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Thursday, June 14, 2012

MisAdventures of Johnny Northside Blog: Continues to Gain Following

Back in August of 2008, John Hoff aka Johnny Northside first became aware of this blog which was established to inform the public about John Hoff and his long history of ignoring the rules, bullying, headline whoring and attacking people using the Internet while abusing the first amendment in the process. There are many many more things John has done and you can read more about many of them here, on this blog!

The following was copied from the Adventures of Johnny Northside blog. John stated that he was going to "ignore this website" and went on to claim that its webmaster (Anti Johnny) has been unsuccessful in promoting the MisAdventures of Johnny Northside.

"If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, then my head is surely going to expand until--poof!--it blows up in a splatter of bloody brains. It seems somebody has gone out and made a parody of my own blog.
So I'm going to address the criticisms here, and then I'm going to ignore this website, since its own webmaster has also seen fit to mostly ignore it after going to all the trouble of creating it and trying (unsuccessfully) to promote it.
Fare thee well, Anti-Johnny blog. You were a brief amusement, but amusing none the less!

http://adventuresofjohnnynorthside.blogspot.com/2008/08/misadventures-of-johnny-northside.html "
Here we are in 2012 and nearing the 4th year this blog has continued to deliver!
I noticed in the site statistics yesterday that the overall page views for this blog is nearing 33,000!
I should point out that site statistics for this blog were not available to be tracked and recorded until
July, 2009. The total may be over 40,000 for all anyone knows.

Of course, if John Hoff was to address these statistics, I would fully expect him to compare them with his own blog and more or less put himself on a blogosphere pedestal and claim "dominance" over the MisAdventures blog.
If John was to do just that, my reaction would be... SO WHAT? John never has understood that I never have and never will try to compete with his blog. This blog is only about all things being John Hoff.

33,000 page views and counting! Not bad for a "Brief Amusement."


Anonymous said...

Thugs get blog page on Johnny Northside removed. Read the comment at the end:


Then click on the page to see the power of THUGS!!


Keep it up thugs, soon you will take out Johnny Northside all together!!!

Anonymous said...

On the top bar of the JNS blog there is a "Report Abuse". Click on that button and you get a menu to report abuse. Click on the "Hate" button and then cut and paste the URL of the article from the JNS blog.
Blogger will remove a blog after it gets too many Hate speech violations.
Let's get JNS offline before someone else gets hurt.

Anonymous said...

What sort of twisted worldview do you have to have to be so overly obsessed with the actions of a man who, though at times over-the-top, takes aim exclusively at people who either are irredeemable criminals or the predators who aim to profiteer at the expense of community? Especially to the degree that you CELEBRATE the actions of street thugs?

Anti-Johnny said...

@ anon 11:06
1) If you really have to ask why I continue to maintain this blog and continue to share Hoff info with the public... It would be a waste of time to attempt to explain it to you because, I can't reason with an idiot.
2) When and where did I ever "celebrate" actions of street thugs and what are you claiming to be referring to?.
Oh by the way... I think John Hoff is an " irredeemable criminal" and "predator who aims to profit at the expense of community" and then some.

Anonymous said...

Anti-Johnny - I was actually directing my comments to Anonymous @ 12:03 PM, but thanks for choosing to join in. Since I'm obviously an "idiot" (amazing argumentative skills you have there, by the way) for asking perfectly reasonable and pointed questions in a grammatically-correct fashion, let me ask another: who of ANY of the people Johnny Northside has EVER targeted been innocent of being a) a street thug, b) a predatory slum lord or real estate speculator, or c) an enabler of either "a" or "b." Don't tell me to "look it up myself" because I and my family are all NoMi residents, and have been aware of the "goings on" in our neighborhood for quite some time, and I have certainly seen enough of your blog and the people you champion as "victims" of John Hoff.

Zac said...

People like Anti-Johnny are valuable because they help to expose what John Hoff really is, and that is a fraud.

The only thing John Hoff cares about is publicity. Doesn’t matter if it’s good or bad, as long as his name gets published – somewhere, anywhere. I suppose he’d be joyous to get his name listed on a jail roster as long as people saw it.
According to chapters in a book he published, he is a professional “media manipulator”. That is he knows how to 1) get the media to latch on to a story he has concocted, and 2) He knows how to put the spin on a story (manipulate it) to create controversy and bring readers to his blog. Unfortunately for him, sometimes his distorted facts and outright lies create a backfire and he gets sued. How many other bloggers (or “real” reporters) get sued? Hoff has been sued several times (and more waiting in the wings for a future court of appeals ruling) and recently lost, having a jury sock him with a $60,000 judgment for harassment and emotional distress.
John Hoff is a professional at using the internet to stalk, harass, intimidate, and violate the rights of his victims; all the while claiming that he is protected by the 1st Amendment of the US constitution. One has to wonder why a guy like John Hoff, who has a law degree, isn’t intelligent enough to keep himself from being dragged into court by his victims.
One answer could be that there is a history of mental illness in his family (this is a documented fact that John has written about in his books). John’s father, Willard, has a long history of petty crimes and mental illness. The authorities tried to commit Judd Hoff (John’s brother) as mentally ill. And John himself displays all the characteristics of a sociopath, is not a psychopath. John Hoff has a lengthy history of self-destructive behaviors, and never learns from his experiences. He continually puts his hand on the hot stove and gets burned. The problem with John Hoff is that one of these days his destructive and volatile behaviors are going to cause serious injury to an innocent person.

People need to consider the harm John Hoff does to the north Minneapolis community. His racist rants about the black residents and Jewish store owners paint his NoMi home as a festering cesspool of crime and decay where no rational person would want to live.
While the Neighborhood Revitalization groups try to attract new residents by highlighting the benefits of North Minneapolis and offering housing deals, John Hoff chases them away by posting the jail roster and annotating that most of the “thugs” live North-side; illustrating his blog with photos of a prostitute taking a crap on the boulevard.
John Hoff has no passion for North Minneapolis; it is simply a tool he uses to bring attention to himself. It’s what he does. It’s what he has done in the past. He moves to a town, finds a cause, and uses that cause to bring attention to his name. The only thing John Hoff loves is himself.
And as soon as he has sucked as much attention as he can from Minneapolis, and manipulated the media until they catch-on to his game, he will pack his bags and move on the next town.
And his next move can’t come soon enough. I pity the town that he adopts next.

Anonymous said...

Zac, if what you posted were all true, then I'd agree. However, from what I understand, John Hoff lost his case yet the findings from the jury clearly state they didn't believe he did anything wrong. I don't know how you can come to that conclusion in a court of law and still fine the defendant 60k without expecting a legitimate appeal. Real reporters get threatened all the time; Dan Rather lost his job for reporting on GW Bush's VietNam service even though everything he said on air was factually true.

Nearly everyone has mental illness in their family whether they want to admit it or not. And writing a book about how to work the journalism racket in your favor (this is a competitive business after all) doesn't mean you are a sociopath or so mentally ill you can't be trusted to function in society.

I haven't read every post on JNS (God knows there are a ton) but that being said, I've never read anything racist or bigoted towards any group in particular. I have, however, read some ridiculous comments posted by individuals that make themselves look stereotypically stupid, but if people want to communicate using slur and slang-filled language, that's their prerogative.

It appears to me many of the JNS detractors are just pissed off someone wants NoMi to become what it once was (a normal middle-class neighborhood). I think they actually prefer turning a 1/3rd of the city into a run-down mess. So many commenters go on and on about how NoMi was "designed" as a "dumping ground" for criminals, out-of-state welfare recipients and L3SO but that's a bunch of BS. The only reason it is such a magnet for human garbage is because of all the slumlords and absentee landlords who have made it that way. If you really want to manage the living arrangements for 50-100 people, then build a fricken apartment building and get your lazy ass out there to manage it instead of destroying 100 homes out of greed and neglect.

And just to clarify, I am not the Anonymous from the earlier posting.

Anonymous said...

The first anon comment here is incorrect. The page referenced has not been removed from and is currently available on the JNS blog.

Anti-Johnny said...

@ anon 11:06/11:18
My apologies if my comments were misdirected but, since you didn't specify that your comments were intended for someone else, I assumed they were directed at me. You have to admit, they did appear to be for me.
Who are the people I have championed as "victims" of Hoff?
You are entitled to your opinions on Hoff. From a NoMi point of view, I can even see how one could see Hoff as a positive. All I am saying is that I know his history and motivations based entirely off of what HE has done and/or said. The pattern is crystal clear and NoMi is just another stop in his fantasy world journey.

Anti-Johnny said...

@ anon 1:45am
I see that your comments were directed at Zac but, I wanted to weigh in on what you said....

"It appears to me many of the JNS detractors are just pissed off someone wants NoMi to become what it once was (a normal middle-class neighborhood). I think they actually prefer turning a 1/3rd of the city into a run-down mess. So many commenters go on and on about how NoMi was "designed" as a "dumping ground" for criminals, out-of-state welfare recipients and L3SO but that's a bunch of BS"

Speaking for myself... My "gripe" isn't with NoMi. It is with John Hoff and anyone he uses to support his self-cause & uses Hoff-esque tactics.
While I am not a fan of Minneapolis as a whole (I lived in Linden Hills for several years of my childhood), it just happens to be where Hoff is currently doing his "thing." Once Hoff moves on to his next stomping ground, I will only reference north Minneapolis as one of the many stops Hoff has caused a self-centered fuss (like El Paso, Seattle, Grand Forks, etc.).

Anti-Johnny said...

@ anon 11:45
"yet the findings from the jury clearly state they didn't believe he did anything wrong. I don't know how you can come to that conclusion in a court of law and still fine the defendant 60k without expecting a legitimate appeal"

It was the JURY who decided that he DID do something wrong and it was the JURY that decided the result of his actions warranted the $60K judgement. Hoff didn't like that ruling so, he asked the judge to throw it out. The judge upheld it. Hoff didn't like that either so, he appealed that.
This case was never a 1st amendment case but, when he lost thats exactly what Hoff spun it into.
Ever hear the saying, "the Truth Hurts?"
He knows it and uses it for his own agenda.

Here is an example:
Lets say (hypothetical) that you have syphilis. The only reason it is public is because of a post on a support message board that you had posted. Then one day Hoff decides he doesn't like you or he doesn't agree with something you said or support. So, he sends emails to your employer and tells them you have syphilis and threatens to launch a public fire-storm against them if they don't get rid of you. Add to that, he blogs all about you and the fact that you have an STD.
He is telling the truth. But that does not make it ok to attack you. As I said, the truth hurts and he "uses" it to HIS advantage. When he is held accountable for causing hurt.... He "uses" the 1st amendment as his "free pass."
And... he calls it a fight for justice but, really the continual "appealing" is nothing more than Hoff trying to get out of being held accountable. Read the stuff on here about his ticket for sitting on a sidewalk that he appealed to the high court in Washington state. BTW, he ended up LOSING that as well.

Anonymous said...

Please do a piece on the way John Hoff is trashing Nizzel George's father. He posted this on his page in response to someone's comment:

"Nizzel's father's criminal background had PLENTY to do with it. While the father was pursuing his "no basis in reality" career as some kind of musical whatever the hell he thought he was, fucking up criminally and bouncing around in the legal system, this little kid was at the grandma's waiting for the moment his father could come get him for, I assume, some kind of summer visitation.

The father should have been working regular jobs, getting a home together, getting his SHIT together, staying out of legal trouble and taking care of his son. Instead he was doing DUMB SHIT. If there's anybody in the whole extended family who wasn't doing DUMB SHIT, I'm unaware of who they are."

It seems to me the same thing could be said about his ex wife if she dropped his son off at his house and god forbid something happened at the hands of the gang members he has been trashing on his site lately. I wrote that in the comments and Megan refused to publish it. I will never read his blog again after reading what I saw there this last week. I am glad I found your blog, he and Megan are sick!

Anti-Johnny said...

I actually just left the following comments on his blog as Anonymous since he won't publish anything that has Anti-Johnny attached to it.
He is really living in his own little world and he thinks people respect him.
Thanks for commenting!

"Playbook! Haha that is kind of funny, in a delusional sort of way.
Look at the journalism content of your resume. The MN Daily is the only somewhat credible thing you can claim as professional journalism to your credit. This is a blog. This blog is a loose cannon, no accountability and no ethical guidelines ever followed if I ever saw one.
Wait, you were named best blog by city pages two years running. Yeah and Quilted Northern wipes more crap than any other toilet paper and more people have heard of Quilted Northern than you.
Playbook? You are a self-centered hack at BEST."