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Friday, September 14, 2012

Johnny Northside Addresses Facebook "North Talk" Members With More Lies

"What? Johnny Northside lied?" "Say it ain't true!" Very well... What John Hoff aka Johnny Northside said to the members of the Facebook group, North Talk mostly isn't true.
I am writing this piece on my blog for a few reasons. 1) Some comments in North Talk recently have implied that I was the one who posted info about John's housing violations there. My response? False. Was not me nor anyone I know personally. 2) I can't post any comments to that group because, I am not a member of that group nor do I have any alias Facebook accounts. 3) I will never even attempt to join that group. Lets move on to the topic... Hoff.

Below are the comments John posted for the group and to someone who doesn't know a thing about Hoff it would appear that he offered reasonable explanations to what was said about his house and the violations that he has been hit with. However, I know better and I know that John either flat-out lied about some things or he left important facts out and twisted the truth into something more "manageable" for him. I have edited out content that was not related to this topic. My commentary is in red text.
John Hoff As for my house, anything that needs to be taken care of will be taken care of and I am on it. I had a lot of stuff on my plate when the chance to go to Afghanistan came up, and I jumped at it. 
Apparently, there wasn't much on his plate... Literally. And "the chance" came up? According to Hoff himself, he was "desperate to deploy."  The following is from an article John wrote for his hometown paper and the link to the full article.
It’s amazing, the stuff you’ll do to pay bills in a tough economy. When I couldn’t make enough money driving a truck all over the country picking up dead cats to be used as biological specimens, as well as selling my blood plasma, I enlisted in the Minnesota National Guard, the “Red Bulls.” The three months training I’d done at Fort Jackson paid all my child-support arrears. I was desperate to deploy anywhere, and I picked up every National Guard odd job I could find. http://www.thenewsleaders.com/road-to-afganistan-a-rocky-one. 
Two things... 1) Why was he "desperate to deploy?" I mean, he was in the National Guard at the time and receiving a pay check. Why on earth would he be desperate to go to war when he had that at home in north Minneapolis? 2) His three months training (Boot Camp) paid all his child support arrears. How is that possible? He was not behind with his child support. No, really he wasn't... According to him. On May 30, 2011 (right when he was about to be deployed) he wrote the following on his blog:
In the photo I'm holding, like, eight checks. But I've received over a dozen in the past several months. These represent OVERPAYMENTS to child support. Far from being a "deadbeat dad," I have actually been paying MORE than the State of Minnesota says I should pay for several months, now. Click here for the post
When I came back, that stuff was still on my plate. But it's being addressed. 
It is being addressed? REALLY??? To that I say, BULLSHIT!
As of today and according to the City of Minneapolis, John Hoff has applied for ZERO inspection permits. Click here to verify he hasn't. 
It is FREAKING OUTRAGEOUS that one criticism leveled at me by anti-Johnny haters is that I wasn't living in North Minneapolis the past year, I was living in AFGHANISTAN, and they tried to complain about my property on that basis.
That is not true on two fronts. First is that this is now mid-September. Hoff returned from Afghanistan is EARLY APRIL of 2012. That is more than five full months he has been back. Another fact is that John Hoff is no longer inin the National Guard as active duty OR Reservist. He was discharged in June. The second lie is no one complained about his house based on his being over-seas and thus, the house was a rental. The complaint is based on the fact that he is in violation of the Truth in Sale of Housing regarding repairs that he agreed to when he bought the house in 2008. He was given until the end of January of 2009 to complete the repairs. That was 2009!!! Not 2011!  How many repairs did he say he would fix? According to the city website, they list TWELVE repairs that were supposed to have been  completed by January, 2009. As of today, only one repair has been made and it was done in November of 2008. That leaves 11 TISH repairs in violation. Keep in mind, Hoff agreed in writing when he bought the house in '08 to have them fixed.  Click here for TISH repair status
Furthermore, I had every right (and a thousand damn Facebook photos) to take an extended summer road trip with my son after missing the previous summer's visitation because I had to, inter alia, sit in an exposed guard tower and scan for movement for days, weeks on end behind a 50 caliber machine gun. 
God! Does he glorify EVERYTHING he has ever done? A fair question to ask would be... Why would an educated person who holds a Degree in LAW, be sitting behind ANY machine gun??? From the same article he wrote for his hometown paper, John Hoff said the following...
The Guard sent me to Fort Jackson, S.C. to train as a 27D, which is a paralegal. I was a fine paralegal, but I couldn’t get a security clearance due to a pressing student-loan debt. Without clearance, I couldn’t get aboard a pending deployment to Kuwait.
The way he toots his own horn, you would believe he is a modern day Soldier of Fortune and a decorated war hero. Nope. Far from it.  
Fear not NoMi homies because, Johnny Northside has reassured the members of North Talk that "it will be taken care of" and he "is on it. There are several substances Johnny Northside could be "on" but, addressing his responsibilities with his house, would not be anything he is "On."


Anonymous said...

In the North Talk Facebook group John Hoff is making excuses why his property repairs have not been done. He told the group that he went to serve in the National Guard just over a year ago, then spend the past month spending time with his son.
This is 2012. Hoff bought his house in 2008. That was FOUR years ago. He's had plenty of time to make the mandated repairs, and using his National Guard service as an excuse is just pathetic.
The City of Minneapolis has rightfully cited his property for neglecting the required repairs he committed to make when he bought the house. His pathetic excuses are just an attempt to play in the emotions of his neighbors who have put up with his harassment for four years.
Apparently John Hoff can call 311 on his neighbors, but when they call on him he makes excuses, and whines to Don Samuels.

Anonymous said...

What has John Hoff actually to improve the quality of life in north Minneapolis?
Does he plant trees? No.
Does he volunteer in schools? No.
Does volunteer to build houses? No.
Does he help the homeless? No.
Does he organize community events? No.
Does he help at a food shelf? No.
Does he help ex-offenders find jobs or housing? NO NO NO!

What Does John Hoff do? He blogs about all the crime, poverty, and urban blight that plagues north Minneapolis, making his community look like the last place on Earth anyone would want to live.
He calls Minneapolis inspections on property owners and reports them for violations causing financial distress on those already effected the most with poverty. He causes evictions of those already having problems finding adequate housing, and then gloats about it in his blog. When asked if he has any compassion for those that are displaced and suffer from his complaints, he responds that it isn't his problem. Of course he doesn't care because his reports target mostly African Americans residents, and Jewish store owners.

Now we find out that for four years, FOUR YEARS, his own home has been out of compliance, while at the same time this racist, anti-Semitic hypocrite has been harassing residents just trying to live their lives and squeak by in a tough economy.

John Hoff is a despicable individual with a long history of harassment and predatory behavior.

The City of Minneapolis is right in not letting John Hoff get away any longer with a home filled with housing code violations.
As his neighbors have said, he should practice what he preaches.

Anonymous said...

And so the noose tightens....

So was he deployed? Or not deployed? And was there any info on why such a rapid discharge from the Guard when they are trying to *keep* most Reservists I know>

Oh, the tangled webs we weave, Mr. Hoff...


Major Melvin said...

As I wrote previously. On 9/11/2011 John Hoff annpunced in his other blog "Johnny Guardsman" that he wanted to use his National Guard service to make money blogging.
Are you fricking kidding me? Young kids, 18-19 years, old are being killed by our enemies and this asshole thinks he's in the military to make money blogging about his experiences? And to top it off he posts this article on the anniversary of 9/11, disrespecting and desecrating the memories of all those that died in that terrorist attack.
I was so outraged I wrote letters to every top ranking military official I could find, and to all our elected officials in Washington.
The responses I received shared my outrage, and I was told the situation would be investigated.
Shortly after I wrote those letters, Hoff was moved to a base with limited Internet access.
In March or April Hoff was returned to the USA, after less then a year in Afghanistan. He was discharged from the National Guard on June 30th.
John Hoff has claimed he "made rank" and returned after a successful mission, but other sources have claimed he was sent home early for some kind of disturbance or problem. When he did return to Minnesota he stayed with family in northern Minnesota, and didn't show his face in Minneapolis until June.
Since Hoff told everyone and blogged that he was going to be gone a year at least, and he hid out until that year was up, I'm confident in suggesting that he was sent home early by the military for reasons other than a "successful mission".
I am attempting to obtain whatever documentation is public.

Anonymous said...

Boy, that North Talk Facebook group has to be one of the most unfriendly, uncivil, and poorly moderated groups in the metro area.
Group members insult each other, tell members to "shut up", provoke and bait, call members they don't like trolls, and attack each other. And even though they just re-posted the rules, moderator JEFF SKRENES, ignores the violations because one of the biggest rules violators is JOHN HOFF.
John Hoff, and another member Daniel Field (who appears to have a fake profile and behaves like John Hoff) are two of the biggest rules violators.
And Daniel Field has just become a member of the Johnny Northside blog team.
All looks suspicious to me, especially since Jeff Skrenes is ignoring all these violations of his friend, John Hoff.

Anonymous said...

As posted to John's blog... does he dare "approve" it?

Do you really think you're so important that you will be cited in every other defamation suit? Seriously, John, you need to focus your narcissistic attention elsewhere. Your walls are crumbling... you are being exposed for the true sociopathic loser you are. Even your previous allies are starting to disassociate.

Anonymous said...

Found on Twin Cities Daily Planet:

John Hoff is officially #JohnnySlumlord
Submitted by Alex (not verified) on Thu, 2012-09-13 23:10.

On September 11, 2012 the City of Minneapolis officially placed a placard on John Hoff's homes declaring it an illegal occupancy as an unlicensed rental property. Further, John Hoff bought his home in 2008 with the requirement that he bring certain housing violations up to code (TISH). Without obtaining the required permits, Hoff made electrical, plumbing, and boiler repairs all illegal according to Minneapolis building code. Hoff has had four years to make the required repairs, but has continually made excuses for not completing the repairs, all the while notifying the city of other property owners housing violations. June 27, 2012 the City of Minneapolis finally had enough of Hoff's excuses and issued an administrative citation with a $200 fine ordering Hoff to make the required repairs by July 25, 2012. As of this date, September 13.2012, Hoff still has not completed the repairs. He doesn't have time to bring his house up to code, yet he spends hours every day working on his blog or Facebook page. While it is true that John Hoff joined the National Guard so he could get the health and education benefits, and he was stationed in Afghanistan this past year, he still had the previous three year to make the mandated repairs, but he chose to spend his time blogging and harassing his neighbors by complaining about their properties. John Hoff is the ultimate hypocrite, expecting his neighbors to keep their houses up to code while ignoring his own violations. THANK YOU to the City of Minneapolis for forcing John Hoff aka #JohnnySlumlord to follow the rules he expects other to obey.

Anonymous said...

Actually I have a feeling Moore v Hoff will be discussed in many defamation cases and classrooms, with John Hoff being portrayed as the 'village idiot' blogger who was stupid enough to get sued for retaliatory blogging.
I don't think John Hoff will ever come off as the hero he thinks he is, as has been proven by the comments left in various blogs, articles, and online discussion forums.
All this case has done for John Hoff is to solidify his reputation as a vindictive prick who rejoices in the misery he inflicts on others.
#John Hoff
#Johnny Northside

Jane Doe said...

You may be onto something, 7:30 - see the following from NorthTalk...

Marie Porter
So I'm sitting at a season at a blog conference, and the speaker goes into a big talk about Johnny Northside. Dude, you're being used as an example case!
Saturday at 10:49am via mobile

8 people like this.
Marie Porter Season = session
Saturday at 11:00am via mobile · 1
John Hoff Where was this blog conference and session?
Saturday at 3:30pm

Marie Porter MN Blogger Conference, at Allina Commons
Saturday at 4:59pm via mobile

Marie Porter that session was about how to avoid getting sued.
Saturday at 4:59pm via mobile

Anonymous said...

Ya Jane, the topic was on 10 things for bloggers to avoid so you don't get sued. And Johnny Northside was the example of how not to blog. John Hoff does most of the things the media attorney says you should not do, which is why he got sued. John Hoff is an moron.

You know John Hoff thought that his trial was the media trial of the century, and that he would get a lot of publicity from the appeal, which is really all John Hoff cares about - publicity.
After he won his appeal Hoff actually thought he would be called to appear on major network TV shows like "Today", or "Good Morning America".
Truth be told all writers cared about was what would happen if Hoff lost his appeal. After he won everything went back to business as usual, no one cared about John Hoff and he couldn't even get a 10 second spot on a local cable access show, his 15 seconds of fame were over.

John Hoff is a narcissistic douchebag. Kids who write for their junior high school newspaper have better journalism skills that John Hoff.

#john hoff