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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Rejected Comments from Johnny Northside

'Ol Johnny Northside has attacked my friends once again and thinks it hurts me. (yawn) 'Ol Johnny Northside has made a semi reply post to one of the posts I made about his house last week. To read his post, click here. Of course, John failed to mention the parts where he is breaking the LAW but, he has no time for the law! lol
I posted the comments that are below to his site but, he will never approve them so.... I have posted them here! Enjoy!

"Why don't I just leave the link to my reply since you won't post it anyway.

First of all, about your house... I watch. I snitch. BITCH!
I noticed you left out the part about your property taxes that you have NEVER paid since you bought that...structure.
You also left out the part about violating the Truth in Housing repairs that you STILL have not done. I know, you are biding your time while you improve your neighborhood.
On to other things...Like...
Court! So you didn't feel the need to go yesterday but, will you show up for your deadbeat dad case?
Oh, I am sorry. That was below the belt. But, below the belt is exactly where you should be kicked by your ex-wife and the judge for being so far behind on your child support. Did you know there is a term for that? Its called... DEADBEAT DAD!

You can go babbling anyone's name you want and I won't care. When the dust settles, you will not have a house (and I hesitate to use that word since it is really a pile of shit), you will lose custody and with some luck you will end up in jail where I hope you will meet all sorts of new friends! Of course, I will be standing by to bid you FARE-THEE-WELL!
I'll tell you what I find so amusing about all of your self-inflicted problems... I am not the one who is in the process of bitch-slapping you around! Hehe, there's that word again... Bitch.

Get used to it Jo... Sorry, BITCH!"

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting it on here, I love it. I hope that loser JNS get everything he deserves!