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Monday, September 8, 2008

Johnny Northside Blog Correction

Johnny Northside

Just for giggles, I wanted to see if Johnny Northside AKA John Hoff, posted my comment that I submitted this morning on his Blog. Johnny assumed the person who wrote what would have been the 4th comment on that thread, was me. I commented to John that it was not me who submitted the comment.
I also added a question that of course, was not acknowledged. The question was...

"What's up with the Judgement that the City of Appleton has against you?"
Regardless... John went and put his own comment in place of mine and I have copied it for all to see here as well.
Comments from "The Adventures of Johnny Northside" Blog.
September 8, 2008:
"Per my usual policy: two expletive-laced comments with carping pseudo-literary criticism rejected, one denying it was written by Jim Watkins; who is quite notable for being a prolific writer of articles about real estate but never mastering the use of words requiring an apostrophe. Of course, who would even CARE about this particular post--now buried far beneath a gah-jillion "RNC 2008" posts--but the aforementioned Jim Watkins who got his start in real estate flipping by snatching up a rat-infested house still occupied by an impoverished family? It's no wonder he's "best friends" with folks like Thomas Balko of the infamous T.J. Waconia."
Update: Here is a copy of the actual comment I submitted that Johnny claims was "expletive-laced"...
"Nope. Sorry John.Wasn't me. Did you analyze the typing?
Whats up with the Judgement with the City of Appleton?"
This sort of imaginary, out of nowhere, interpretations by Johnny Northside is all too common.
The corrections are as follows:
A) I did not get my "start" in real estate with the Rat House. It was the first house that I bought
and rehabbed myself.
B) I don't know where he came up with "impoverished family." The owners of the house were
both in their late 50's and never had any kids. John always claims to not have money & drives
a piece of s*&$ car and has a son. Does that make HIM an "impoverished family?"
C) I didn't "snatch it up" as he claims. They actually wanted to move and I personally paid for
the movers to get them moved. I also got them a storage locker and paid for the first three
months as well as the security deposit and first months rent at the apartment they moved to.
D) Isn't it a wonder how EVERY TIME he says my name, he makes the association with TJ
Waconia? So what? Any sane person can do the research and clearly see my stance on the
matter. And yes...I continue to stand by my friend. Let's see if 'ol John Hoff will stand up for
his extremist friends that I will be posting about.
I wonder if there is such a thing as being "Tri-Polar?"

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Please elaborate on the judgement!!!