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Friday, June 25, 2010

Hawthorne Community Council Powerless Against Cowboy Board Member & Housing Director

Leader of the Hawthorne Utopia, Hoff

Parody of Hoff as Dictator, Putin

Hoff with Minneapolis city councilman, Don Samuels

How can the members of a community council allow a fellow board member and their housing director to bad mouth residents, community leaders, community investors, business owners and even renters that live, work and play in their own neighborhood?
No one seems to know the answer to the question but, that doesn't stop John Hoff (board member) and Jeff Skrenes (housing director) from publicly attacking anyone they choose to by publishing their opionions on the blog, The Adventures of Johnny Northside.com.
Hoff, the owner of the blog does not seem to care if what he writes about people is true or what effects his words might have against those people. Jeff Skrenes is the housing director for the Hawthorne neighborhood and is employed by the community council. He is a regular contributor to the blog and his personal friendship with Hoff is no secret to anyone.

People who live in Hawthorne and do business there are taking notice of how John and Jeff seem to pick targets out of thin air and proceed to put their names, pictures of them and all sorts of opinions about them on the blog. John and Jeff aren't the only "cowboy bullies" that end up attacking people in Hawthorne. Once their opinions have been posted to the blog then the readers submit their comments as well. A lawsuit was filed last year against John Hoff after John slammed him on the site and encouraged readers to contact his employer. The person claims that he was fired as a result of Hoff posting un-true information about him on his website and several commenters jumped on the Hoff Hate Train and were named in the suit (anonymous).

Here is a partial list of acts against people in Hawthorne by Hoff and Skrenes:

Constant calls to 311 and 911 to report car repairs, loitering, removing trash from a house, over-grown lawns, houses & buildings painted with colors they don't like, signs in yards & on poles and the list goes on.
Landlords of houses in Hawthorne are constant targets and are referred to as "Slumlords." It makes no difference if they are landlords who follow the rules or not. Several months back, John launched a crusade against Level 3 Sex Offenders by publishing the names, pictures and addresses of as many L3SO's he could find. Those who challenged him by saying he was going too far... Yep, you guessed it. John simply attacked them by putting their names on the site and stated that they were supporters of L3SO's. Imagine what damage that could have on someone if they were fired because their employers saw what John wrote?
John recently accused someone of murder and plastered his name all over the Internet for weeks while the person was wanted on other non-related charges, John actually claimed he believed the person was responsible for the death of a Hawthorne resident. As of today, they have not been charged with anything regarding that murder.

Recently, there have been many concerned residents and business owners within the Hawthorne neighborhood with the conduct of the two "community leaders." What they are doing is installing the fear of God in people. I compare their actions to those of a Communist dictator where they rule with fear. Their approach to their targets and others in the neighborhood is, "Do as we say, not as we do and God help you if  you cross us."
How can they get away with such behavior against people in their own neighborhood? Can you imagine how intimidating it would be if your name was plastered all over the Internet in association with things that were not true? The Hawthorne Community Council is the governing body who are there to look out for the best interests of the neighborhood yet, one of the board members and the housing director takes matters into their own hands while the rest of the board members say and do nothing.
To make matters worse, John has not paid his property taxes since he bought his house in 2008. He recently had a restraining order filed against him by someone he rented a room in his house to and he is scheduled to be in court next week as the custody/child support case his ex-wife filed against him continues.
That is why I see him as a "cowboy" who is a authority figure in the neighborhood yet, he consistently breaks the rules that everyone else has to follow. The ironic part is that John see's nothing wrong with attacking people and accusing them of things he is guilty of himself.

Victims of the Bully Blog are constantly reminded that they have few options of who to turn to for help as John and Jeff routinely publish posts about Minneapolis city council members, Police of the 4th precinct, Mayor R.T. Rybak as well as other neighborhood association authorities... ALL of whom are friends with John and Jeff! Got a gripe with John Hoff? Go to the community council to report him. Wait, he is a board member. Ok, go to the police. Wait, John is buddies with all of them. So, go to the city council and complain. Sorry, that will only piss them off when councilman Samuels tells them that someone complained about them. Next thing the victim knows is their name is being bashed even harder and city inspectors are starting to show up at their houses and rental properties and place of business and  slapping them with any number of violations and fines.

I don't know how the community council can sit back and do nothing as they watch the constant attacks take place at the hands of their fellow board member and housing director is beyond me! You would think that any other governing board would simply fire a housing director who bullies people like that because, the housing director is not elected. Jeff Skrenes was hired and a lot of people in the area think he should be fired.
What about John Hoff? He was elected to the board so, he can't be fired like Jeff. This is not the first time John has been a political board member though. John was a member of the Grand Forks city council in North Dakota less than 10 years ago. His behavior was not appreciated by fellow board members or residents of Grand Forks. He was so out of control that a special recall election was held just months after being elected and he was removed from office.

There is some good news I am able to offer the good people of the Hawthorne neighborhood who have been targets of the Bully Bloggers.
In recent months, I have been contacted by many who have faced John & Jeff's wrath and we have all been working together to do what we can to alert people of the damage they have been causing and providing information about them so others can defend themselves when they become targets.
We are a tight group of people and we protect each other and those who contact us by not repeating what they tell us in public (unless permission is given) and keeping their names confidential.

I hope the good people in the Hawthorne neighborhood see this and realize how out of control John and Jeff are and decide to stand up and do their part in keeping their neighborhood from becoming an "Urban Utopia" where people are constantly in fear.
Please feel free to contact me by email and I look forward to continuing to do my part with reporting the antics and bullying of John Hoff and Jeff Skrenes.

Email address: AntiJNS@gmail.com


Anonymous said...

John Hoff AKA Johnny Northside is a "Minor League Slumlord". His own two-bit, rundown shack is his current "Slummy Domain".

Anonymous said...

Yea anon, your spot on right. He models all the elements of a Predatory Landlord and enemy of the Community of Hawthorne:

He ignores outstanding code and safety violations from his chimney on down, at his "Slummy Domain". He is... Slumlord Struttin’

Anti-Johnny said...

Does an owner need to obtain a rental license in order to rent a room out?
If so, did John get a license?
With all the TISH violations, I can't see how it would pass an inspection.

Jordan Hawkman said...

Word is that an official detailed complaint is forth coming. We were waiting for the appropriate time to break it.

With the last inspection, we garnered the exact outcome we were anticipating.

The play by play on this report and the goings on will reveal yet another player in the Corruption. Stay tuned.....dada dumpt dumpt dumpt.....another one soon bites the dust!

BTW - one does not need a rental license to rent a room.

Anonymous said...

No in Minneapolis, if you are an owner occupant and have a roommate you do not need a rental license. In this one case it would be nice if you did however.

Anonymous said...

Johnny Northside "Tenant Management Style" as highlighted in the current restraining order against him by a woman, alleges unlawful trespass into her private space, harassment of a woman, theft of her property, threats, and more. Much more!
Johnny 'Slumlord Pimpin’ Northside

la_vie_en_rose said...

Maybe I dreamed it, but I swear there was a post talking about him passing a house inspection the other day. Now I don't see anything. I was wondering if you are referring to that, JH.

Anti-Johnny said...

Rose, I am not sure what inspection that might be but, I think I read on the JNS blog where an inspector showed up for something and the inspector said, "I'll take your word for it" when John told him it was only him and his roommate living there. I don't recall what the post was about though.

On another note:
There is a new post on the "other" anti-johnny site and its chock-full of... More of JNS B.S.
Here is the link... http://northsidejohnny.wordpress.com/

la_vie_en_rose said...

That's the post, yes. I'm curious as to what the inspection was about (why they were there), and if that's what JH was referring to in his/her comment. Interesting information.

Anonymous said...

He bein dragged into court agin for not payin child suppote and WHAT ELSE.

Sho yo right Aint he a Slumlord in the hood!

Anonymous said...

Jordan Hawkman - for the past couple of months you've been doing some big talking about things going to happen, reports we're gonna see, people going to get into trouble, lotsa big talk. Is any of this stuff going to happen or are you just talking smack?
I got my front row seat and I'm waiting for the show. This warm-up act has been going on for weeks. I gotta to get back to work if you ain't got no main show. It's time to pull up the curtain, or get off the stage.

Jordan Hawkman (3) said...

Anon 12:37

Your fodder appears to be that of John Hoff.

So you don't think you have been feeling the pressure yet?

Apparently you have by your actions behind the scenes you are whining to your friends and freaking out., Hiding in your house and nowhere to be seen.

We are exposing many of your friends for the frauds and drags on society that they are. Apparently you are not reading this blog in its entirety along with the Mplsmirror.com.

The interesting part is that we have not even started putting forth most of the information that we have on these individuals. In the meantime, it appears follower are dropping like flies and people are losing interest in the TAJNS fraud of a reporting source.

We are playing chess and not their game of checkers.

Anonymous said...

Jordan Hawkman (3) said...

"Anon 12:37"

"Your fodder appears to be that of John Hoff."


It appears that der mudders were the same, too. The MudderFodder that spawned these two carp should feel shame and sadness every day.

Anti-Johnny said...

An anonymous comment was submitted earlier today that was mostly okay but, I ultimately had to edit out the last part of it because, it was a comment related to sexual orientation and not relative to the discussion.

Anonymous Said...
"Johnny Slumlord Northside is always the 'walking drum' to condemn others for behaviors that he himself repeats; over and over.

All the while he insinuates himself into the very community he is preying upon, and where he FAILS to pay his property taxes EVER.

He mocks actual neighborhood participation by being a toxic and stinky member of the Hawthorne Community Board.

"Transference" and Psychopathic Predator Behaviors and Very Slummy. too. He appears like a Televangelist Hater who rails(wrongly!) against the “sins of *******” then turns out to be *********, himself.

Johnny Hater Hoff Northside"

Jordan Hawkman said...

Anti Johnny - To your credit you printed the comment as best you can. This is not the first time we have heard this type of thing about "Johnny Northside a/k/a/ Johnny Backside."

No secret why he meandered from seattle to mpls.


Rank City Percentage
of City
Population GLB Population
population rank
1 San Francisco 15.4% 94,234 4
2 Seattle 12.9% 57,993 9
3 Atlanta 12.8% 39,805 12
4 Minneapolis 12.5% 34,295 16
5 Boston 12.3% 50,540 10
6 Sacramento 9.8% 32,108 20
7 Portland 8.8% 35,413 14
8 Denver 8.2% 33,698 17
9 Washington 8.1% 32,599 18
10 Orlando 7.7% 12,508 36

Anonymous said...

I am surprised the Wikipedia comment wasn't totally stricken from the blog as off-point.


The previous Televangelist comment was simply meant as a metaphor to highlight hypocrisy.

That is: The railing against some behaviors by others in our neighborhood. Then it turns out the railer, Johnny- Two Bit Slumlord -Northside is hip deep in the described behaviors, himself.

There must be no tolerance for the...

Hater Hypocrite Johnny Northside Hoff/ No

Anonymous said...

I do monitor the JNS Hater Blog.

While reading and enjoying the discussion about a proposed NEW LIQUOR STORE at West Bro and Washington Avenues, Ground Zero for inebjvriates/hic, I learn that BJ's Strip Club was voted #1 Strip Club by CITY PAGES some years ago.

This Year City Pages Chose The Johnny Hater Hypocrite Northside Blog as #1.

I am left to presume that City Pages cannot spot a Pair of Falsies, John Hater Hoff and Screamin' Jeff Skrenes, while getting a veritable Media Lap Dance from them.

Good luck, City Pages, on the choices made there. Hint: Seek a support group, an AA equal for media suckers who just keep making bad personal/professional choices.

Please hurry.........

Anonymous said...

Jim, I think Jordan Hawkman's comments are way out of line, are offensive to the GLBT community, and have nothing to do with the "anti-Johnny" movement. I'm appalled that you approved this highly insensitive crap.
And I also agree with the anonymous commenter. It's time for Jordan Hawkman to poop or get off the pot. All talk, no action...The Hawkman show is worthy of NBC - canceled after two episodes.

Oh, and PS to Jordan Hawkman - I'm not John Hoff. Sorry girlfriend.

Anti-Johnny said...

Anon 1:21,
What??? All talk?
Well I guess from your point of view one could claim they don't see much action but, I have seen a lot of action and results.
I think it is kind of funny when things start getting heated against someone like John that people start making comments like yours in hopes of luring the person behind the screen name to come out.
Why would he want to do that?
The Jordan Hawkman has dug up so much info on John, Jeff, Megan and other Hoff'ers that I think it is the fact that none of them have a clue of who he is... Is exactly what has them all riled up.
Please, don't tell me that if they found out who it really was that they would sit back and do nothing.
We all know exactly what would happen.... John would launch an all-out offensive against him and double his normal efforts of slinging shit as he does to so many others.

Also, your comments are about as hollow as they get when you decline to identify yourself yet, give others doing the same thing a hard time.
Why don't you contribute something? Maybe pay Johns taxes? Or his child support? Or fund his TISH repairs?
I find it odd that you taunt Jordan Hawkman but, you support John Hoff when he has made a career out of free-loading from people and the system.

Jordan Hawkman said...

Even anti-johnny does not know who we are. We are a group of individuals who choose one lone united outlet approved through this single name.

We just sit back and are watching a very slow calculated death of johnny northside and his crooked side kicks. We are having a very healthy and satisfying good time.

If there is no pressure by our actions to date (and fear of what we have in hand), then simply ignore us and stop reading.

I dare ya.

With alot of interesting benchmark dates coming up for old washed up johnny, it is interesting that an alledged side kick is spewing their rhetoric.

Watch and learn....we know the landscape far better than you newbies

Jordan Hawkmen.

Anonymous said...

HOLLOW indeed, are The Johnny Northside Hater Hypocrite Hoff accolyte and echo-lite's hater words. (A tongue twister followed by spit...........patoooey)

Haters wearing the garment of GLBT defender? Yea right?!

Stand up against the deceit and tyranny of The Johnny Northside Hater Blog, then perhaps others may listen to your Crocodillian Protest and Tears for Fears.

Hint and Safe Bet: GLBT Rights don't come from Hater Blogs. The Hypocrite Johnny Hater Hoff Brownshirts would throw GLBT under the ol' Grey Hound in a heartbeat if Oberstrumclownum Hoff thought it would advance his career ONE JOT. GLBT would be rubbing elbows with the victimized Friedmans Family under that tire QUICKER then Hater Hoff can throw down a double Jaggermeister and drive home.

You Betcha...

Let the World KNow said...

I told you so, but no one ever listens to me...

Anonymous said...

How Dangerous is Serial Hater and Deadbeat Dad Johnny Northside Hoff?

I wonder if he is as toxic, or more toxic than a Level Three Sex Offender, since he is still UNSUPERVISED?

Look how he touts Joy Ridin' with his only son and WILDLY yellin' out the window at a women he labels as a Crack Whore. Perhaps he knows her TOO WELL...

Is this, and DeadbeatDadhood, only the tip of the Johnny Northside Hoff child abuse nightmare?

Should his impending Family Court Hearing include alleged Child Abuse and Endangerment explorations?

What is your opinion?

Anonymous said...

Did Law School Graduate John Hoff skip the Morals Class while in school? He did skip the bar exam.

Perhaps he misread it as Morels and just went out Dumpster Diving for mushrooms to eat. Johnny Mushroomseed picked the wrong mushroom.

The history, on going, of a sick toxic and poisoned bully is being written in his Johnny Hater Northside Hoff Blog.

Anonymous said...

Has anybody else noticed how the Johnny Hater Northside Blog scam Ebbs and Flows?

Every time, and it is frequent now, that This Misadventures Blog reveals more of the folly and misbehaviors of the haters there.....

......The hate talk over there diminishes and they start jabbering all civic minded, sans poison.

It is, therefore, the duty of these rightously angered folks here to KEEP UP THE IMPORTANT WORK OF THIS BLOG.

Johnny Hater Northside Hoff and his ilk must be quashed.

And I will quaff to the failure of Hoff.

Drink up...

Anonymous said...

I must say the grammar found at the real Johnny Northside blog is significantly better than what I see here. I could barely get through a quarter of these comments. It's hard to take what you say when you say it so poorly.

Anti-Johnny said...

To Anon 10:15pm:
I must say... I don't care. You come on this blog to criticize the grammar?
If you want to support a dead-beat dad, tax dodger and then some, I encourage you to go back to his site and play grammar games.

Jordan Hawkman said...

Anon 10:15 - It is amazing that the late night individual that is behind the criticism in most likely none other than John Hoff Himself. He has criticized grammar on the www.mplsmirror.com before while in the middle of one of his meaningless off target remarks.


The goof cannot get a 1/4 the way through the comments because of their reading their difficulties? So it is the "good guys" fault because here are no dorky super hero references and cheesy musical references to utube in the made up rhetoric spewed about?

It is obvious that the one commenting is most likely to be John Willard Hoff. It is obvious that for years he has not been able to understand the bar exam questions because of their grammar too. He is obvious that he has taken and failed the bar exam multiple times over the years. Just ask him, he openly admits that he has never passed the Bar exam in MN (or any other state for that matter).

Anon 10:15, or John Hoff, in your bizarro world it is entirely possible that you think if a commenter misspells a word that you don't have to pay child support, pay property taxes, fix up your dump house, report side income to the IRS, not put bruises on your kid, not participate in behavior that results in restraining orders and pretty much everything else you do that is illegal and nonconformist.

I guess if you don't like run on sentences, then the solutions is to quit screwing up so much so it shortens up.

la_vie_en_rose said...

I've seen some terrible grammar in my days, but I can read through the comments on here with ease, so what's the problem with Anon?

I'll be the first to admit that I've been called a Grammar Nazi (usually by my husband who excels in Math and not English), but really, not everyone has a Lit professor's command on the language. As long as they get their point across without it looking like a text message or AOL chatspeak, why bitch?

Anonymous said...

John Hoff is dangerous and a mass hypocrite but that doesn't mean we should not enjoy the postings here.

This is a family Blog; we got Fodder, Mudderfodder, and now Grammer. And all on this thread.

OK, back to hating John Hoff...and he has earned our wrath by being a DEADBEATDADAIST.

Anonymous said...

Jordan Hawkman....still waiting for the bomb to drop, the detailed complaint, the report on the corruption...any time now.

Your empty threats, and failure to show stunning results just give more power to that putz John Hoff. I'll say it again. Put up, or shut up. Your constant babble postings all over the WWW are just childish.
If you can't make things happen, then get out of the way and let the other team get back to work.

PS I'm not John Hoff

Jordan Hawkman said...

Anon: I think you have not been paying attention.

For up to date postings of the Nomi Terrorists check out


This blog chronicles real time follies of these misfits.

It would appear that these individuals have more than their fair share of problems that are being exposed on this site.

Anonymous said...

Oh, well. I didn't know there was a Jordan Hawkman blog. I was waiting in this humble blog for your announcements. Now I will look there.