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Monday, April 26, 2010

Foreclosure at 2718 Newton Ave N. "Super Citizen" Megan Goodmundson Pt. II

Please note: This is the final part to this article.
(Begin Pt. II)

In this case, the City is OWED the following fees for the inspection and registration for the NON-homesteaded property:

1. Conversion fee from owner occupied to rent house: $1000.00
2. Administrative fee for new owners of rental property: $250.00
3. Instant Citation for operating a property without a rental
    license and not complying within 60 days of the closing: $500.00
4. Rental license fee: $65.00 + 50% late fee
5. Not posting 311 Poster Fee: $200.00
I doubt MasterCard is going to cover all of that so, that means this is... PRICELESS!

The 2009 T.I.S.H. report revealed over 50 items which normally would be picked up by a housing inspector during the required inspections. There is a point system for properties in Minneapolis with substandard conditions. The points allowed for a single family home is 25. The report contains over 50 substandard T.I.S.H. items plus Major Required Repairs. This "investment" property should be issued an immediate Letter of Intent to Condemn (L.I.N.T.).
Most of the substandard items would be allotted several points. There were items listed in the report such as: "Cracks in the walls, foundation, floors & windows warped and rodent droppings"...To name a few.

It is entirely possible that Megan may have planned this but, why?
The new occupant also happens to be the FORMER, DEFAULTED OWNER... Megan Goodmundson. Remember, she refinanced the house for $161,000 BUT, that loan was wiped out entirely when the bank foreclosed. Then her parents emerged AFTER the redemption period expired which means they presemted themselves as buyers for the house at $32,000 rather than redeeming the property for the $161,000 (plus significant bank costs needed to redeem) Megan owed.

Who is the big loser??? The BANK ended up taking a loss of over $130,000 when the Super-Citizen stopped making payments. Do you think the bank knew all along that Megan was going to stiff them for $130,000 and then move BACK IN??? Its doubtful. While that may not officially be called Fraud, I contend that it is clearly a dirty move made by someone who claims to be an activist for NoMi.

Megan screwed the bank, she has screwed the city and she has screwed her own parents by apparently not informing them (the new owners) about the added money that would be needed for the house to be in compliance. Perhaps it was the plan all along.

That is a Super-Citizen for ya!

As for Megan and her parents (by default) ignoring all those T.I.S.H. and rental licence ordinances, I am confident that the City Inspections department will get to the bottom of this in short order to stop these type of money making schemes in their tracks.

I have been informed that a formal complaint has been hand delivered to the Rental Licensing and T.I.S.H. department of the City of Minneapolis' Inspection Department.
Here is a copy of the Letter and report that was delivered.

(Truth in Sale of Housing link to 2718 Newton Ave N) http://apps.ci.minneapolis.mn.us/PIApp/tishdoc.aspx?ddocname=C1-2597362&rev=1

I want to make it known that I (the Anti-Johnny), did NOT discover this information about Megan and her house. An actual NoMi resident that has grown tired of the Johnny Northside and Megan Goodmundson circus, is responsible for uncovering this information.
To them I say, THANK YOU! You are the true Super-Citizen and it seems that Megan has made her parents into Slum Lords.


Jordan Hawkman said...

Quote from Megan Goodmundson on the Bully blog:

MeganG. said...
Haha! Even the trolls are trying to help Johnny Northside establish the anti-troll policies.


April 26, 2010 2:42 PM

Gee JNS inner circle, anyone who sends a comment to you that questions anything they write is a troll now and and renders their comments unpublished.

I find it interesting how Megan Goodmundson get roasted by the Anti JNS site revealing the truth about her scheme and subsequent illegal participation in the property, yet she is Laughing Her Ass Off (or LMAO as she says it).

These frauds just don't get it.

Got new for you frauds, it is only the beginning and I little birdie just told me there is troubles on the Horizon for the rest of their cronies in one of the neighborhoods their group (gang) is controlling. I think they know just about now....if not, it will be very very shortly.

You just gotta feel the disappointment in the Don Samuels / Johnny Northside gang coalition being exposed of yet another boondoggle gone wrong.

Anonymous said...

When do we get to see the formal complaint mentioned in the story?

Brian Reichow said...

Some issues with your analysis:

1. The word "warped" doesn't appear anywhere in the TISH you link to.

2. There are no Major Required Repairs.The only required repairs I see in this document are five minor ones, ranging from adjusting the air gap on a toilet (not all that exciting) to putting in additional smoke and CO detectors, a cracked face on a single electrical outlet, and a backflow prevention device.

Since none of these repairs require permits, how would you know whether they had been completed? The reinspection is done by the same independent evaluator (not a city employee) that did the original TISH report. No city permit, no online documentation of work.

This seems like an awful lot of squawking over some pretty mundane repairs.

3. The city doesn't condemn houses simply for having TISH entries that rate as B, Below Minimum Standards. Those are informational and meant to inform the buyer. Many of those entries are quite common on homes as old as this one (foundation/floor slab/plaster cracks) or are simply because codes have changed since the 1920s (acceptable stairwell headroom, for instance).

4. At some point there must have been a (failed) attempt to negotiate new terms with the bank -- that's something any homeowner would have tried to do. Clearly the bank felt it was in their best interests to foreclose. Furthermore, the *bank* set the price when the home went on the open market, and that price was an insanely low one. The bank was perfectly happy accepting the Goodmundsons' offer, so I don't see anything shady about their purchase at all (nobody else offered more). It's remarkable that Megan was able to reoccupy her old house, for sure, but to insinuate that this was somehow all part of a master plan of fraud, or deception, or screwing anyone...that's a giant leap.

If there was a way to get your house back after losing it, for 20% of what your old mortgage was, wouldn't you do it? That's just plain old opportunism at work.

There is plenty of blame to go around here. Perhaps Megan, like many others, ended up with some crappy adjustable-rate mortgage from which there was no escape when property values tanked. I have no idea. That much is Megan's fault. However, you really cannot absolve the bank of all responsibility for the reasons I've mentioned above.

5. It seems like a house occupied by the child of the owners would certainly be eligible for Relative Homesteading, and therefore the whole rental conversion and licensure matter would be a non-issue. Isn't it possible the county and city online records aren't up to date? In my experience, that happens quite a bit. This might be much ado about nothing.

Anti-Johnny said...

Overall I understand many of your points but one must understand that when this property was conveyed and subsequently occupied by an occupant other than the buyer/owner the property is subject to additional inspections required by the City of Minneapolis. I will own up to my statements by responding to your comments in the same format (number by number) as you put them forth to this site.

1. Although the specific word warped does not readily appear in the Truth in Sale of Housing Report (TISH), there are similar words such as weathered, cracked, missing to name a few. A recent exterior inspection (unrelated to the TISH) showed a warped garage door and soffit in a warped shape hanging from the garage roof line to the ground unattached on one end. It is semantics, I guess. The fact of the matter is that there are many items in disrepair with the property that need to be addressed.

2. Major repairs vs. only 6 Required Repairs: Although there 6 life safety items that have been left unaddressed there are well over 50 items that are not simple patch and paint items listed on the certified inspectors report. Now that this home is subject to additional inspections it undoubtedly would rack up several times the allowed points to warrant a Letter of Intent to Condemn (LINT) the property. Again, when this property was "let" to another party other than the owner it becomes subject to this inspection by the city. I do not believe that substandard property in a condemnation condition is something that other should ignore. It should be noted that this property lost just over 80% of its value by someone not being a good steward of the property. This reflects badly on the neighborhood and we should look no further than Megan Goodmundson as the center of the devaluation problem in North Minneapolis.

(See part II for rest of reply)

Anti-Johnny said...

3. You are correct, the City does not condemn properties based soley on TISH reports. However, the complaint generated to the City Inspections and reports on this web site laid out the fact that a Certified TISH Inspector made these findings and there is no reason that the City inspector would not find these same issues as well. The TISH report is simply a guide or road map for the City inspector to follow to show the validity of the complaint that was filed. Part of the point that is being made here is that some housing is being unfairly targeted by certain individuals, neighborhood groups and city inspectors. IF all properties were under such scrutiny, I think we all would have some major headaches on our hand when owning a property that is over 40 years old (and in some cases over 100 yrs old). Moreover, I am not sure how one can justify the 80% drop in valuation of a property in just a short time frame while having a TISH report that is loaded with enough points to condemn the property. I don't think most properties in Minneapolis have this many items below minimum standards. Perhaps there is a crack here and there, but there are even rodent dropping listed in the report. I don't know about you, but I don't have rodent dropping laying around in my house.

4. Goodmundson was lucky and took advantage of the system. I think we all agree that she spoofed the bank. The situation is all TOO convenient for Goodmundson. How can there be any other plan than that of planning the default because they see their property as over leveraged. (Remembering that the property was likely just refinanced to put some extra dough in her greedy little pocket) Goodmundson who supposedly has a job decides to quit paying for her mortgage and let the property go. But she doesn't really let it go, she stays there. The only thing let go is the mortgage company because she knows how to scheme and conspire with her fellow mortgage Geeks (John Hoff and Jeff Skrenes). They all have conspired to cheat the system because this unwitting out of state lender doesn't know how what happens when someone is duping them. Rest assured that a local bank would be onto their scheme and not participate in it. Make no mistake about it, this type of scheming and conspiring to dupe the mortgage company is not legal. When Goodmundson conspired with Hoff, Skrenes and her parents to defraud the mortgage company in can result in racketeering charges. If Goodmundson would have simply found a new place to live and walk away, but that was not the case. The plan all along was to simply wash her hands of the refinanced mortgage and use the system to lay low and have someone get the property for her on the cheap. Unfortunately for Goodmundson, when it is all said and done it should end up with some very serious legal ramifications for anyone caught up in her scheme.

Anti-Johnny said...

5. Relative homesteading. Two points 1. The property is not homesteaded. 2. Even if it were, the relative must owner occupy the property while letting the relative reside in the property to make it exempt from needing a rental license. The City ordinance is very clear to make that a point.

As far as your comment of the bank partially being at fault.....well I think taking an 80% plus hit (likely more like 90% after the Sheriff, legal, and catching up unpaid taxes and water bills). I think they paid more than their fair share of the price.

I think we should ask Megan Goodmundson to come forth with a copy of the HUD-1 settlement statement to show us exactly what the truth is and end any speculation. Oh that's right, she was not a party to the transaction...she is just an innocent renter with nothing to do with anything. Wonder if her landlord issued a Certificate of Rent Paid receipt for her rent paid in 2009? I am sure they are all following the rules....probably not!

If you want to know what is killing North Minneapolis, look no further than Megan Goodmundson. What more could she do to make it worse....I suppose time will tell until she ends up in jail.