Timeline of John Hoff Oklahoma Law License Application and Results

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Johnny Northside - The "Ultimate Hypocrite" is at it Again!

Photo is from the same post JNS published today.
It looks like John had his hair cut with the lawn mower he pulled around NoMi.

Johnny Northside being a hypocrite is nothing new to me but, the low-life, classless nerve he shows will never cease to amaze me.
John's most recent post on the Adventures of Johnny Northside dot com, has John attacking the lawyer he referred to as the "Partner in Crime" of Old Majority JACC Plaintiffs Attorney". John goes on to explain the point of the post which is to slam and discredit his target. Allow me to quote John Hoff here... "has been suspended from the practice of law in Minnesota for failing to file income tax returns."
Click here to read his classless post: "Partner in Crime" of Old Majority JACC Plaintiffs Attorney...
Did I read that correctly??? "For failing to file income tax returns"?
I really hope that attorney sues him for Libel and Defamation. I would gladly offer to help with that as an advisor.

This is a perfect example I use to describe John's approach to things like this:
"Do as I SAY... NOT as I DO!"

Good God! That low-life is such a LOSER, I bet he would come in DEAD LAST in the Human Race!
But, Anti-Johnny, why do you say such a thing? As this blog has reported many times in the past, John Willard Hoff is a hypocrite becaus, he...
John bought his house located at 2226 Bryant Ave N in Minneapolis in October of 2008. The previous owner paid the taxes current up to the sale date and John is responsible for the remainder of 2008 and so on.

The true irony I see in "Johnny 2-Face's" attack is that John holds a LAW DEGREE! He can't call himself a Lawyer though because, he has not taken the Bar exam to become a licensed Attorney. However, IF John was a member of the Bar, then HIS license would have likely been suspended as well for his failure to pay property taxes! Not filing income tax returns hurts many things but, a self-proclaimed "activist" and "revitalizer" NOT PAYING HIS PROPERTY TAXES hurts the County, the city AND the Public Schools! In other words, licensed attorney or not... Johnny Northside can say he contributes to his community but, he clearly does not do his part to support the entities where he lives. When he gets sued, he always files In Forma Pauperis versus paying his court costs because, he has no money. How about that??? An activist with a Law degree that can't pay his court costs! The list of people John has not paid goes on and on and on.
According to the court, John has still not paid the $3,200 judgement that was filed against him by the city of Appleton after they defeated John in court.

If I lived anywhere in Minneapolis, I would be complaining to the city, the county and lots of others about his failure to live up to HIS responsibilities!
How about this? Suspend his blog until he pays his taxes! You can also suspend him from his position as a board member with the Hawthorne neighborhood.


Let the World Know said...

She was suspended for failing to file state and federal income taxes. John's reporting is factual, so I don't see a basis to sue him for libel.
But Hoff is still the ultimate hypocrite. He gloats about Jill Waite not paying her taxes, when he himself is guilty of not paying his taxes or child support. He's a chronic complainer to the city about properties that are blighted, yet his house has many violations.
The point is, John Hoff has serious mental problems and enjoys trashing, defaming, and abusing other people any chance he gets.
His predatory behavior makes him more dangerous then the sex offenders he writes about.

Anonymous said...

Please tell us more about the Appleton judgment against him.

Anti-Johnny said...

Anon 8:54,
Here you are:

In case the link above directs you to the courts search page, here is the case number to enter under civil: 76-CV-06-655

The judgement for $3,228 is still not paid.

Jordan Hawkman said...

Anon 8:54

Our group already know where you are going with the judgement idea......We are way ahead of you. Trust us, we will get a lot more blood and mileage than you can imagine.

Let us handle it.

We, of course, will keep you informed privately. Send Anti-Johnny and email and Someone from the group will keep you as well as the others on the mailing list informed on this particular aspect of our focussed efforts.

Anonymous said...

This is actually kind of funny. Someone is harassing John Hoff via his blog. So he's having a free comments Friday. He says he'll publish any comment (within obvious limits). But the real reason is he's trying to identify the harasser(s). Then what's he gonna do, make a police report? The police are too busy with real crimes, they don't have time for Johnny's playground fights.
Why don't you run back to mama Luverne you perverted military wash-out. Why don't you see your psychiatrist and up the dosage of your meds. We wouldn't want you to leave any more marks on your son you POS!

Let the World Know said...

You can also read more about John Hoff's problems in Appleton by reading these council minutes:

Second page 5th paragraph shows the city had to mow John's lawn and billed him for the services.

John Hoff is the ultimate hypocrite. Recently the City of Minneapolis cited him for uncut grass, and a junk vehicle in his yard. Mind you, this is the same guy that calls 311 on his neighbors for the same thing.
And you should see the photo of the property he owns in North Dakota. The taxes are less then $5.00 and he doesn't even pay those on time.

But the rules apparently don't apply to John Hoff.
John Hoff's car got tagged for illegal parking during a "Snow Emergency". Of course, in John's demented brain he wasn't at fault so he filed an internal affairs complaint against the officer. What a putz!

Anti-Johnny said...

Anon 8:54,
Just an update... I put in a call to the City Attorney of Appleton, MN yesterday (Friday) to request details on the Hoff law suit that he prosecuted. If that turns up nothing, then I will skip trace the 2006 city council board members and contact them for case info.

Anon 8:07,
"mama Luverne?" Who is that? Can you elaborate? If you have more Hoff info but, don't want to have your name associated with his, I understand. If you prefer to send me an email, contact me at: thedfwmentor@aol.com and I will guarantee that your identity will not be released. That is one of the major differences with the way John Hoff and I go about Internet reporting... He will get someone to tell him something while promising to keep their identity private but, once he has what he wants then he discards the agreement and does as he wishes.
I don't do that...Ever.

Anonymous said...

Mama Luverne should be his 80-something mother, you know, the person who gave us Judd & John, the nit-wits of Appleton who got sued by the city....and lost. John, having a textbook psychopathic personality, had to push the issue and now owes over 3 grand. He never learns from his experiences. His day will come, quite soon too I hear.
Maybe John should start sucking-up to Hennepin County Attorney Mike Freeman (not that it would help much).

Do you remember the day that the StarTribune broke the story about Mayor RT Rybak's aide sneaking John Hoff out of the Council chambers so he could avoid the Sheriff serving him Pete Rickmyer's lawsuit?
That same day there were internet threats posted to some schools, I believe it was March 10th. These threats caused the schools to go into lock-down. This was big news that overshadowed the "Hoff-Gate" story. How convenient for John to have "Hoff-Gate" buried.
The FBI and InterPol determined that the threats were false, and had came from some teenager's computer overseas. Actually, the threats had falsely originated from the teen's computer because someone had used an internet anonymizer service to hide their identity, making it appear that the threats came from the teen's computer.
John Hoff should well know that this is a Federal crime that will be prosecuted by the US Attorney.
Neither Freeman, Dolan, Samuels, Johnson, Higgins, Stanek, Rybak or anyone else will step up to the defense.
Some people, like John Hoff, never learn from their past experiences.
They just keep nailing patches on their sinking ships.
Unfortunately, John's passengers will go down with him, and some of them are decent people.