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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Rejected Jordan Hawkman Comments from JohnnyNorthside Blog

I just got an email that had the following comments attached. The author had submitted them to Johnny Northside's blog but, they anticipated that they would be rejected. Seems they were correct about that. No worries though! The Anti-Johnny is happy to post them on the Anti-Johnny blog!

"Jordan Hawkman said...
Interesting how you pick and choose whether to post what I write. It is an obvious sign of weakness. If you notice, I have taken on all challengers of the article and properly backed up any and all the points with facts. In fact, there have been several great points that have come to light yet people have bashed the ADA on your side of the fence only to give a half hearted "oops" after the fact.

The posts are posted on the below blog anyway
Your inexperience in commercial real estate really shows Skrenes. The property does not have a license to lease and thus cannot collect any rent. Cite an example of a non-compliant rental contract to back up your information.

At least you threw Hawthorne's house under the bus too for being not properly zoned. Some housing director you are....but then again, you have done some sort of research on non compliant rental rates. Funny how your little mind grinds away to come up with something to save face. I have news for you, The banking world does not give value to a business loan that cannot collect rent. Franklin Bank's regulators are going to take notice of this by it becoming public. That is one of the points of the article.

That is the problem with you JNS bullies, you are knee deep in crap yourselves yet you target those that don't deserve it. Your gang is one of the worst things in North Minneapolis. You contribute nothing while tearing anything and everything apart you guys get your greedy hands upon.

If the questions/truths raised are irking your inner circles that much, just wait until tomorrow. The truth is just killing you guys and your lies will be your demise. Good luck JNS gang members, you will need it.

The whole point of this is not to sink JACC or Hawthorne but to show that casting stones in a very thin glass house is not advised. Judging from what information has been secured recently, a thin glass house would be an over statement"

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