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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

North Minneapolis Bully Blogger Johnny Northside Is Officially A Slumlord

I will let this placard that was posted by the city of Minneapolis at John Hoff's unlicensed rental property known as 2226 Bryant Ave N, Minneapolis, MN.
An interesting note is that several residents have reported to me that the placard has been removed from the property and that it has been reported to the inspections department. Hoff now faces a large fine and/or jail time for removing it.

I give you.... John Hoff aka Johnny Northside and now Johnny Slumlord! (click on image to view full size)


Anonymous said...

In the North Talk Facebook group John Hoff is making excuses why his property repairs have not been done. He told the group that he went to serve in the National Guard just over a year ago, then spend the past month spending time with his son.
This is 2012. Hoff bought his house in 2008. That was FOUR years ago. He's had plenty of time to make the mandated repairs, and using his National Guard service as an excuse is just pathetic.
The City of Minneapolis has rightfully cited his property for neglecting the required repairs he committed to make when he bought the house. His pathetic excuses are just an attempt to play in the emotions of his neighbors who have put up with his harassment for four years.
Apparently John Hoff can call 311 on his neighbors, but when they call on him he makes excuses, and whines to Don Samuels.

*Lady K* said...

LOL WHY is John Dissing Steve Meldahl on his page for being a slumlord when he is also one? Seems as if he wants DON TO HIMSELF. The DISTURBING part of this is that DON SAMUEL SUPPORTS BOTH of these slum lords. Want to get rid of John? Get Sam out the door first. Hes a fucking joke.
*Lady K*