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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Is Email Private? Not To Johnny Northside

The following was posted by Johnny Northside AKA John Hoff AKA John Hoffman, the dumpster diving legend on his blog, Johnnynorthside.com in the comments:

"Johnny Northside said...
On another note: Yet ANOTHER comment rejected from Jim Watkins, the "Anti-Johnny," who also states he didn't say Jeff looked like an "out-of-work porn star," but "an out-of-work porn store JANITOR" in an email he thought was "private."
Whatever, evil Anti-Johnny."

What is your take on it? John Hoff thinks it is his First Amendment right to say what he wants as free speech. Johnny Northside has had all kinds of fun by taking words written by others and plastering them all over the Internet, hoping it will have a negative impact on that person and "what are they going to do about it?" he would say.

I read the blog post and saw that Johnny had posted a comment that I had written in an email to him, not to the public and therefore, I assumed it was private. I wrote a reply to be posted in the comments and here is a copy of what I wrote:
"This is yet another example of how you have mis-quoted me. My words were taken from what I considered to be a private email from me to you but... I am not the only one who has learned that nothing they say to you is private.
Anyway....My comment about Jeff was in reference to the story USA Today published in May about North Minneapolis. A picture of Jeff was printed in that article and I commented to you (in the email) that he (Jeff) "looks like an out of work porn store janitor."
I didn't say he looked like an out of work porn star.
Might as well approve the comment for your blog, John.
Since you made my comment (mis-quoted at that) public, I felt the least you could do is get the quote correct.
PS... I ordered your books. I can't wait to read them!

Johnny didn't approve my comments (surprise) but, he couldn't pass up a chance to toot his own... whatever it is. At least he is admitting he dumps comments submitted.

"Johnny Northside said...
On another note: Yet ANOTHER comment rejected from Jim Watkins, the "Anti-Johnny," who also states he didn't say Jeff looked like an "out-of-work porn star," but "an out-of-work porn store JANITOR" in an email he thought was "private."

Whatever, evil Anti-Johnny."

So... How about we take a look at what the Northside Crusader says to people in his own emails? He isn't quite so warm & fuzzy when he's not glorifying himself on his blog or others.
Shortly after I started the Mis-Adventures of Johnny Northside blog, I got an email from John Hoff. Apparently, my blog was not doing him any favors and he politely asked me to discontinue posting on it. Well thats not exactly how he said it. The bold text shows how passionate he is about bullying people to back down. You have to wonder what it is he is trying so hard to protect for him to go to this extreme. Maybe John thought this email was "private" too?

From John Hoff hoffx106@umn.edu September 1, 2008:
Jim, I am indeed THAT busy. I type fast. And I'm not up for a long phone call. You have a tremendous opportunity to BACK THE HELL OFF, JIM so I won't be forced to "First Amendment retaliate" with a posting about "who is Jim Watkins" which will have you wearing un-removable egg on your face for the rest of your life or as long as our civilization has the internet, whichever is longer.
I did it to you once BY ACCIDENT on the Bigger Pockets blog, so imagine what could happen ON PURPOSE?
The expert opinion in my possession about your unpublished woe-is-me article, and your unpublished article itself gives me all the metaphorical ammunition I need to put a hole in your real-estate teaching ship. I really prefer not to do that, however, simply because it is ugly and personal and therefore unpleasant. But maybe I need to think of the good of the students. Maybe it's my duty to expose you as a fraud, especially when you are out there saying I'm the fraud.
I think you can see how the course of action I have in mind becomes tempting. And I'm not the one who started the unfriendly tone, either, you did that when you blew your stack over some stupid non-remark I hardly even made about your (alleged) girlfriend.
We didn't start out as friends, Jim, so why should you expect me to walk on eggshells about whether you have a real or imaginary girlfriend?

Two can play the pissed off and retaliating in the blog-o-sphere game, Jim, and I'm the pig who revels in muddy controversy while you're the just-barely holding-his-shit-together real estate teacher who lives in a glass house. If you even own a house at this point. If you don't live with your GRANDMOTHER. You really can't afford to have me pissed off, Jim, but I prefer not to battle somebody I have personally liked at some point. It feels too much like my former marriage. But I won't defend myself with one hand tied behind my back forever.
You press the DELETE button and I put down the mud pie and we both go our merry way: me to helping the North Side and you to trying to rebuild your real estate teaching career after one of your ventures went seriously south. And when you're up here, if you like, we can do lunch. Or not. Doesn't matter to me either way.

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Anonymous said...

Oh yes, and the whole time this exchange of email is going on John "the douchebag" Hoff is having his goylfriend Megan "trailer trash" Goodmundson, write another blog that trashes Jim.
There is never a truce with John Hoff because his word is worthless. John Hoff can never be trusted as he is a sick demented psychopath who should be watched very closely because he is just as dangerous as Jared Loughner, another psychopath charged in the Arizona shootings.