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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Johnny Northside Faces Deadline: July 7 to Fix Chimney

I thought I would post a few nice close up pics of JNS's chimney that he has to fix by July 7th or face a fine.

The chimney in the top picture looks like a good gust of wind will topple the bricks down onto John's roof.
Oh yeah... Thanks to the northside neighbor who took the pics.


Anonymous said...

Ah....the smell of freshly cooked bricks. Mmmmmm, I cannot wait until the plastic wrap comes off.

Trailer Trash repairs. Jay Leno, Are you out there?

Anonymous said...

He probably wants a gust of wind to blow it over, that way he can collect money off of the homeowners insurance. That is, if he has any!

Anonymous said...

I am proud to have been one of those that contacted 311 to report this blight. And, the names of those that complain to 311 are confidential. John Hoff will never know who I am. But I will call 311 on every violation that I see at 2226 Bryant Avenue North. Because in NoMi, "We Watch, We Call".

John said...

How did you find out the deadline for the repair?

Anti-Johnny said...

Well let's just say that it has proven helpful to be friendly with people within the city. Oh, and no matter what happens... I don't make them a target after they put their trust in me.
I know, its a wild concept, 'eh?
You don't realize how many people you have burned bridges with and I am happy to be the "troll" under your bridge. I shall be there when they all collapse.

Jordan Hawkman said...

Click on the pic and make it large.

How do we solve this Chimney Caper?

I think It may have been the cartoon Stupid-Hero the Hobbit who may have been fighting off Squirrels with his silly string (pulled from his little hobbit belt).

Or perhaps it was Michael Browne or Kelly Browne spinning a web up there in hopes of catching a 12yr old graffiti artist.

Maybe it was Megan Goodmundson's clothing fibers caught on the chimney while hiding up there to spy on John and Constance Nempolis and what they were doing all last summer joined at the hip (or maybe even hips). Oops....someone has loose lips in the JNS inner circle.

Or was it CM Don Samuels trying desperately to string up a noose to catch and stop John Hoff from tying himself to him too much?

Or maybe even Carey Joe Howell and all her tissues to cry in tied up all neatly in long stringy knots weeping her little eyes out because her fellow Stupid-Heroes are just like the cartoons.....Fake!

Gee I wonder which STUPID-HERO it could have been?

Patty said...

Any word on Connie's DUI? Not that I want to see her punished, if she really has joined hips with John, that would be punishment enough.

He was one of my students in law school, and let's just say hygiene wasn't his first priority.

Anonymous said...

I've been checking the records on Connie Nompelis and her drunk driving charge since I posted it last month. Nothing to update. But I keep checking.
We can add Connie to the hypocrite list. Back in 2005 on the Mpls Issues Forum she was complaining about crime in North Minneapolis and lax DWI sentences. We can all hope that Connie enjoys her mandatory time in the workhouse which all convicted DWI defendants have to serve. Maybe some of us can make sure we send in victim impact statements to let the Judge know that we don't like drunk drivers in Minneapolis.

Let The World Know said...

I seriously doubt that John Hoff will put much effort or money into fixing the chimney. He just wants to hold onto that house long enough to flip it. That's why he doesn't pay the property taxes.
All that talk about how he loves his NoMi home is a bunch of crap. Hoff has a history is flipping property. He did it in North Dakota and than outright lied in the Minneapolis Issues Forum saying he never owned any rental property. He did actually buy and sell an apartment building in North Dakota, and there are property records showing it was him and listing his Appleton address.
And he still owns a couple of lots there in Inkwell, or Inkblot or whatever the name of that two horse town is. Although it appears to be worth less now then what he paid for it. The house on the property is typical Hoff, run down and not habitable.
I'm sure he told the folks in North Dakota, "I love my house in "NoDa"!
Oh wait, that must have been before they had a special recall election and VOTED HIM OUT OF OFFICE on the Grand Forks city council.

Anonymous said...

The people in NoDa were never very fond of Hoff. He left with his tail between his legs.

Anti-Johnny said...

Correct me if I am wrong but...
I thought that the Truth In Housing repairs need to be completed and then have it pass inspection before he would be able to sell his house?
I was told that the only reason he was able to side-step having repairs done on his house he had on 6th St. N. was because, he sold it to the City of Minneapolis and the rule doesn't apply to them.
Speaking of that house...
Did any of you go back to the beginning of this blog and read the post about how the city showed the value of the property while John owned it at about $48,000 and then after the city bought it, the figure jumped to over $128,000?
The crooked part of that was the $128,000 assessment was listed as retroactive to 2007... BEFORE John ever bought the house!
I am not sure what the city did with the lot after they leveled the house but, my guess is that the city boosted the appraisal value on the site in order to dump it on the Federal government when they decide to buy up all the housing inventories of cities around the country AND Minneapolis would get closer to $128,000 NOT the $17,500 they gave Hoff to buy it. Please note that it is only my opinion based off of the government bailout in the late 80's.
IF that scenario was to take place, I would say that the city of Minneapolis set out to defraud the Federal government.
I wonder what the penalty would be for a city versus an individual?
The entire deal smells as bad as John Hoff! BTW... Jeff Skrenes is the guy who approached John to sell it to the city as Jeff is the one who tells the city council which houses they should buy and tear down. That must be a BIG bed for all those scammers to be in together!