Timeline of John Hoff Oklahoma Law License Application and Results

Monday, March 29, 2010

Johnny Can't Be Good... So... Johnny...

I'm sorry but, this picture was just too good to pass up!

Anyone else notice that Johnny Northside has backed off his attack on the L3SO's?
Anyone else noticed what John did to anyone who spoke out against him on the subject? What he did was turn the tables on those people by claiming that they were supporters of sex offenders while completely ignoring the fact that their gripe with John was actually about John being an ass hole and ignoring the fact that Minnesota does not make L3SO's addresses public. Remember my post last month where I said that John Hoff simply ignores any rules or laws that he doesn't like?

Anyone else notice how Johnny Northside has gone silent on the attention he vowed to keep on the murder investigation of Annshalike Hamilton, now that Remar Smith has been caught from the warrant he had out on him on a weapon charge? Anyone notice that Remar has not (to my knowledge) been charged with murder in the Hamilton case? While John drew the public attention to the L3SO's and Remar Smith VIA HIS BLOG (of course), most people overlooked how John was actually using the L3SO's and Remar Smith to increase his public visibility. Dare anyone question him or he will simply say, "There! Look at him! (enter persons name) is a supporter of L3SO's and Remar Smith!"

I just love hearing about how John is getting himself into more and more trouble as his hole gets deeper and deeper. We have all heard the saying, "what goes around comes around." Well Johnny boy... It is sure coming around, huh?

Oh, I will be posting all of John's court case information and dates as John has a busy, busy month ahead of him so, I encourage all supporters and non-supporters to come around and show John how much we care and attend all of his court appearances in April!


Anonymous said...

I'm tellin' ya, I think it is so funny that JNS has someone to keep track of his history and history in the making.
You are right, his history proves that he will screw himself in NoMi just as he has everywhere else he has been.
Keep it up AntiJohnny! Funny stuff!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous @ 4:17, it's not just Anti-Johnny keeping track of JNS. There are plenty of others recording his history. Besides the private investigators, his site is monitored by Hennepin County, the MN Department of Corrections, the US Department of Justice, and the FBI. But JNS doesn't care because he thinks he's a super-hero.
And we all know that Johnny boy loves to rant about his buddy "Spanky Pete". He's so wound up with this that he seems to have forgotten about his other lawsuits. The Moore lawsuit is coming up fast, and every time he adds to his blog he just gives Moore's attorney more evidence to use against him. He's gonna lose that lawsuit, no question about it! I mean, how hard can it be to prove JNS is a malicious prick? I wouldn't be a bit surprised if the attorney calls some of the people he has harassed as witnesses, like the probation officers he keep naming in his blog. I'll be there to hear the jury find him "guilty". I wouldn't miss it!

Anti-Johnny said...

Anon 5:39...
Glad to hear I am not the only one who documents John's past. To those of you who have collected info on Johnny Northside, kick it my way and I will post it.
Keep in mind that I will only post info if it is considered public information and not merely opinion. Thats a lesson John never bothered to learn himself.
BTW.. The attorney you are referencing is Jill Clark. I sure hope she has collected a lot of material from this blog to use against him in court. I have a pile of emails, audio and video recordings that I would gladly hand over if it would help in court.

Anonymous said...

I'd like more info on his failure to pay child support. I think that is absolutely hilarious.