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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Suspicious Foreclosure Details Emerging on 2718 Newton Ave. N.

I have just been tipped off about a property in North Minneapolis that has been through the foreclosure process, the 6-month redemption period, was listed on MLS and an out of state investor has purchased  the property.
The property address is:
2718 Newton Ave. N
Minneapolis, MN.

This just happens to be the address to the well-known "super-citizen" and Johnny Northside side-kick, Megan Goodmundson.
The facts that have been reviewed thus far suggests that there have been some very questionable events that have taken place recently and the Anti-Johnny will be following up with all the parties involved.
This blog is sorting thru the information that was sent in by a NoMi tipster. Stay tuned to this blog as the details of the recent history of this property will soon be posted.


Jordan Hawkman (8) said...

Sounds Like "Loser Citizen" to me!

No wonder the Johnny Northside crew is slinging so much mud....it was all a diversion from their own ongoing schemes. Make no mistake about it, whatever the truth is behind this, it will end up as a scheme with Goodmundson and Hoff behind it. e are quite sure that their housing advisor Jeff Skrenes will end up tied into the mix just as he was in the John Hoff sale he personally recommended to his good buddy John for a nice payday.

Jordan Hawkman (2) said...

Goodmundson tells FOX9 news she is a HOMEOWNER!


Three Cheers for Megan! What a Fraud!

Anonymous said...

You haven't 'just been tipped off'. You posted about this long ago on the Minneapolis Issues List. And as it was determined back then, there is nothing illegal here.

I mean, it's not like, MORTGAGE FRAUD was committed and FEDERAL PRISON time is awaiting, like, say, your BFF Thomas Balko and his partner Jon who wreaked havoc on north Minneapolis causing a long domino effect of foreclosures like this one you write about.

Too bad you weren't more compitent, or your buddy Thomas could have been partnering up with you to commit his mortgage fraud schemes, and then today you'd be in prison along with your BFF. And I don't mean BFF as in Best Friend Forever. I'll let you figure out what it stands for.

Anonymous said...

Another one who doesn't pay bills.

Case No./Location Entered/Docketed Debtor(s) Creditor(s) Details

- Hennepin Civil 06/17/2008
7:53 AM Goodmundson, Megan E UNIFUND CCR PARTNERS Orig. Amount: $6,199.08
Current Principal: $6,199.08
Status: Active

- Hennepin Civil 07/20/2009
2:11 PM Goodmundson, Megan PORTFOLIO RECOVERY ASSOCIATES LLC Orig. Amount: $6,652.40
Current Principal: $6,652.40
Status: Active

Anti-Johnny said...

Anonymous 3:59...
This is RICH! You said, "Too bad you weren't more compitent."
I think you meant to say, "competent". YOU IMBECILE!

Ok, moving along...
You jumped the gun, AGAIN! I said the details are going to be posted soon. The fact is, you don't know what I have learned... Do you? If you claim to know what I am going to reveal, then you are welcome to submit your guess. Otherwise, go back to your hole and wait.

Lastly, I have to THANK YOU for continuing to use my friends name and other useful keywords. You forgot to use Jim Watkins, John Hoff, Johnny Northside, Megan Goodmundson, Fraud, Mplsmirror, Anti-Johnny and the list goes on. Every time you use my friends name on this blog, it promotes this blog in the search engines. How about that for irony? That is exactly why Johnny uses all those names on his blog... Traffic.
Thanks to people like you, this blog pulls up right next to 'ol Johnnynorthside.com! People searching for Johnny info get a bonus look at the Anti-Johnny site!
Stay tuned!

Jordan Hawkman (3) said...

My role here is to give my opinion as to who the likely poster is for anonymous comment posted.

Your identity is likely that of Megan Goodmundson.

John Hoff is on the road, Jeff Skrenes does not have this type of particular word set or writing style( the same holds true For Hoff) in our analysis of compiled posts from a variety of different web postings on different sites.

Apparently this is Megan Goodmundson herself posting for two reasons. There are conspicuous spelling errors and sarcasm consistent with posts in her past (under Megan G on other sites).

Additionally, she is RSS feed checking the site as a result of a non published post filed by Jordan Hawkman (8) that was never posted on the Johny Northside site (noir any other site for that matter. As an end result, only those with inside access to omitted comment would be aware of such a posting of this ilk relating to one of the JNS immediate family.

The poster is able to cite a little known post in immediate response. Megan Goodmundson has used text type initialing or abbreviations in historical posts on other sites. Megan Goodmundson has a historical propensity for not being patient in her responses. Goodmundson has a habit of trying to be the first to be in the limelight or blog posts.

In all likelihood the anonymous poster is Megan Goodmundson.

It is very ironic that Goodmundson spells the Word competent as "compitent." She has had the exact spelling error in a historical post under "Megan G".....certainly and ironic spelling error to say the least.

End of analysis for Jordan Hawkman (3)

Jordan Hawkman (5) said...

Megan Goodmundson,

It has been brought to my attention that you have stated that what you have done is not illegal.

At this time, with the information supplied by Jordan Hawkman (8) and (1), there is conclusive evidence that you are in violation of several laws at this time but we are reserving comment on the specifics until they are released in detail publicly.

J.H. (5)

Let the World KNow said...

Anti-Johnny please give Megan Elizabeth Goodmundson everything she deserves. I have no sympathy for her. She is just as nasty and spiteful as is John Hoff. I'm sure her parents are very proud of what they have raised. Maybe that's why they paid for her to stay where she is. It's such a nice house they bought too. But looking at the TISH report, we'd better start calling 311 and report that peeling paint, that rotting wood, and those worn shingles. That's what we do in NoMi isn't it? We call 311 and report honest, hardworking people for having blighted property. LET'S REPORT MEGAN!!!

Speaking of parents - John, How's Luverne? Does she know all the sordid details of your lawsuits? Another proud parent.

Goon said...

Has Little Johnny Hoff ever had a paying job? The man is a my age it's like he is trying to be street agitator of the year.

Anonymous said...

Someone please tell me that their neighbors are up their asses, calling 311 on them! It's really hypocritical to point the finger at others (publicly!) when you don't have your shit together at home!!!

Jordan Hawkman (2) said...

Don't worry full accountability for Megan Goodmundson is already in play and a very detailed update will be released very shortly to this website.

Anonymous said...

Nope, sorry guys, wrong again. I'm the anon commenter and I'm not John, Megan or Jeff. You wouldn't know who I am anyways as I'm not a vocal revitalizer like they are. Some of us have to stay in the rear with the gear as John would put it.

So Anti-Johnny, you know that search engines don't pick up comment threads right? Sorry.

And Jordan Hawkman, you sound so official with all that gibberish of analytical bullsh*t but I have to say that's all it amounts to is bullsh*t. I'm not reading from some RSS feed and all the writing and spelling analytics are, like I said, bullsh*t.

I wouldn't doubt if these "voices" of Jordan Hawkman, "Let the world know" and whomever else are all the same voice of the anti-johnny. The poor guy just can't seem to get any traction anywhere. No matter how hard he tries he's just like a little flea being flicked off of everything. I think that is the story of his life and that's what makes him so angry. Perhaps if he got his own thing going instead of worrying about what other folks are doing then he might feel better about himself.

Pissed Neighbor of Megan Goodmundson said...

Lets introduce everyone to one of our "not so vocal self-anointed local revitalizers" Michael Klick. who pisses everyone off at his workplace by wasting time doing alleged research using company resources for his personal use.

There are too many people running to RAT you guys out. Not to be confused with the RATS found in "Megan Goodmundson's" dump of a house that left the Rodent droppings behind for the City of Minneapolis TISH inspector for the bank in their report.

Can anyone post the copy emailed passed around to all of us on the net to share with the rest online?

Jordan Hawkman (2) said...

Sure.....Here is the link to the PIG STAI at Megan Goodmundson's house done for the Bank after foreclosure.

Look at the Rodent droppings cited on page 9 item #99.


(Click on REPORT 7/17/2009)

Anonymous said...

Nice work, keep us updated. You have them running scared.

Anonymous said...

Give me a break. This is the biggest pile of garbage on the internet.

Pissed Neighbor of Megan Goodmundson...

If you had one clue who the hell you are talking about you wouldn't be making such dumb ass comments.

Have you ever even met these self-anointed local revitalizers? Have you ever really sat down and talked with them and asked them what the story.

I doubt it, because your too busy shooting your mouth of on here.

Good grief.

Jordan Hawkman (2) said...

Dear ANON or should we say just Megan,

Many from our group have talked with these radical transients and they make us sick to our stomach. It is amazing how the Bully Blog crew crawls back and begs to have us sit down and talk with them or "walk a mile" in their worn out shoes. Little do they understand their shoes are worn from funning from town to town, dodging creditors and the Sheriff.

We are all here to listen Megan. Tell us how this all worked out. We are all ears. The floor is yours. Explain yourself.

Let the World Know said...

Let me assure the readers that I am a real person, and not anti-johnny in disguise. John Hoff and Megan Goodmundson have left a trail of pissed-off people, and I'm one of the many on that list.

And,I'm going to have to agree with the other comments that "Jordan Hawkman" is turning this blog into a circus. It was more effective before his arrival.

Jordan Hawkman said...

Let the World Know

Our intent is not to create a circus but to go after Megan Goodmundson, John Hoff and Jeff Skrenes along with their cast of characters with the same intensity they go after without research or facts.

What we do differently is research the heck out of things before our group brings anything to the table.

We are committed to bringing out the truth about what dirty people they are and the dirty alliances they have with others in the neighborhood and city.

We will continue to expose them.

Your comment is well taken and we will fashion our information and responses more in a factual manner with less emphases on the side comments. We are very confident that the information in hand and forthcoming speaks for itself and outlines the terrible people these individuals actually are.