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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Johnny "Slumlord" Northside No Longer Has Inspections On His Side As Multiple Fines Are Issued

Last week I commented in a post I wrote that Johnny Northside aka John  Hoff's antics and overall "act" is beginning to wear thin with most of the people that he knows in Minneapolis and my prediction is becoming a real likelihood: Give Hoff enough rope and he will end up hanging himself.

One such example of his act wearing thin and has resulted in fewer readers on his blog is his psychotic obsession with not only seeing to it but playing a part and getting credit for running Minneapolis Attorney, Jill Clark out of the business. Yes, I said... Getting credit for it. What has Jill Clark done to John Hoff to warrant a THIRTY THREE part blog series focused on destroying her career and personal life?
Hoff claims that Clark has sued everyone in NoMi and has made his efforts of revitalization much more difficult. In my own opinion after having seen similar patterns of mental illness in Hoff's past, he has assaulted her in the manner he has been with his unflattering posts for one reason... Jill Clark represented Jerry Moore in Moore V. Hoff and she WON the case! (Hoff appealed and it was later reversed but, the damage to Hoff's ego had been done.)

Which brings me to my main point... Since Hoff's arrival into the north Minneapolis scene four years ago, he has boasted, bragged and flaunted his "above the law" attitude because of his tight relationships with various city officials who have always appeared to look the other way when he has created controversy. It appears that one by one... Johnny Northside is losing his support network and he will be left to fend for himself against all the L3SO's, Slumlords, Gang and non-Gang members and lots and lots of other people he has pissed off during his quest for attention.

Johnny Northside can no longer claim the city inspections department as a friend of his after being on a "first name basis" with the inspectors.
This latest opinion comes after the rumor being confirmed that the inspections department has finally decided to no longer ignore and look the other way while he operated his house on Bryant Ave. N. as a rental property without a rental license and issued costly fines.
Hoff has also all but ignored the TISH repairs on his house that he had promised to have fixed by the end of 2009. Records clearly confirms that Hoff has not complied with having the repairs made and he has been fined for TISH violations as well.

The city inspections department seem to have adopted the opinion of so many others about Hoff... "Your act is getting old."

I just get the biggest rush in knowing that "what goes around, comes around" and being here to witness it coming back around at Hoff. It couldn't be happening to a bigger jerk than John Hoff.


Anti-Johnny said...

For anyone wondering what John is talking about with his secretive comment on his blog is about... Well, he claims he never deletes anyone's name from the jail roster he re-publishes... He is lying. Typical Hoff behavior really.
The name he felt the need to delete from the jail roster is none other than Paul Dolan... Brother of Chief Dolan. Post coming later today.

Anonymous said...