Timeline of John Hoff Oklahoma Law License Application and Results

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Encourage Johnny Northside to be a Model Citizen... "Go To Court!"

I just looked over the names of the defendants listed in the Peter Rickmyer law suit and John Hoff aka Johnny Northside has not posted his court fee's as of today. Not that he would actually PAY them himself because, he would file In Forma Pauperis, meaning he has no money so he uses that as his "free court pass".

Everone else listed in the complaint has been served and posted their fee's. If I was one of the defendants and I knew that Johnny has yet to be served (meaning he won't show up in court), I would be pissed off! How about this for an idea?
Johnny is a resident of NoMi now, right? I am calling for all residents of NoMi to get on John's ass to be a stand up citizen and go to court like the others. John says the complaint is bullshit. WHO CARES what JOHN THINKS??? It is NOT his job to determine the validity of a law suit! It IS John's responsibility as a CITIZEN to respond to the complaint and show up on the date the court has asked him to. If the complaint is bogus, then the judge will rule accordingly.

Thanks to the University of Minnesota, John's phone number is listed on the Internet and as John always says, since the information is online, it is available to the public.

John's phone number is: (Edited by Anti-Johnny. Click link below)
Call John and get after him to be a model citizen and show up in court! If you don't want to call him then send him a text message!
By the way... Here is the link to the information I just posted above:

Here is the link to the court information for the hearing to be held on April 20, 2010.


Anonymous said...

Hey Johnny and friends (co-defendants) we need someone to take a step forward and volunteer to defend this lawsuit..... John Hoff takes one giant step backwards and hides..... Here they sit and take the brunt of what John Hoff started and left to pick up the pieces. Wonder how long they will continue to drink the juice!

At one point these John Hoff partners (co-defendants) have to start thinking about why they continue to support and stand behind this guy.

If they look like Johnny Northside and they smell like Johnny Northside they are no different than Johnny Northside.

Until we hear some of these co-defendants come out publicly and state that publishing information prohibited by law is wrong, then they are as Guilty as Hoff. Like it or not, rules are rules and there are laws on the books for a reason.

Mr. Hoff was responsible for publishing a Date rape victim's name while in Duluth a few years back. I would love to hear John Hoff and his partners in this lawsuit provide a plausible explanation for that one.

I will same the time....there is not an explanation for it. L3SO or Date Rape Victim, Hoff doesn't care. He is simply doesn't care that the State has rules and a process.

I would love to hear the co defendants explanation for the Rape Victim's name being published.

Anonymous said...

By this article it's obvious he has no respect for the law when it comes to his own life.