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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Jeff Skrenes, Jordan Hawkman & Johnny Northside Rejected Comments?

The following was just sent to me via email that was apparently submitted to the Johnnynorthside.com blog and it looks like the commenter wants me to post it here to make sure the comment is seen.

"Jordan Hawkman posted:

Anonymous...good point.

Jeff Skrenes does not care.... he is still busy sucking up to Ackerberg and the mess they are all in for some reason. Skrenes admitted in an earlier post that he knew there was a zoning issue with the JACC property and he did nothing about it. Also, he refuses to answer questions put out there for him. He only tries to deflect the questions and make up things. At this point, one has to assume the article and comments are true because no one is providing any supportive evidence to lead to any other conclusion.

Got news for you pal, it is only going to get better for the jns crew as we uncover yet more information. Hmmm.....what fraudulent JNS person will we reveal? Which one of you will be exposed shortly?
I can't wait to see who it is.

This blog post as been forwarded to
to ensure that you don't delete the comment as you previously have done with some of the others in the past."

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