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Friday, April 16, 2010

Look Inside the House of Hoff: Violations Galore!

Earlier this month I posted pictures of Johnny Northside's house which showed decay, trash and overall a run-down property... From the outside.
Well folks, a few citizens who have expressed their dislike for Hoff's antics, have pitched in to bring you the following information with regard to Johnny Northside's house.

This first picture is a screen shot from the city of Minneapolis' website which shows the Truth in Housing Report for 2226 Bryant Ave. N... John's house. For a close look at the small print, click on the picture.
Note on 10/13/08, John signed an Acceptance of Responsibility to have the repairs made by the specified dates. The next two pictures shows the dates for repairs to be completed as well as the expriation dates... John failed to make good on his end.

Sorry about the quality of the picture above but, I had trouble doing a screen shot. I am working on getting the third picture posted as well. The image size is large so viewers can click on them to see clearly but, uploading is a problem. The pic above shows many violations, etc.

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Anonymous said...

Lazy lazy lazy johnny!

Lazy lazy lazy city inspections!