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Saturday, June 2, 2012

"First Amendment" Versus "Dumpster Diving -The Advanced Course" Author John Hoff. A Chilling, In-Depth Look At Who Johnny Northside Really Is! Part 1

Copyright 2002 Paladin Press - By John Hoffman
I am REALLY excited to be able to write this series of reviews of the book, Dumpster Diving- The Advanced Course. The book was written by John Hoff (he used his "pen" name Hoffman rather than his own name) who is also a Minneapolis "activist" who is no stranger to controversy. For those not familiar with his current antics, you can read about the lawsuit he recently appealed Click here for StarTribune after a jury determined in March 2011, that he used intimidation & threats of a negative publicity campaign with his blog, The Adventures of Johnny Northside to get one of his enemies fired. The jury awarded the Plaintiff $60,000 in damages but, what these reviews of what he wrote in this book will show is that he is nothing but a world class cyberbully continues to clutch onto the First Amendment as his justification for what he says. As usual I will show the facts and proof of what I write about Hoff and let the readers judge for themselves.

I bought (yes, bought) a copy of his book and had it with me when I was in Minneapolis in the spring of 2009. I met John for lunch after he extended the invitation and I asked him to sign my copy of his book. The picture below is what John wrote on the inside cover.

John calls me (Jim Watkins) "the Anti-Johnny" here. This is where the nick name came from.

The John Hoff who is currently claiming to be a neighborhood activist intent on turning his north Minneapolis neighborhood into an "urban utopia" does his best to convince the public and the media as well that he represents all that is good, stands up against criminals and sex offenders and constantly makes it known that he has a close, personal relationship with the Minneapolis Police, local media and many local politicians, including city councilman Don Samuels. In other words, Hoff knows who he needs to manipulate and in a way, hide behind as he continues hius quest for fame and headlines. However, everything he does is all part of a well thought out, calculated plan and these reviews will include quotes from John that detail what he has done and will do again to anyone who he feels might stand in his path to urban utopia.

The title of chapter 2 in his book is called, "The Master Key To Successful Diving."
The chapter details the events leading up to and after he stumbled upon a "master key" to the padlocks that locked the majority of the trash dumpsters in Seattle, Washington after he moved there in 1994. His admission of how he could use that key against anyone he pleased, is enough to chill just about anyone's blood. Here are some segments from that chapter.

After finding the key, Hoff went to show it to a friend whom he called, "Bicycle Bill" and told Bill that they should make copies of it and give one to "everybody." His friend then said,
"They could come down on us hard. This is criminal shit. You are actually opening a lock with a key that is not yours."
This is what Hoff then wrote... "Yeah, Yeah" I muttered, waving him off. I just wanted to figure out how many corporations I could fuck in the shortest span of time possible. I wanted to unleashall the power of the key at once.
A few paragraphs later, he said...
I agree. I have to know exactly how much chaos this thing can unleash before I unleash it. So I can unleash it in he best way possible. This key might very well open up the entire city of Seattle.

Hoff then explains how people reading his book can go about getting a master dumpster key of their own.  Rather than taking the added time to type the next few quotes, I just took pictures of the actual page from the book. Forgive the yellow highlighter marks but, I had to remember somehow.
(note: If any of the images have words cropped off the ends, click the image to view full size.
This is one of Hoff's suggestions on how to get a key

But Hoff wouldn't do that himself... Unless

A word of warning to anyone or any company in Minneapolis: If you hire John Hoff, make sure you have a video camera recording his every move and that he does not have access to any sort of sensitive materials. Wait, he would steal a paper clip and call it liberating it so, maybe have him escorted at all times. Or wait, you could simply NOT HIRE HIM!

He continues on with his self promoting and has a very arrogant attitude about the effect his first book had with the FBI and take note what the last part says!

Thats right, if you don't do as he says... He will merely find dirt on you and threaten you

Let me set the context of this quote. John said he...
 had seized "Controlled narcotics keys." from a drug-impared nurse then threatened (this must be where John learned how to do this) in her manipulative substance abuser way - to frame me for the theft of Avitan. With Satan speaking through her mouth, trying to get to the root of my innermost fears and doubts, she said... 
"John, everybody knows how street smart you are. How you find stuff in people's trash and sell it for money. What if I confessed I was stealing Ativan and you were selling it? But that you are street smart that you sell drugs without using drugs, which is why you never get caught." 
(I swear that sounds JUST like what he does to others)
The bullying, self centered way that John Hoff replied is very common to people who challenge him on his blog and attitudes like this is exactly why he was sued and LOST and now has a $60,000 judgement against him (here's hoping the judges uphold the conviction). Pay attention to what he is actually saying. 

Now I can't say for certain that John really "meant" what he said in the last quote but, based off of things he has said on his blog and others as a comparison, I think he definitely believes it.
Part 2 - coming soon! 
"Advanced Dumpster Based Media Manipulation"

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Anonymous said...

What readers need to understand is that John Hoff is a mentally disturbed war veteran who refuses to get help. Free treatment is available from the VA, but he doesn't recognize that he is paranoid and delusional. Hoff is currently serving in the Oklahoma National Guard.
Please contact: Brigadier General Glen E. Moore 3501 Military Circle Oklahoma City, OK 73111 and ask that they refer Hoff to get the help he needs before he actually hurts someone.