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Thursday, July 5, 2012

Northside VS Northern

Quilted Northern - Toilet Paper
Johnny Northside

Johnny Northside aka John Hoff recently went on a self-touting rant about the mainstream media "stealing" moves from his (journalism) "playbook." Somehow Hoff has it in his head that he is a known player in the world of journalism but, his resume doesn't exactly reflect the journalist that Hoff see's himself as. In fact, only the Minnesota Daily (University of MN student paper) is the only employer Hoff has worked for as a paid journalist. He has been a professors student aid but, that is hardly a position that would qualify as a journalist.

Wait! Hoff is Johnny Northside! Everyone has heard of him... Right? Ok, then everyone must have heard of him from the "Trial of the Century" that he lost, right?  
The Adventures of Johnny Northside (www.johnnynorthside.com) is merely a Blog. In fact, even though it was named the "best blog" by the CityPages two years in a row, it is just a blog that very few people, even in Minneapolis has even heard of. I have said many times that John Hoff is a ruthless hack who even journalists such as Geraldo Rivera would be embarrassed to be compared to.

I submitted the following comments to Hoff's blog that were not approved, of course.
"Playbook! Haha that is kind of funny, in a delusional sort of way.Look at the journalism content of your resume. The MN Daily is the only somewhat credible thing you can claim as professional journalism to your credit. This is a blog. This blog is a loose cannon, no accountability and no ethical guidelines ever followed if I ever saw one.Wait, you were named best blog by city pages two years running. Yeah and Quilted Northern wipes more crap than any other toilet paper and more people have heard of Quilted Northern than you.Playbook? You are a self-centered hack at BEST."
After I said that more people have heard of Quilted Northern than Johnny Northside and that it wipes more crap than other toilet paper, I realized that my comparison of the toilet paper to Hoff is unfair to Quilted Northern. How is it unfair TO Quilted Northern??? Here are a few examples of how Hoff doesn't come close to being as good as the toilet paper...

1) QN actually cleans crap by wiping it away while Northside likes to play in it. 
2) QN is respected by the public (unlike Northside) as it provides a worthy service. 
3) Everyone has heard of Quilted Northern but, few know who Johnny Northside is.
4) Once crap is wiped away, you can flush QN down the toilet but, it's nearly impossible to get rid of Johnny Northside.
5) QN wipes an ass clean while Johnny Northside is merely... An Ass Wipe.


Dave T said...

John posted an article saying that Peter Rickmyer never learn from his experiences.
I posted a comment (that John refused to approve) saying that really is the "pot calling the kettle black".
If there ever was an imbecile that never learns from his experiences, it is none other than John Willard Hoff.
This is a guy that has never learned that his demented sense of ethics is the basis for all his problems.
Nothing is ever his fault, he can always find something wrong with the "other guy", but he simply can't see any fault in himself.
He has NEVER learned that his behavior is abnormal. John Hoff got recall-voted out of an elected office after three months due to his bizarre and irrational behavior.
A couple years ago he got removed from a public meeting for his explosive and irrational behavior.
His ex-wife divorced him because he was irrational.
You would think he might learn to control his behavior, but NO!
John Hoff continues to antagonize people.
And what is he up yo now?
He's pissing off gangsters in north Minneapolis with his racist blogging. What kind of a moron pisses off gangsters by targeting them with disrespectful comments and articles? Does this idiot have a deathwish?
I mean he might as well stand in the middle of West Broadway and yell "Ni&&er" at the top of his lungs.
Clearly, John Hoff is a sociopath. How else can his behavior be explained?

Anonymous said...

Scary All Points Alert: Hoff appears to have returned to North Minneapolis. His latest posting is about a run down garage and his visage is in each posted photo there. Scary part? He looks like a clone of mealy mouth Jeff Skrenes, now. Did John eat Jeff and this be the result? And John: Pull on some Big boy pants ya goof. ALSO SCARY: The rundown garage looks like a friendlier twin of John Hoff's own neglected garage. As recently posted, and highlighted, in his "security camera" ramble.

Anonymous said...

One really has to wonder just how dangerous Hoff has the potential to be.
The recent Colorado shooter was a quiet brilliant student, who suddenly went into a tail-spin.
This is exactly the same scenario as John Hoff. Hoff was just an ordinary annoying blogger who bullied his victims. But recently he also went into a tail-spin following his stint in Afghanistan.
He is now posting very antagonistic blog posts riling up the gangsters and threatening the safety of north Minneapolis, and flaunting the danger he has placed himself in.
He has posted that he has added security to his house, and he has previously posted that he owns firearms.
Does John Hoff have the potential to explode and become a mass murderer like James Holmes did in Colorado?
His former roommate had to get a restraining order to protect herself from Hoff's explosive and unpredictable behaviors.
With the psychopathic behaviors that John Hoff displays, the police, FBI, and sheriff should be made aware of his potential to explode.

Anonymous said...

John Hoff's active duty officially ended June 30, 2012.
However, he did not serve a full year, nor did he serve (as I understand it) the full length of time that the rest of his unit did. He was sent home.

Anonymous said...

That is Jeff in the pictures. The story even says so.