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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Johnny Northside a Humanitarian? Hardly

Johnny Northside is seen here, picking up imported bullfrogs to be "processed" as he stated in the video clip.


Johnny is a self-proclaimed "Green Party" activist, who just so happens to profit by assisting companies in the slaughter of innocent animals. Yes, he picked them up and transported them to those that will slaughter them but, he can't claim he had no idea what would happen to those frogs. He's just making a living though, right? Yeah, by helping others to kill animals.

I nominate Johnny for "Animal Rights Humanitarian of the Year."
Do I hear a second?


Anonymous said...

Your profile lists your location as "Frog Town." It's actually spelled "Frogtown." And instead of spending one more second reading this counterproductive trite, I'm going to go outside and pick up some litter. Or find a lost dog. Or help an old lady across the street.

Friend, either you're pushing humanity forward or your dragging it backwards. I suggest you get a new hobby, like fighting *real* community terrorists.

Johnny's OtherSide said...

Hey, thanks for the comment!
I have to say I am impressed. You stated you would "not spend one more second reading this..." but, I would bet you spent at least two minutes to finish writing your comment to post.

I am of the opinion that your assesment of me either pushing humanity forward or dragging it backwards, can be directed toward Johnny Northside as well.

And I do appreciate that you called me a "friend."

Thanks for the comment.