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Monday, June 28, 2010

Johnny Northside Dodges Court Fee's, Files "In Forma Pauperis"

John Hoff AKA Johnny Northside

NoMi's top hypocrite is at it again!
In a recent post on the adventures of johnny northside, John Hoff had this to say in his latest attack on Pete Rickmyer...
"Johnny Northside! said...

On another note...
Damn right Peter is on public assistance. Your tax dollars at work filing frivolous litigation against decent Northside neighbors."

This sort of "Do as I say, not as I do" bullshit from John is nothing new. As I have posted many times on this blog, John goes to court all the time and I don't mean as an observer. He gets sued all the time because, he does stupid things and he likes to do the SAME things Pete does by claiming that he didn't break a rule if the rule itself is stupid. Think I am kidding? Read about the time John appealed a court decision against him for being cited for SITTING ON A SIDEWALK! Click here to read Seattle's Sidewalk Ordinance Upheld.

I decided I would look up all the court cases where John has filed "In Forma Pauperis" meaning, he does not have enough money to pay his court fee's so, his fee's are waived. HIS fee's are waived but the court still has costs involved so, that means the PUBLIC ends up paying John's fee's!
Here we have a guy who is in his mid-40's and holds a degree in Law. His education has been paid for with student loans and scholarships (possibly grants as well). He recently enrolled at the University of Minnesota for another class but, my guess is the student loan money for that class will be used to pay some of his back child support. In fact, the hearing for that custody case is going to be held next week.

I didn't want to spend all day looking up all of John's court cases (there are a lot) so, here are the case numbers to just some of the court cases that John has used the "In Forma Pauperis" loop hole and not pay his court fee's. Funny how John rips Pete Rickmyer for filing frivolous lawsuits yet John fights solid cases against him and never pays for either his court fee's OR judgements that have resulted in some of his losses!

Case Number           Case Type  
27-CV-09-17778    Civil/Contract
27-CV-10-3378      Civil/Other
19WS-FA-10-160   Custody
19-F3-05-003698    Interstate Support
76-CV-06-655         Civil/Other ($3,228 unsatisfied Judgement)
37-VB-10-95           Criminal/Speeding
75-VB-09-653         Criminal/Speeding
82-VB-08-13920     Motor Vehicle Registration - Gross Weight Exceeds Registered Limit
                                                                             Drove .5 hr past the 11 hour rule
56-T0-04-004366    Criminal/Speeding

A final note: These cases are merely in the State of Minnesota and don't reflect the upcoming cases involving the non-payment of taxes with his house at 2226 Bryant Ave. N in Minneapolis. There are others in Washington and North Dakota.


Dave said...

And let's not forget that John Hoff gets a disability payment from the Vet's Administration. Isn't that a type of public assistance?
I have no idea what his disability could be (aside from the fact that he's mentally deranged). Anyone who has followed his antics can see he appears to be healthy (other than looking like a dumb pud).
But I do laugh when he makes fun of Mr. Rickmyer. I bet Peter paid his property taxes!

Jack Oliver said...
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Jack Oliver said...
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Anonymous said...

I'm a medical study coordinator at the U of M and I just read what that guy Johnny Northside wrote about his medical study money.

I am sure he didn't get paid for "blood money" but rather some other bodily fluids. We haven't had any blood studies for men in quite some time. However the University does a lot of fertility type studies.

Is he the same guy that used to be a columnist at the Minnesota Daily? Why are you so intent on writing about him and making him a bigger personality than he already is? Doesn't make sense but whatever.

Jack Oliver said...

John Hoff has claimed that the article:HAWTHORNE NEIGHBORHOOD COUNCIL BOARD MEMBER MAKES BOMBS, VIOLATED FEDERAL AND STATE LAWS & AND ENDANGERED CHILDREN! contains defamatory information because he claims that there has never been a restraining order filed against him.

As the author of this article I want to respond to Mr. Hoff's claim of defamation.

Today, July 6, 2010, I visited the Clerk of Hennepin County Civil Court. He looked up the restraining order in question and verified that is it valid. It was filed January 14, 2010 and is valid for two years. He also verified that there was no hearing scheduled, and the order remains in effect.

For John Hoff to state that there has never been a restraining order filed against him is absolutely FALSE.

There is NO defamation as the facts in the article are accurate.

John Hoff can go to the civil filing counter and get a copy for himself if he so desires.

I stand behind my article as it is currently published in mplsmirror.com

DT said...

So John Hoff, who ridicules Peter Rickmyer for receiving welfare, is so desperate for money that he has to sell his body fluids to the UofM for money.
John Hoff wrote in the JNS blog, "I managed to sell some of my bodily fluids at the University of Minnesota, for a medical study. A check for $258 arrived the other day, woo hoo."

First reaction: Eew - yuck - gross.

Second reaction: Maybe the scientists at the "U" can examine his 'fluids' and determine which defective gene in his DNA makes him such a psychotic predatory butthole.

Anonymous said...

Two questions. What happenned with Hoff's chimney? It's a week past the date to have it fixed, so is his house condemned yet? Any new pictures of his house?
Does anyone know what kind of car he drives and the license plate? Need it for a police report. A picture would help too. Thanks

Anonymous said...

Yes, he drives a maroon oldsmobile cutlass approx 1985-1990. license plate XUH-917