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Friday, September 28, 2012

Bully Blogger John Hoff Infuriated, Goes On Offensive Against Nemesis

Picture is John Hoff's girlfriend and nick-named North Minneapolis' "Super Citizen" Megan Goodmundson. Picture obtained from Hennepin County archives under Freedom of Information Act.

Who would have thought so much could come up today that documents the extreme hatred, vindictiveness and just plain old bullying by bully blogger John Hoff AKA Johnny Northside.
Something got under his skin as the previous post talked about after Hoff left comments on a site I used to write articles for. The comments have been removed from that site by an admin but, I opted to let the readers see what WordPress sent me with the comments included.

Just for the record, I have stated many times on this blog that Hoff will routinely cyber stalk those who he has a personal vendetta for and the following is a comment that Hoff submitted to the same site that the previous post was about. Note that the comment was asking questions on how to find me and also note that Hoff posted the comments in 2010. Further proof that Hoff is a dangerous stalker and uses the Internet as his weapon. Click HERE to see his comments on the host site.

John Hoff May 29, 2010 at 3:57 pm
Is Jim still writing for this website? His DFW Mentor website doesn’t have any content as of today. Is this information about your contributors current? Is Jim writing for you yet, or not?

Hoff, with his out-of-control efforts to inflict personal turmoil upon me today (this is in addition to the previous post) has published the following just moments ago on his blog, the Adventures of Johnny Northside. Click HERE to see the comments on his blog. Here is what Hoff has said about me in his latest First Amendment assaults:

Johnny Northside! said...
The following is SUCH a ridiculous side note to this tragedy that happened at the bus stop. With little regard for the victim (although he may have died justifiably) and no regard to the issues of my neighborhood, Jim Watkins who lives in freaking TEXAS and more or less fled out of North Minneapolis like a fraidy-cat little BITCH some years ago continues to make this story his personal tree to lift his leg and piss upon.
Jim Watkins, who is the self-styled "Anti-Johnny" and lives Texas, posted a comment to this blog posting. Normally, I do not publish his comments nor I do not allow links back to his weird blog which is more or less devoted solely to trashing me, but I am copying the content of his comment and pasting it, like so:
(I don't have any doubt that the anti-Johnny blog would go so far as to post untrustworthy info just to see if I would unthinkingly repeat it)
Wow! You are as dumb as the day is long! You really think that is true? Let me tell you Hoffa, what I put on the blog is not to challenge you or to entice you. It is to let everyone know what a dangerous person you really are. You WILL finally have to face criminal charges before too long and I will be waiting to report it. You are in Texas now? Yet you say "I" am the stalker??? Yeah, see if you have the stones to post this! One way or another though, we shall meet very soon.
September 28, 2012 1:32 PM
To which I respond, Jim, you crazy and hyped up little man whose online identity is a mere slimy shadow of my own award winning, damn near nationally famous blog:
When I am out of town and I blog from somewhere else, I often make a point of mentioning where I am for two reasons:
1.) If a reporter is filing stories about Iraq from the roof of a hotel in Kuwait, he should reveal as much in the "Dateline" of the story. Though the information may be just as good, there is certainly an element of disconnect. In the spirit of the old Associated Press wire stories with "datelines," I often choose to reveal where I "filed" the story.
2.) Ah, the wonder of how the internet makes the world so small that I can and have written stories about my neighborhood from a mud, straw and goat shit qalat in Afghanistan. Sometimes I choose to celebrate that wonder by mentioning in what exotic places I happen to be, whether it's Dallas or wherever.
On a side note; some weeks ago you left a number of messages in comments on my blog along the lines of "Bitch, where are you" and "I know you're not at that piece of shit yellow house of yours" or words to that effect and (good lord) offering to have LUNCH when you were in Minneapolis.
Lunch with people like, you, Crazy Terry Yzaguirre and Don "Shakedown Blogger" Allen is an impossibility because you all violate social decency norms about not taping and recording without consent when two sides who disagree about something agree to sit down and parlay.
I am not stalking you. I merely happen to find myself in Texas. It's a VERY big state, as Texans just love to point out. Heck, I lived here and was a resident and registered voter from 1991 to 1994 so I certainly have a love for the state and I have connections here. I will be in Texas if I want doing whatever it is I am doing for as long as I feel like doing it.
Eating tacos, for one thing. You just can't get good barbacoa in Minnesota, at least not at fast food prices.
Oh, in regard to the documentation of Jim Watkins being a fraidy-cat little bitch. Here's a link to the story in question.
While on that site, be sure to click on the link to Jim's DFW Mentor site. It's been snapped up by (it appears) THE FREAKING CHINESE.
I know Don Allen is friendly with a bunch of internet savvy Chinese. Maybe he can help you, Jim.

Rather than engage Hoff in a battle of online wits, I am opting to let his words speak for themselves.


Anonymous said...

OMG the guy is nuts! I can't figure out why people don't just call the police on this guy. He is a stalker and a dangerous person!!!
Call the police on stalkers, send this nutcase to jail!!!

Anonymous said...

John Hoff is a seriously mentally disturbed person. One of these days he will be the subject of a headline:
John "Engeldinger" Hoff.

#John Hoff
#Johnny Northside

Anti-Johnny said...

Looks like John is trying to drop the atom bomb on me (or so he thinks) and is in the process of "first amendment retaliating" against me. Hhttp://adventuresofjohnnynorthside.blogspot.com/2012/09/humiliating-foreclosure-can-happen-to.html

Anyway, in 2007 one of the houses I rehabbed I had to let go into foreclosure due to the market starting to crumble. I had sent him an email when I was pretty depressed about it and that is what John is intending to publish on his blog.
What John has been told is that the house was posted for foreclosure BUT, the house did not go to the courthouse sale. Meaning, I found a buyer and sold it before it was foreclosed.
Lets see what he writes about it now... Shall we?

King Troll said...

Foreclosure can happen to good people. John's good buddy Jeff Skrenes had a house go into foreclosure. Jeff and his mail order bride got divorced and payments were not made on the house in his name and it went into foreclosure. The house was not maintained and the city accessed several charges against the property.

Jeff Skrenes was able to move on with his life, get a decent job, and eventually buy a second home.

UNLIKE John "house flipper" Hoff, who owns a run down, decaying shack in North Dakota that he thought he could flip, but now the city wants torn down. Unlike John "slumlord" Hoff who in four years as yet to make the required repairs to his Minneapolis home and has been cited by the city of Minneapolis for housing code violations.
Unlike John "welfare" Hoff who can't get a job because no one will hire a mentally deranged sociopath like him, so he lives on small government payments to support his habit of drinking cheap wine and blogging.

Some people are able to recover from adversity. NOT John Hoff. He is such miserable loner that the only way he can regain his masculinity and feel good about himself is by using his blog to write degrading articles about people.

John "Engeldinger" Hoff is a very disturbed, mentally ill individual.
His history of mental illness is more severe than the Accent Signage shooter, Andrew Engeldinger.
One of these days we will be reading about John Hoff. Maybe he'll kidnap his son from his ex-wife, or maybe he'll be the next Zimmerman, or maybe the next Engeldinger.
John Hoff is on a self-destructive downward spiral, and the probable result is that people will get hurt.
The police need to be aware of John Hoff and his violent, abusive nature.

#John Hoff
#Johnny Northside
#Andrew Engeldinger
#Minneapolis Police

Anonymous said...

John Hoff thinks he's going to drop an A-bomb, but all he has is a pea shooter. Oh, he'll keep searching and scavenging for ammunition, but that's the way he is. John Hoff is a professional stalker, both online and offline.
John Hoff has a documented 12 year history of harassment and stalking. He's had restraining order filed against him and is known to the police.
He can't change, he's mentally ill.

Anonymous said...

Jeff Skrenes thinks he is a no it all. He is not, though, and by more than half.

Previously, this genius, who is self titled as, the mortgage geek, invested in a home and then lost it to foreclosure. He burdened the City of St. Paul and his neighbors there, by walking away with no further concerns.

But he did not learn from his mistake. No. He has purchased another over priced house that was poorly rehabbed with government money. This one in a terrible location relative to all his neighboring houses on his block and adjacent blocks.

I am gratified that he bought an all the time view, of a ghetto gas station out his front porch. He has no parking on either his east or south flank, hence, no On Street Parking for him and his guests. Hah!

Both 26th Avenue N. and Penn Ave N. are very busy streets with frequent wild drivers. He will be lucky if a car jumps the curb and takes his house out for him. The neighborhood will be lucky if he is put down in the tumult. He is one self riotous prick. Good luck Jeff and enjoy your evenings. Let your drinking begin, there, Jeff.

Anonymous said...

Posted to John's "Grandma part 1" blog post after he commented about all the discussion his post had already caused...

Looks to me like most of the so-called "discussion" was posted by you. Nice way to bump your ratings.

Hopeless, John the wanna-be:

Johnny Northside! said...

Jim, is posting Megan's picture your sweet way of saying that if I write anything about you, you will write about my friends and family?

Jim, we already KNOW you're going to do that.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know what happened to Megan Goodmundson? She has vanished. Is she in treatment? Did she get sick? Did Hoff kill her?
Where is Megan?

Anonymous said...

Since no one knows where Megan is, and we know she is not living in her house at 2718 Newton N, and we know that John Hoff is staying there, it seems to me that the city should be notified that this is no longer an owner occupied home. It either needs a rental license, or should be boarded as unoccupied.
Let's make sure all concerned readers call 311 (612-673-3000) and report this violation.

Anonymous said...

John Hoff is being paid by google every time someone clicks on his website!! Please stop paying him by not going to his website!!

Anonymous said...

@9:54 How would you know that? and if I don't log out, would that just keep it as one "hit" even if he updates?

King Troll said...

Actually you have to click on the ads in Hoff's blog for him to get paid usually.

The real question is how much money does Hoff make from his blog. Hoff says it's just pennies, but people I know that are heavy bloggers say it's way more than pennies. Popular blogs can make good money, that's why some people blog. You can also make money on YouTube, and you get paid when people watch the ads.

The real question is does Hoff notify the IRS, and claim the income he makes from his blogging? AND does he claim the income he gets from renting out his house?
John Hoff paid cash for his house, it's all paid for. So any money he earns renting out his house (he hardly ever stays there)is income that has to be reported to the IRS.

I'd bet good money that Hoff doesn't claim either on his taxes.

The IRS brought down Al Capone, let's help the IRS bring down John Hoff.

Fill out this form to alert the IRS to John Hoff's tax fraud:


Anonymous said...

Rumor has it that Megan has returned. Has anyone seen her?

Anonymous said...

He only gets paid every time you click on the ads, not every time you visit the website. Just don't click on any ads and he won't get paid.

Anonymous said...

The self proclaimed Blog Master is quite a hustler.

I imagine that while Johnny Northside was out cruising the neighborhood at midnight with his young son, and accosting Black women, he had that heffer, Megan Goddamson at her hovel, turning clicks for him. The self proclaimed Blog Master is quite a hustler.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of a hustle, you might notice that John Hoff blogs under the names "Johnny Northside" AND "Johnny Northside!". The second name having an exclamation point. That is because he figured out a way to cheat Google Docs. He ran out of storage space using the name Johnny Northside, and rather then pay for additional space as he was required, he discovered that he could create a new screen name/account and link his names and cheat Google.

Anonymous said...

Johnny Northside!, that is, John Hoff!, will say anything to put others down, or promote himself. Anything.

The truth is fluid, to him. Something to stir up, pour into a glass and mix with alcoholic spirits and a shot of urine. Drink up Johnny Hoff, and then excrete a blend of facts, lies, suspicion and hyperbole. That's Johnny Northside's signature cocktail and his playbook that he thinks others should admire. This is his writing style.

Here, for your viewing and review and consideration and judgement, is a minor and simple, and "oh so" iconic example of his shameless lying and opportunism: what he says versus what he does.

My example of his "Style" (cough cough liar) is beautiful in it's simplicity. He says he hates something, and then he adopts it as part of his life style. Voila!

In The Johnny Northside!** Hater Blog, Below, 6/26/2010, John Hoff says---

"Now that the bankruptcy is public, let me say for the first time publicly that, in the privacy of my own mind and heart, I have always strongly objected to that exclamation mark in the middle of the name of the Great Neighborhoods! Corporation. I can't even tell you how much I loathe this kind of highly experimental and dubious punctuation. If there's any silver lining in this dark cloud, it is surely that: I won't have to endure this hyperbolic mid-point punctuation as part of a successful completed project. In fact, while making this blog post I discovered you can't even use an exclamation mark in a meta-tag."

John!Hoff, you liar!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

LMAO. His girlfriend is hideous.