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Thursday, September 4, 2008

800 Pound Gorilla's Arena

Johnny Northside said this blog was an amusement when he first read it. Then went on to say that he would be ignoring it from that point on. His "ignoring" has resulted in three total posts on his own blog, several comments and a wave of threatening emails.

He described himself as a "gorilla" and this blogging was "his arena."
Since he can't ignore this blog, I would think a "monkey" would be a more appropriate animal to compare to because of their curiosity but, he wants to be a gorilla, let him be a gorilla.

The previous profile pic upset Johnny quite a bit. He even called it "pornographic." There have been many words used to describe it but, never pornographic.

At any rate, we wouldn't want to have an angry gorilla reading the blog so, the profile pic has been changed to honor the "king" of the blogs... Johnny Northside.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Maybe he thought it was pornographic because he can't tell the difference between his face and someone's arse...