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Friday, April 30, 2010

Johnny Northside Kicks Even When Someone Is Down

From time to time, I will look around the net to see if there is anything of note being said about the case involving my friend who was one of the owners of TJ Waconia. Wouldn't you know it but, it appears 'ol Johnny Northside AKA John Hoff AKA John Hoffman went out of his way last week to teach me a lesson for writing about him and his behind-in-taxes house in NoMi. If you read the post on his blog about my article, you noticed how meaningless my article seemed to him. My points were portrayed by him to be boring and why would anyone even bother with my article since I was only trying to stir the pot?

It is no secret to anyone familiar with the Misadventures of Johnny Northside Blog that John's main tool he has always depended on for his publicity and bullying ways has been to latch on to someone else's publicity and get his name plastered all over the areas of the net that they are so, he can swoop in to "cash" in on the attention. John knows how to manipulate the search engines with specific keywords and he always goes after someone who speaks against him or he simply doesn't like.
Like me, for example!

John has never been able to find ANYTHING overly negative about me like a criminal history, that he could sink his teeth into and bully me into submission with. In fact, the only thing he has ever had against me that he could slam me with is the fact that the TJ Waconia owner has been a long-time friend of mine and like any true friend would do, I defended him in public and I put my name next to his because, he is my friend. What John has never figured out is that it doesn't bother me when he goes on an Internet rant about my friend and somehow he still thinks this hurts me. Now his rants are specifically aimed to hurt my friend since he can't get to me. This is sort of like a worthless kidnapper who has taken two people and makes demands to one of them and says they will kill the other person if they don't do as they ask. Real classy person, I know.

Back to the point. I have copied one of the FOUR comments that John made last week on the TJ Waconia Victims Blog in his attempt to hurt me by attempting to hurt my friend. That blog had been silent for months until Johnny Northside showed up on April 22, 2010 and posted the following:

"Johnny Northside said...

It appears that if somebody wanted to write to the parole board about "Tom and Jon," this is the place to begin:

U.S. Parole Commission 5550 Friendship Boulevard, Suite 420 Chevy Chase, MD 20815-7286.

I'm guessing it would be best to reference them by their inmate numbers, since they're just two pieces of well-chewed meat in a very big and impersonal machine.
April 22, 2010 1:47 AM "

As always, I supply the link to the proof... Johnny Northside Bashes Unprovoked Against TJ Waconia

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