Timeline of John Hoff Oklahoma Law License Application and Results

Monday, October 1, 2012

Minneapolis Blogger Continues To Test The Limits Of The First Amendment In Quest For Fame

**See Update at end of post**
The past 48 hours has really produced a lot of momentum. The sort of momentum that can be compared to a tiny snowball that has started its "roll" down the big hill, while constantly getting bigger and bigger. As it gains speed and size, the snowball starts to see what is happening to it and as it gets bigger, it notices people racing to get out of its growing path as it appears that nothing will stop this snowball as it is quickly becoming a massive avalanche. It says to itself, 'YES! I am the greatest snowball and I will soon dominate the world!' Spectators not in the direct path shake their heads and say to others, "That snowball doesn't see the huge brick wall at the bottom of the hill."


The little snowball that could.... Didn't. It is now reduced to mere snow flakes at the bottom of the hill where it helplessly sits until Spring arrives and it ultimately melts away and is soon but a snowy memory.

The little snowball that thinks it can is current Minneapolis Blogger John Hoff aka Johnny Northside. He was sued for getting someone he disliked fired when he used his blog to achieve his goal. He lost in court and was ordered to pay his victim $60,000 in damages. Hoff didn't agree with that ruling and appealed. The higher court made note of his bullying intentions but, the ruling was reversed after the case had been spun into a First Amendment case.

One might compare the results of that ruling to what one would expect to happen if a serial killer  (like Charles Manson) was set free and given a gun upon their release. They would see it as a license to kill.
John Hoff may not be a serial killer in the sense of physically killing someone but, armed with the First Amendment and a computer (and a blog supported by BlogSpot), Hoff is just as dangerous. Like a Ram, Hoff is a battering blogger. Once it spots its target, it charges and rams into it with full force and repeats the beatings until its victim is fully defeated.

John Hoff has been charging and ramming away the past 48 hours. His target is his "nemesis" and also the author of this very blog. I am Jim Watkins and I am Hoff's current target.
A Ram has many enemies capable of defeating a rabid Ram. The most notable would be Wolves. A single wolf is typically no match for a ram but, a wolf is never alone as it is part of a pack and a pack of wolves can defeat a ram by watching it and learning about it. They see a ram is powerful but they also see its weakness. That weakness is that it repeats its actions and the wolves wait as the ram charges its target and slams into it head first and just at the moment it abruptly stops, it wobbles when it is disoriented from the collision and the pack of wolves move in and the all mighty ram that had knocked so many challengers off its hill is no more.

Blogger John Hoff has been ramming away at me the last 48 hours while seemingly totally unaware that he is being watched carefully by the so-called pack of wolves... And with the help of the Internet, he is being watched by others around the world as he continues his attack. (sarcasm font) At the same time, little Timmy Smith's jeans are snagged and torn at the playground , leaving him crying as such an insignificant event puts the ram battering Hoff's attack in perspective. (end sarcasm font)

I invite you, the readers to check back here soon to read the continuation of this crazy story about Hoff's attack on his natural enemy.

Update 10/3/12
Hoff has huffed and puffed in his attempt to humiliate this "biography blogger" but, blew as hard as he could and the result was... Nothing came down. He has announced on his mega-post about me Click Here that he has bigger fish to fry and looks as though Hoff has given up his assault (For now but, he will fire again).
The reason he has pulled back is simple... He has fired his biggest guns and has rammed as hard as he could. He rammed away what little he thought he had "on me" and now... Hoff has nothing left. No dirt on me that he can mix with water and sling his mud at me. I will be posting copies of text messages he sent, parts of the comments that came from his post and my analysis of it all so, the public can try to make sense of what his point might have been.
Bullying Ram not able to survive after attacking a wolf


Anonymous said...

Did you know that Google Blogger has ways readers can inform them of violations? For example if someone posts private information like full address you can report them Report Abuse

I would think this would apply for bullying as well.

Johnny Northside! said...

John Hoff may not be an apple in the sense of hanging from a tree, but he's sweet inside.

John Hoff may not be a lawnmower in the sense of running on gasoline, but he cares about lawns.

John Hoff may...

You get the idea. How lame and far-fetched is your comparison to a "serial killer." Like an unskilled debater who goes right to Hitler analogies, you instinctively drag out Charles Manson, serial killers, etc. to express the idea you really disagree. You sound like somebody in junior high.

Jim, has it escaped your notice you are part of a group of noisy malcontents who make frantic noises all day (Don Allen, Terry Yzaguirre) but who are politely ignored by the powers that be while this blogger is EMBRACED and CELEBRATED by the powers that be?

How the mighty have fallen from the days when you wrote on Bigger Pockets and had some shred of credibility.

Oh, yeah, Bigger Pockets.

I must return to my regularly scheduled posting of links to relevant information about your spectacular real estate career meltdown.

Johnny Northside! said...

Wow. In that case, should somebody report Jim who has posted my home address, repeatedly and even speculated about any weaknesses in my security cameras?


Anonymous said...

John Hoff is a malicious predator who has a documented 12 year history of stalking and harassing people he doesn't like. His "1st amendment retaliation" is legendary and also well documented.
With his own blogging John Hoff has provided terabytes of unrefuted evidence that he is a stalker and predator; a vindictive sociopath with a propensity for violence, an alcoholic who will stop at nothing, including the law, in his quest to humiliate and degrade his victims.
His victims have included police officers, probation officers, landlords, and citizens; he has a special passion for attacking minorities and those of the Jewish faith.
All you need do is Google or Bing "John Hoff" or "John Hoff Minneapolis" and read the various reports, articles, and commentaries. You can see for yourself that John Hoff is a mentally ill and disturbed individual.

#John Hoff
#Johnny Northside

Anti-Johnny said...

Someone submitted anonymous comments earlier today but, whoever submitted them used a persons last name and up until today, I had never heard that name associated with Hoff. Because I don't know if the name referenced in the comments is accurate, I decided to post the comments but, I have removed the name as I believe the comments were submitted by John Hoff and is attempting to bully the person into making a comment. He does tend to use unethical methods to determine who he needs to focus his online assaults on. Here is the comments with the name removed. .....

"Hoff has has been accused of terrorizing his tenant(s)by however not limited to: 1. breaking into ms. (tenants) room and demands money which is not owed to him and when told no, Hoff threatens to break in every hour, 2. burglarizing Ms. (tenants) room and was accused of physically abusing a child, this was included in Affidavit in Temporary Restraining Order against Hoff!!! (begin sarcasm)Hoff scared as a rat hid in a hole (end sarcasm) and avoided service from Hennepin County Sheriff's Department, so Temporary Restraining Order dismissed due to non-service"

** Note *** The comment says the temp restraining order was dismissed but, according to a copy of the document obtained from the courthouse, the order was active for the two year period that the presiding judge signed off on. The fact that Hoff was never served the papers did not mean the order was dismissed. If the person who submitted the comments can prove their statements then, please submit the proof.

Anonymous said...

Let's not forget that John is racist, mysoginistic, homophobic, and pretty damn close to illiterate. (Sound like a hillbilly, doesn't it?)

Jack Oliver said...

Here is a link to the restraining order mentioned. I personally visited the Hennepin County Court Administrator and was informed that the restraining order was indeed 100% valid and enforce until it expired.
John Hoff tried to claim that is was invalid. That is 100% false.
The affidavit portion of the restraining order shows just how disturbed, violent, and mentally ill John Hoff is.


Anonymous said...

@John Hoff, you are a public figure for all purposes of the 1st Amendment. Your address is public information because it is listed on all court records, you have previously posted your address, phone number, and email address in your blog(s). None of the information posted in this blog by Jim Watkins violates the rules of Google blogger.

The article this blog wrote on the security camera at your house was based on the article you wrote announcing the installation of the camera on your blog. It is no different than the article you recently wrote about "butt glass" you don't like on a house in your neighborhood posted on your blog.

Interesting how you distort the facts to make Jim Watkins look like the stalker, when the documented evidence shows you are a mentally disturbed war veteran who refuses to get mental health treatment.

You are even currently in Texas stalking Mr. Watkins. I certainly hope Mr. Watkins notified the police.

Anonymous said...

Looks like our littly Johnny is winding up for a big fall...From NorthTalk:

Original post:
Chriss Garlick Reichow
Which local businesses do you support and why? Vote for as many as apply and add your own!

(omitted all irrelevant to this comment)

To which Hoff replied...

John Hoff I was going to say that I'd be happy to vote for Friedman's if I didn't feel waves of hostility toward me at a deeply personal level. Frankly, I'd be afraid to even walk in there.
Tuesday at 10:49pm

John Hoff But am I SORRY that I went on a blogging spree about those windows? Not a bit. What needed to happen at the time needed to happen, but now I am in the "bygones be bygones" phase.
Tuesday at 10:50pm

Susan Abzug Friedman John Hoff your blogging had nothing to do with my facade improvement. Your lies caused my family hurt when your blogs said my daughter was hooker tramp working next door to bar at that ladies store fairest from the truth my daughter is a executive at a college get your stories right and if you were to come into my store I probably would have you arrested for trespassing.
Yesterday at 11:12am via mobile

John Hoff Oh, for God's sake, Susan Abzug Friedman. Nobody lied about your daughter. The thing you are referencing was oh so clearly labeled "parody post."
15 hours ago

John Hoff http://adventuresofjohnnynorthside.blogspot.com/2010/09/parody-post-black-sheep-of-friedman.html

Tracy Farris appleseed leaving his rotten apples all over the northside
36 minutes ago

Susan Abzug Friedman John Hoff you mentioned daughter & Friedmans in that article. You attacked both that had NOTHING to do with that illegal business. I could have sued your ass. You aren't worth the ground you walk on. You are a menace to society. Look at your property before you talk about someones elses. You EVER mention my family or business in your blog you will have a lawsuit on your hands.
16 minutes ago via mobile

Anonymous said...

John Hoff is a mentally disturbed war veteran who is currently serving in the Oklahoma National Guard.
Please contact:
Brigadier General Glen E. Moore
3501 Military Circle
Oklahoma City, OK 73111

and let the National Guard know that you are concerned about John Hoff's mental condition.
Feel free to include copies of his blog that show his irrational behavior and comments that indicate he is paranoid and delusional.
All communications will be private and not available to John Hoff.
Let's get John the help he needs before he actually hurts someone.

#John Hoff
#Johnny Northside
@John Hoff
@Johnny Northside

Anonymous said...

He really is too ugly to propel his "fame" to financial success

Anonymous said...

Jeezus, the following article could easily be about John Hoff, a delusional guy who thinks he is a nationally famous blogger; self medicates with alcohol and drugs; has hostile behavior and fits of rage; suffers from paranoia thinks he being watched and has security cameras guarding his house; is basically isolated with few real friends; refuses to recognize or get help for his mental illness; owns guns and ammo.
John "Engeldinger" Hoff


Get help John before you hurt someone else.

#John Hoff
#Johnny Northside
# Andrew Engeldinger

Anonymous said...

This is not the first time John Hoff has tried to turn the tables and claim the person he has been unmercifully stalking is actually stalking him.
It's a classic tactic that he uses when he's backed up against a wall and everyone realized what a sociopathic mentally ill persons he is.
This very blog reported on May 31, 2011 about how John Hoff was having "fun" stalking and intimidating a sex offender that dares stand up to his bullying.
And in classic John Hoff fashion he claimed that this guy, who doesn't even have internet access was staking him. When the actual evidence proves that it is John Hoff who has a documented history of stalking and harassing this guy:



I should point out that the civil suit mentioned in the article was dismissed because Hoff's victim doesn't have the mental ability to properly file legal paperwork. John Hoff knows this, and it is his trademark for him to harass those that are less fortunate than him, those that he knows do not have the resources to defend themselves against his attacks. John Hoff went to law school, and abuses his legal knowledge to perpetuate his harassment against those he thinks have offended him.

Demetria said...

I'm a mother and I have came across a video of a young girl who was murdered in St. Paul. My mother who is a normal Blog reader of Johnny Northside asked me to send Him the link of the young girl rapping. Well instead of Donald Allen Johnny Northside posting the Link of the video, he posted all of my personal information including the email I have sent him. since then I have gotten several death threats, As of 10/17/2012 I have obtained a police report. He took the time to investigate me instead of finding this young mothers true killer. I have a lawyer that is helping me with this case at this moment. I just don't know who else to talk to about this. I have emailed him several times to remove my info and he haven't done so.

Anti-Johnny said...

I got an email yesterday from a person who said they commented on one of the "anti-jim watkins" posts on the adventures of JNS where they asked john to name his real estate source. John's source has been his "pass" or "justification" for the public bashing he has been hurling at me with the intention of ruining me professionally. The commenter pointed out that John has used an un-named source to justify his attacks on others as well but, if a source can't or won't be identified, then no credibility or journalistic leeway should be given to John in those instances. They said that they asked John to at least offer his sources credentials and he refused.
I think the commenter makes a very good point and I will be doing some research into the info that was emailed to me. This sort of tactic goes along with the way Hoff operates. He operates as though the rules and laws don't apply to him.