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Friday, August 29, 2008

Johnny Northside Promotes Insurance Fraud

While this post may come across as a joke, I ask that you consider what is really said by Johnny and ask yourself if it is legal, moral or ethical to engage in or to promote it online. Joke or no joke.

This was quoted directly from Johnny Northside's blog, The Adventures of Johnny Northside.
It was posted with the title, A Return to the Automotive Damage "Good old Days" on 6th Street North. Posted on August 19, 2008
"I'm thinking of renaming that particular section of 6th Street North. I think I will call it "Comprehensive Insurance Boulevard." How can I just rename a street? Well, because I have a blog and my nicknames catch on. Remember the "Apartment Complex of Anarchy?" Totally my concept, that one.

I'm thinking of renaming that particular section of 6th Street North. I think I will call it "Comprehensive Insurance Boulevard." How can I just RENAME A STREET? Well, because I have a blog and my nicknames catch on. Remember the Apartment Complex of Anarchy?
Totally my concept, that one.

Here's how it works on Comprehensive Insurance Boulevard. Here's how YOU can trade in your vehicle for a better vehicle.

Step One: notify Peter, the neighborhood association chair, that you're doing a bit of surveillance in the neighborhood. Otherwise we might mistake you for a john or a drug dealer just hanging around; and we might put your mug and your license plate on the internet, buster.

Step Two: Park your vehicle on the 3000 Block of 6th Street. Sit around and watch blatant drug deals, prostitution, metal theft etc. Be sure to take some pictures and be seen doing it. You may have to repeat this for a day or two. Emailing the pictures to this blog with descriptions of what you observed will speed up the process CONSIDERABLY.

Step Three: Leave your vehicle parked on the street after the crooks have seen you trying to be a good citizen.

Step Four: The criminals will take care of this step, most likely by slashing your tires, breaking your windows, or (if you're lucky!) torching your vehicle.

Step Five: Call the police and your insurance company! Good thing you have comprehensive auto insurance, baby!

The running total at this point: Four tires slashed. (My 1988 Celebrity) One truck torched on the Fourth of July. (Peter's vehicle) And now two tires, one window. (My 1988 Celebrity)
Peter is ahead in terms of total damage, but I am ahead in terms of total incidents. I'm an aggressive competitor, however, so Peter better watch out because I WILL BE TOTALLY PARKING MY VEHICLES ON THE STREET, PETER. None of this chicken stuff like putting the sparkly new truck in the garage or--good grief!--having volunteers putting in a cement parking platform inside the fence.

Yes, just when we thought the former era of vehicular vandalism was over, we now see a return to the good old days.

Luckily, after the FIRST tire-slashing incident I went out and got comprehensive insurance

I am asking for people who work in the insurance industry to submit your opinion on the matter (anyone else is encouraged to comment as well). I will contact a few insurance executives to follow up with this post and ask them if this is indeed, FRAUD.

I am not a lawyer but, I am pretty sure that listing step-by-step instructions on how you can "trade your vehicle in for a better one" (in public no less) , paid for with insurance money after filing a claim. AND it was planned from the start with the expectation of having the insurance company pay.
Insurance is not considered money that is in a savings account and you have a right to claim that money.

Insurance is defined by Wiktionary as:
A means of indemnity against occurrence of a uncertain event.

An UNCERTAIN event. NOT planned and NOT set up or staged so the insured can make a claim to get a better vehicle!

Maybe Johnny would offer in his defense that, "I was clearly joking and nothing I say on this blog can be considered serious." Maybe he would say that. My opinion is it is fraud and no matter how it was intended to be taken... It is not something to make light of on a public web site.


Anonymous said...

Oh come on... this is a little over the top.

Why don't you reveal yourself?

John Hoff isn't anonymous.

I am curious about his response to your allegations that he is just another real estate investor.

Anti-Johnny (Given by Johnny himself) said...

Perhaps it is over the top. I contend that insurance companies would have a different opinion.

For the curious to hear response to the "allegations" he is just another real estate investor?
I am too. I will offer that saying it is an allegation is perhaps overly aggressive but, if he does answer, I know he will merely use an abundance of fancy wording to the point to where it is an honor to be an investor. As long as your name is Johnny Northside. lol

The reason I am not revealing myself is Johnny's own doing. He has openly discredited people for not revealing who they are. He does it sort of like a dare.
I recall times when his dares got people to identify themselves and then Johnny REALLY went on the offensive. I don't like to use the word Fight but, he doesn't fight fairly.
Maybe I should post some of the comments I submitted to his blog that he not only didn't post but, he took my comments and literally twisted the words and intent and posted his own version. Its common with him.

Those are the types of blog readers that I hope will relay their comments over here where I will publish their comments. Good, bad or neutral.

Thanks for your comments