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Friday, August 8, 2008

Johnny Northside Lives...Where?

That's right people... This guy who runs around north Minneapolis, beating his chest, trying to get to know every 911 dispatcher by voicer, while putting everything and anything (pics & people) online...
In fact, Johnny Northside does not live in Minneapolis at all.
The house he owns in north Minneapolis (according to his blog) is not occupied. He stated at least twice that he is going to release information regarding the sale of his house very soon.
Since he assumes all the time, I will assume he is going to sell it to a person who will use it as a rental property. Can you imagine the cash flow?
What I find ironic and disgusting at the same time is, he banters on about meaningless crap like meatloaf and abandoned teddy bears (and worse) and has made himself out to be some sort of neighborhood savior who rubs elbows with the city's posse (at least he has them on speed dial) AND he IS one of the people he has shown zero tolerance for... Real Estate Investors.
He had one posting where he posted the definition of one time flipping, written by a neighborhood leader. One time. Two times. Three times. What difference does it make?
The County site has his house information updated and it lists the house he owns in north Minneapolis as the mailing address.
Why don't you live there, Johhny? Owning a house (really just a POS shack) but, not living in it does not make you an actual community member.
Wait, does any neighborhood or community leader want to define what "Resident" means?

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Are you joking? He doesn't even live in Minneapolis?

What a farce! He ass kisses the Mayor and portrays himself as some sort of Super Hero yet, he doesn't live in Minneapolis.

By the way, I like this "alter-ego" Johhny Northside blog.