolis do he can "gentrify" his neighborhood and make it like Minnetonka. But now he has been caught by the City and fined for his illegal actions
Mr. David is correct, John Hoff is a miserable failure at everything he has done in life, he is a fraud, and a sociopath that no one in NoMi wants living in their neighborhood. His neighbors hate him and wish he would pack up and leave.