Timeline of John Hoff Oklahoma Law License Application and Results

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Johnny Northside Operating NON-Licensed Rental Property in North Minneapolis

John Hoff - Unlicensed Landlord

John Hoff aka Johnny Northside has been beating his "800 pound gorilla" chest a lot recently while continuing his crusade against landlords or, what he likes to call them... "Slumlords."
All of which is very typical of Hoff as he is being a HYPOCRITE!

Last month Hoff posted on his blog, The Adventures of Johnny Northside, about a video camera one of his "roommates" installed (click here to read) and he went on to say something about "BOTH" of his "roommates" that live with him. Well....

The Mis-Adventures of Johnny Northside is hereby going on record and calling "bullshit" on Hoff!
This is not a mere opinion of mine. I have taken it upon myself to reach out to those closest to Hoff to get the facts about where he lives. Who would be considered to be closest to Hoff, you ask? Those people would be his NEIGHBORS who live everyday around the house Hoff rents out at 2226 Bryant Ave. N. in Minneapolis.

What I learned while talking to his neighbors by phone is that Hoff has not been seen at his house in over a year.... A YEAR! Granted, he was deployed to Afghanistan for part of that time but, he has said on his blog that he returned in April of this year. Where has he been hiding out since? Who cares! The fact is... He has NOT been living at his house on Bryant Ave. N. and he has stated there are two people living at his house. What that means is he is using the house as an income producing rental property but, has failed to apply for or obtain a rental license from the city of Minneapolis. The neighbors I spoke with confirmed that two people are indeed living at the property but, neither one of them is John Hoff.

I urge the community residents who live in north Minneapolis to make a complaint by contacting city code enforcement and tell them to send an inspector over to Hoff's house and they will find that John Hoff does NOT live there.

Johnny Northside holds other people's feet to the fire with his attempts to "revitalize" the community. As long as Hoff claims to be part of that community... Hold HIS feet to the same FIRE!


Anonymous said...

Could it be he doesn't feel safe? Perhaps he's pissed off too many of the wrong people. It's only a matter of time...

I stand by my previous posts - Mr Hoff is nothing but a fraud - from "forgetting" his wallet after inviting me out to dinner, to his "house" in Dinkytown that was really a camper parked in a lot illegally.

Anti-Johnny said...

Anon 2:57- If you haven't contacted me privately yet, I would love to talk to you. Email me at: thedfwmentor@aol.com

Jane Doe said...


Bailey Carlson said...

I saw a link to this on CBS. I was in a class with Hoff at the U. Everyone thought he was a moron. He started the most insane discussions and the prof had to cut him off. He totally had no understanding of law. It was like he was making up his own textbook. One day the prof asked if he was in the right class and the everyone just broke up.

Anonymous said...

I officially christen, and request we start using the name: "JohnnySlumlord".

Ok Kids, sing along with me: "If you can't stand JohnnySlumlord clap your hands"..... said...

JohnnySlumlord has been whining in his blog (and Jeff Skrenes' blog) because his twin from another mother Ian Alexander ranked at the bottom of the district 59B toilet after the election.

The real question is: Did John Hoff vote? IF JohnnySlumlord walked into his poling place and signed the roster indicating that he lives at 2226 Bryant N, he committed voter fraud. Hoff has not lived at that address for over one year. Nor has he lived in Hennepin County for the required 20 days prior to the election.
Hoff has been traveling, visiting his sick mother, hanging with his sister, taking his son to see the sights, and maybe shacking up with Megs (pause to vomit.....), but he has not been living in Hennepin County. Considering he was discharged from the military in June, he can't use an absentee ballot for military service.
So did he vote? We'll be checking with the SOS's office to find out.
And if he did - JohnnySlumlord can expect to be reported.

Anonymous said...

Johny goof-ball Hoff is talking out of his ass on FaceBook's North Talk and the locals are thumbing their noses at the clown. Finally. Check it out when you have a few minutes. He is modeling insanity at this point. Oh goody.

Anonymous said...

He is talking about posting the voter lists on his blog. An election judge warned him it was a crime to do so and he basically said he did not care. I would LOVE to see him do this! He has no idea what he would be getting himself into!

Anonymous said...

Currently on North Talk, the NOMI Face Book page: Angry white men are being particularly Fascist in their name calling and flipping the F-er at a Black woman who has seemed a cheerful and caring voice of moderation and hope on that page. Subject: A graffiti covered street control box. These cowardly Fascist Haters are marching, on-line, against this woman and telling her in no uncertain terms: ROUSE!!! MOVE OUT OF OUR NEIGHBORHOOD.

Gee, where is the admin goof, Jeff Jim Crow Skrenes, when his buddies are spewing hate at a black woman trying to peaceably participate as an equal voice?

Me thinks they got more than a whiff of John jack boots Hoff B.O.