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Friday, June 18, 2010

Hawthorne Housing Director Goes Back On His Word

Hawthorne Housing Director, Jeff Skrenes
Member of the Hawthorne Bitch Squad
He wears lots of "Hats"

(Read the update at the end of this post)
Last night I got an email from a northside resident who had commented on a post on Johnnynorthside.com written by Hawthorne Director Jeff Skrenes. Click to read Skrenes post

Apparently, it got pretty heated after the commenter and Jeff went back and forth several times. Johnny Northside aka John Willard Hoff even got into the mix by challenging the commenter to reveal the links they used to to research the parked car that Jeff wrote about. Typical JNS though as John claimed to research the same car yet wouldn't reveal his methods of research. Hypocrite!

Jeff had the following to say to the commenter and this is where the JNS blog did as they usually do:

"You used a pay site, fine. Calling 311 is free. Now, if you want to spend your money researching car owners like this, stop being anonymous at least to me. Post or send your contact information and we'll work together on issues like this. Oh, I forgot, you're just another troll."
(Hey! Thats TOP Troll to you, bitch!)

The commenter wrote back saying that they would be happy to post their first/last name as well as their phone number but, they wanted Jeff to admit on the blog that he would keep his word and "work together on the issue."
Guess what?
Jeff not only didn't respond to the commenter but, the comment was REJECTED and never posted! Something like that sure does make the commenter look like they cowered and ran away while making Jeff look like he was right.

Only thing is, that didn't happen. The commenter said they submitted another comment saying they didn't think Jeff was a man of his word and that comment was never approved either.
Jeff Skrenes is not a man of his word. He is merely Salicious Crumb to John the Hutt. In other words, John's Bitch!
I urge you to click on the link and read the comments because, at one point Jeff actually said that he "wasn't wearing his housing director hat" when he called 311 on the car! OMG! When I read that, all I could think was... "What a total DORK!"

This post was online a few days ago but, the comments were finally approved and added to the JNS blog.
Jeff was sent an email revealing the identity of the commenter along with a phone number. Jeff never replied to that email.
Simple. Jeff (and John) say what makes them look like a respected authority figure and casts a positive image of themselves but, both can be compared to Satan... They say what they want while knowing no one can dispute what they say on the blog. They get people to tell them what they need in order to publish a grain of information in hopes it will evolve into a story. What about the person who offered them info or worse, their trust? Bahhhh! "Off with their heads!" (Alice in Wonderland quote)
In other words... They tell the public the are humble people and are willing to talk and work with anyone as they try to better the neighborhood BUT... Its all about them and "what are you going to do about it" is their approach. Maybe another way they see things is, "What have you done for me lately?"
They want you to give, give, give but, they offer nothing in return other than their backs.

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