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Monday, April 19, 2010

Hawthorne Housing Director, Jeff Skrenes Dodges Question of Wrong Doing of Board Member

In an effort to continue to expose John Hoff's dishonesty and alliances by which he appears to be benefiting personally from, I wrote the following letter (in an email) to Jeff Skrenes, who is the Hawthorne Housing Director. The Hawthorne Community Council has close, working relationships with NRP, CPED, Hennepin County and the City of Minneapolis.
Mr. Skrenes did in fact reply to my email however, he did not offer an answer to my question. Posted below the copy of my email is a copy of the follow up email I have sent him.


I am writing to ask you this simple question in hopes that you will address it while it is still me asking & not well known reporters, State officials or ultimately.... Hawthorne neighborhood residents.

As you are fully aware, John Hoff who lives at 2226 Bryant Ave. N, has an abundance of personal and professional issues surrounding him. I am only interested in seeking your opinion as Housing Director of the Hawthorne Neighborhood about the conflict of interest that exists with John Hoff's house status and the fact that he is also a Hawthorne board member.

There are currently two years of unpaid property taxes as well as a long list of repairs that were to have been completed by January 11, 2009 but, are still unresolved.
Are the board members not expected to adhere to the city and county rules and laws? As the director of the neighborhood, do you not feel this sets a poor example for other residents when they see a board member virtually ignore the agreements they accepted when they purchased their property?

I urge you to consider the ramifications such behavior from a leader has on the residents in your community when responding to this email. I will be sharing your opinions (or lack thereof) with your residents as well as neighboring communities and their residents. I hope to hear back from you very soon.Thank you
The response, at Mr. Skrenes request, was off the record and unresponsive to the pointed questions outlined in the letter. It is apparent that Mr. Skrenes and his lack of disclosure can lead to only one conclusion. The conclusion is that there is an intense, ongoing relationship between John Hoff, Jeff Skrenes and other community leaders along with others employed by or associated with the City of Minneapolis.  That relationship deserves to be exposed.

Mr. Skrenes the question needs to be answered:

As the Hawthorne Neighborhood Community Housing Director, are you for or against an individual completing their Truth in Housing Required Repairs in a timely in accordance with the timeline spelled out within the City ordinance (90 day from the date of closing)?

Mr. Skrenes: There appears to be 3 directions you can go here.
1. Stand up for what is right and Agree that the ordinance should be followed.
(Calling out your close friend John Hoff and admitting he is guilty of non-compliance)

2. State the ordinance is unfair and should not be adhered to in your neighborhood.(Thus calling into question your legitimacy as Housing Director)

3. Provide no response or be elusive to the question.
(Expose yourself as too close to John Hoff and that you continue to hide behind his curtain. Calling John out as having one set of rules for his co-conspirators and another set for those that oppose him or merely question his dealings)
Mr. Skrenes the choice is yours. I will give you a final chance to answer the question by Tuesday at noon, April 20th, 2010 or I will have no reason to expect that you intend to address the question and that you have simply chosen option # 3 as stated above.

Thank you

Remember what the purpose is behind keeping after Johnny Northside... Rules are rules and laws are laws. John Hoff, Johnny Northside, Jeff Skrenes, the Hawthorne Hawkman and residents alike, all need to adhere to the rules and laws that have been set forth.
We are talking about a Hawthorne Community BOARD MEMBER that is simply NOT conducting himself in a lawful manner! Hawthorne residents need to hold their elected officials accountable and Hawthorne staff members such as Jeff Skrenes, needs to see to it that the council members abide by the rules. If residents can't depend on people like Jeff to maintain and enforce the rules, then the residents have a right to replace those who are "looking out for them."
Stay tuned people!


Let the World Know said...

This blog doesn't get anywhere near the exposure it should. I think that the Hawthorne neighborhood really needs to know about the "out of control" behavior of Jeff Skrenes. He does things that are way beyond what his job as housing director is supposed to be. Jeff was once a very reasonable person when he was hired, but has been perverted by his association with John Hoff. And the public NEEDS to know about John Hoff. I think you would get more exposure if you sent information to and or sent letters to the editor to:
1620 Central Ave. NE #101
Minneapolis, MN 55413

612-788-3299 (612-788-FAXX)
General Email:

The Hawthorne neighborhood NEEDS to know that one of their board members doesn't pay property taxes or bring his home up to code, and then blogs about others who are guilty for the same things. I think some other board members would like to get rid of him, but they are afraid of being his next headline. EVERYONE in North Minneapolis NEEDS to know what a sick and demented individual John Hoff really is. Anyone who writes the hateful, hurtful words that John Hoff writes shouldn't be on a neighborhood board.
John Hoff is a vengeful, vindictive, nasty, mean, spiteful bully of a person and the neighborhood needs to know this. Once the neighborhood knows the truth about John Hoff I'm sure they'll kick him off the board. You seem to have the most information and I urge you to use the local Minneapolis media to spread the truth. You can't be sued for factual information. And if John Hoff thinks it's harssment then he's guilty of the same.

Anonymous said...

Let the Word know....

There is only one problem I have with your comment. You infer that Hoff reports the truth.

Nothing is farther than the truth as Hoff makes up most of his information and does not research anything he writes. His side-kick Jeff Skrenes tosses out information that make no sense at all and is something on the level of a 3rd grader.

The information provided by Hoff and Skrenes, that I have thoroughly research, is so far off base it is ridiculous. They call it reporting and I call it garbage information. Their so called reports are so far off base that they are simply irrational uninformed rants that have no bearing on the truth.

I see there are beginning to be some rumblings coming the way of Hoff and his cronies. It is just a matter of time.

Someone else now on the case to call you ALL out and end your little party. Blog all you want the Train is starting to come down the track!

Me thinks there are a few jaw dropping surprises coming your way shortly that will knock your used socks off that were likely.

What is so funny is that it is so good we are just going to tell you up front that it is coming and there is nothing you can do about it.

Tick tock...tick tock boys!

Anonymous said...

Circle of Trust is getting smaller for these guys. "Gang Johnny" is running out of time and the neighborhood is growing tired of their lies.

Give it up and go somewhere else.

Let the World Know said...

You mis-read my post. I didn't mean to say Hoff writes the truth. We all know that he makes up much of the stuff he writes about, and stages most photographs. And he has these imaginary "sources" that he won't reveal, and vows to protect.
My opinion was that if AntiJohnny were to send information to the local media, his writings would be factual, and immune from lawsuits. Unlike John Hoff, who is being sued for his vicious, false, defamatory rants.

Anonymous said...

Jeff Skrenes has left his feather-bedding job as the so-called Hawthorne Housing Director to go peddle mortgages, again.

The subtext of his job description there at Hawthorne was to read comic books, shag stray phone books, and blog about it. Where is the Housing you developed, Jeff? While charging the neighborhood about $200,000 bucks for hanging around and sucking up to suits your only success was in insulting the Councilwoman you should have been networking with on behalf of your community? You never did understand that you were a public servant and now you have packed your carpet-bag to work in a boiler room putting people in debt. The kind of debt you turned tail on and ran from.

This guy had walked away from his own home mortgage, and deserted his homestead when he was upside down, just a few years ago. He than took a padded job where he could do nothing and criticise others, rather than building partnerships and producing measurable positive outcomes.

Jeff, you did also pass your time under the wing, sway, tutelage and control of the vociferous Hater and Liar, Johnny Northside. he garnered many moves from the cynical Hypocrite Playbook of Deadbeat Dad John Hoff.

Good riddance to Jeff Do-little Skrenes and his bold do-nothing ideas.

Anonymous said...

In real life, Jeff Skrenes is the strong, silent type. With the exception that he is not strong. further, he claims and boasts what a churchman he is. Yet he routinely makes false statements and uncorroborated accusations against others in his blog. That is a sin, Jeff.

Anonymous said...

To Jeff Skrenes. I challenge you and defy you to account for and quantify exactly what items you accomplished as the "Housing Director" of the Hawthorne Neighborhood group. Jeff Skrenes, that was a position you held for a number of years. Certainly enough to start and finish, or at least start a number of important initiatives. You were paid with money that was meant to improve the condition of a challenged neighborhood and the people who reside there. All we know from those years you were paid to serve: You rode your bike, read your comic books, started your own blog, and like to drink beer and eat hot peppers. You also mocked and insulted the elected councilwoman of the ward,over and over, there. What did YOU, JEFF SKRENES, accomplish for the community as a PAID COMMUNITY servant all those years? And after all those tens of thousands of dollars accepted by you, what did you set in place to improve your community? I say you did nothing and accomplished nothing except feathering your own nest. You self serving wretch who robbed the community you were paid to serve.

Anonymous said...


Jeff Skrenes's Overview


Home Mortgage Consultant at Wells Fargo Home Mortgage


Housing Director at Hawthorne Neighborhood Council
Predatory Lending Organizer at Minnesota ACORN
Loan Originator at US Bank Home Mortgage


Calvin College


239 connections

Company Website

Jeff Skrenes' Experience
Home Mortgage Consultant
Wells Fargo Home Mortgage

Public Company; 10,001+ employees; WFC; Banking industry

April 2013 – Present (1 month)
Housing Director
Hawthorne Neighborhood Council

April 2007 – April 2013 (6 years 1 month)

I wind up being somewhat of a "jack-of-all-trades" community organizer. But my main focus is on connecting residents with city government, doing foreclosure prevention, and overseeing the development project called the EcoVillage. Toss in some marketing aspects, culturally targeted outreach, crime prevention strategies, and environmental initiatives, and that about covers it.
Predatory Lending Organizer
Minnesota ACORN

January 2007 – April 2007 (4 months)

I did grass-roots community organizing to help Minnesota pass its landmark anti-predatory lending legislation.
Loan Originator
US Bank Home Mortgage

Public Company; 10,001+ employees; USB; Banking industry

March 2001 – January 2006 (4 years 11 months)

I spent a year and a half as a mortgage processor and then went into origination. My main focus was on first-time homebuyer loans for low- and moderate-income families, especially in the Latino and Somali communities.