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Friday, August 29, 2008

Who's Pants???

In response to the post about some hooker's pants on Johnny Northside's blog...
I have not commented on that thread. I did see where Johnny claimed I was a supporter of the crack users/dealrs and prostitutes and there is no truth to that. Of course I have no way to prove it but, he has no way to prove it either.

I don't like druggies & prostitutes any more than Johnny himself or anyone else in the community. Saying I support them is absurd. I was under the impression that the person who got into it with Johnny on that thread about the pants was a woman.

Why hasn't anyone said much about the impressive discovery Johnny made about the "slap on the wrist" sentences criminals in Minneapolis get?
Why would a crook want to go elsewhere when they can get coddled for doing wrong? I think its great that the community is going at it like it has. My only concern is that someone might end up losing their life because some hoodlum has a gun and wants revenge. Hopefully, everyone is being very careful and others have their backs as well.

Now.... Am I still only being pissed off and negative?

So, I will say this... I am impressed by the display of community action against the druggies & prostitutes. I'm not one who would put someones picture, etc. online simply because they "probably" are up to no good. But, it's his deal & I don't have to worry about my face being seen in that activity.

I find it ironic that I have posted some information about Johnny's behind the scenes dealings & most recently, the insurance fraud post and no one has been willing to call a spade... a spade.

Maybe three "rights" gets a pass on one "wrong?"

Lastly... (grinning big) As the "All-Mighty, Johnny Northside" has said so many times in response to people who have questioned him or disagreed with him... "But, you ARE reading my blog!"

Thanks for the support.

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