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Saturday, April 3, 2010

2226 Bryant Ave N. - Should Johnny Northside Make Repairs and Pay Taxes?

A resident of NoMi sent the following pictures of Johnny Northside's house to me (Anti-Johnny) and I decided to post them for all viewers to see.  At the time this post was made, John Hoff has still not completed the repairs he agreed to make. The completion dates have passed. See below for his past due tax information as well as his upcoming court dates.

2226 Bryant Ave. N.

Very nice wood rot all around the garage. Note the cable on the left side of the garage door. That cable is supposed to be connected to the overhead bar that has torsion springs that helps to lift the door. When it is not attached, the door is extemely heavy and nearly impossible to open.

I wish I cold count the number of trash bags that are sitting in his back yard. Has he paid his bill for trash service? Why are they in the back yard?

The side of his garage along with his mud field. Note the fence post next to the garage with NO fence.

2009 Past due taxes: $1,518.24 (may not include penalty & late fee)
Hennepin County Tax info for 2226 Bryant Ave N

Here are Johnny Northside's upcoming court dates.
4/22/2010 Review Hearing (8:00 AM) (Judicial Officer Flynn, Mary H. C.)

Contract:  Location: - Hennepin Civil
Jerry L Moore vs Donald W R Allen, John Hoff a/k/a Johnny Northside and John Does 1-5
5/24/2010 Court Trial (8:00 AM) (Judicial Officer Reilly, Denise D.)

Civil/Other, Misc: Location: - Hennepin Civil
Peter Rickmyer vs Robert Hodson, John Hoff aka jns aka Johnnynorthside
04/20/2010 Motion Hearing (10:00 AM) (Judicial Officer Blaeser, Robert A.)


Anonymous said...

Gasp! That house looks like such disrepair! . Seriously, don't you folks have anything better to do. Hasn't it dawned on you that the TISh items aren't that big of a deal and that is why the city isn't cracking down on anything?

The trash bags are leaves, I'm sure. It looks like some compost or yard waste pile to me. That is common.

The siding - again, a common thing.

Garage door - big deal!

Get a life, seriously!

Anonymous said...

I am familiar with the "Train wreck" known as John Hoff. Check out the Pic of his house and zoom in on the Dish on top of his roof. The dish must be exposed to the Southern Sky at approximately 30 degrees. The dish is on the North side of the roof pointed southernly directly into the apex of his roof (WRONG side of the house John).

It is sort of parallel with everything else in Johnny's life. Johnny's does everything backwards yet it makes sense to him.

There are many more reports that John is behind many staged photos that he sets up for his blog. Johnny appears to make it up as he goes. You can rest assured that the Judges he is appearing in front of here shortly will not tolerate his wild and wacky tales.

Anti-Johnny said...

Anon 4:07...

You say "common" and "big deal" with such ease.
How special you must feel as you openly share with people how low your comfort level and standards are with how you live.
While you are okay with living in a rotted old house with crap all over the place, you set an awful example to the neighborhood by living in a house that says, "I don't care about my house being shit and I certainly don't care what others around me think or how they see it."
You are a real gem! A citizen who is out to improve the neigborhood with a horrible example.
You & John deserve to live in houses just like that. What is sad is the fact that John owns the house with no mortgage and he still can't pay the taxes on it! Its a little over $100 a month!!! John never pays ANYTHING and lives in a piece of SHIT!
Yep... You two are great activists! Pffft!

Jeff said...

Glass Houses....

Johnny clean up your pig stai.

Who in the heck composts with Black plastic bags?

What about the rotten garage....oh I bet that is a composting garage too!

We do not want trash like John Hoff in Minneapolis. It is time for this loser to move on to some other town.

Mike said...

Where's Johnny?

He is not posting and he is certainly not taking the time to do his repairs. He does not work. What a drag on society. Somehow his Uber-citizen girlfriend and his cronies think he is somehow an asset to the community. Apparently this community of theirs is shrinking smaller and smaller by the minute. Little by little we are seeing the voices singled out as they are they only ones spewing made-up negativity in any direction they feel like.

The bottom line is that they are fast becoming a liability to the neighborhood. Or better stated, people are finally catching on that they always have been a liability.

It is interesting how many ties the liability known as John Hoff has in Minneapolis. It is also interesting to see whom his co-defendants are in some of these cases. I wonder how long it will take for them to wise-up that John is dragging them down a road they are not interested in going down. From what is going around out there, they are already starting to realize this.

Johnny, your supporters are wising up to your shtick. Wonder how tolerant the Judges in the multiple lawsuits you are involved in will like your version of the song and dance you have spun. My prediction is that it will come to a grinding halt sooner than later.

Dennis the Hacker said...

Mike, don't worry. John is still out there posting in various blogs and forums. Sometimes he takes a short break from JNS and hands the blogging over to the Hawthorne Hobbit so he can go lurk in peoples' back yards and stage the photos that he claims are submitted by others that he uses in his blog. Yep Mike, he's still out there posting, you just have to look for him sometimes, lurking in the shadows.
He (and his trailer trash sweety pie MeganG) likes to post comments anonymously on his own Johnny Northside blog. Then he tries to trick the anti-Johnny commenters into identifying themselves so he can threaten them. But he's not as smart as he thinks. We have used the same tricks he uses to document these anonymous posts.

Anonymous said...

I find it amusing that there's one of Reitman's renters on there trying to tell the real truth about things that Johnny claims are "true," but the comments are getting published days later. Johnny and his cohorts seem to be ignoring them so they can keep up their "Keith is a slumlord" shtick.

Anonymous said...

I too have had comments unpublished from the Johhny site. The few comments that do get through are published days later and edited.