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Saturday, September 6, 2008

The Police Are Great Friends When You Need Them But...

The Adventures of Johnny Northside Blog has commented many times that Johnny "needs the police to watch my back" (and not be on his back) while he is trying to improve his block and neighborhood. In fact, he refused (respectfully) to give an officers name to their superior when they asked Johnny which officer gave Johnny the hard time.

I wonder what they (police) would do or say if they knew about what Johnny said in one of his books that he wrote.

Quoted from:
"The Art & Science of Dumpster Diving"
by John Hoffman Copyright 1993

“Cops piss me off. They come at you with an attitude that you are guilty and they are going to get you to admit it with a few verbal tricks. Just once, I'd like to meet a pig with an attitude like I have a shining aura of civil rights around my body and possessions. Criminals with guns and badges, that's all they are.” (page 58).

nThats the way it is with him though. But according to the "Pro-Johnny's," I am a "door knob" and don't have a clue. Ok but, I didn't just make this stuff up. All of it can be verified online and almost all of it is written by Johnny himself.


Anonymous said...

Hey, I don't know who you are, "Anti-Johnny," but THANK YOU for what you've done. Someone needs to tell this asshole that he's a waste of space, and you can't do it on his blog because he censors comments that he deems "off-topic." I.E., if he doesn't like what you have to say. And, anyone who doesn't like him, he now deems "Jim Watkins," which is apparently automatic grounds to be censored.

Seriously, can anything get this loser off his high horse? It's times like these when I try to believe in karma, and REALLY REALLY hope that it kicks Johnny Northside's ass someday.

Anonymous said...

P.S. I would never have found this blog if it weren't for the illustrious John Hoff himself.

Anti-Johnny (Given by Johnny himself) said...

Thanks for taking the time to read and to comment.
I was hesitant to use the name "Anti-Johnny" but, when Hoff himself called me that, well its a done deal lol.

Just about everything posted about Johnny here can be backed up. Most of the time by things John Hoff, John Hoffman or Johnny Northside has written himself.

It's really ironic that he bashes the drug scene so heavily on his blog (NOTE: This comment does NOT mean anti-johnny is pro drugs).
I say that because the artist who made the covers for both of Hoffman's books is an admitted drug user.
More to come on that....

Goon said...

Like I said we are happy that Mpls has this Bafoon and not the great city of Grand Forks. You should ask Lil Johnny how he was recalled by the citzens of Grand Forks.