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Saturday, June 12, 2010

Johnny Northside Must Have a Drinking Problem to say This...

John posted the following comment on the blog of his "super-citizen" girlfriend and mortgage scammer, Megan Goodmundson. If nothing else, for him to look at her house and say the following, it is obvious that his eye sight is awful or he drinks too much booze which apparently makes his eye sight... Awful.
Here are his comments and I am putting up some brand new pictures of Megan's "perfect" and "beautiful" house.

"Johnny Northside said...

Your house is beautiful and perfect. With the addition of that painting, it is more perfect than perfect.
April 27, 2010 7:18 AM"


Anonymous said...

i *think* he was referring to the inside of the house as he was speaking of a painting (i do not see a painting hung on the outside of the house), which i assume you have never seen. i see you have no photographic evidence of what the inside looks like - which could be amazing and beautiful.

so seriously.. calm down.. you picking on her house based on one little comment about a painting is honestly absurd. why do you spend your time doing this?

being a past renter and current homeowner i know how long it can take, in either situation, to fix up both the inside and the outside of your place of residence. if you came by my house with a camera you'd find 10,000 more than what is shown on this house. it takes time - leave her alone.

Anti-Johnny said...

To Anon 2:22
John may be talking about a picture but, he DID say the "house is perfect." My point is that the house is NOT perfect.
Either way, I copied the picture from Megan's blog and am posting it here. Before you comment ala Hoff-style and claim that the house looks perfect from what you can see... I might add that there is no proof that the image seen is actually the inside of that house. We only have Megan's word that it is and we have seen how credible she has made herself out to be of late (cough, cough).

I would like to know your opinion of the TISH repairs that have not been addressed. Ok it can take a while to make a house perfect so.... How much more time, beyond the 90-day TISH time does one need??

While she crusades around for the press in her attempts to "clean up" NoMi, I might suggest that she clean her own house up first.

Jordan Hawkman said...

Northside Style.... As John Hoff would say) bed on the floor!

Would not be such a big deal, but the TISH report for this house says their are rodents (and likely cock roaches infesting the house).

I think we give the definete benefit of the doubt here to Anti Johnny!

Great detective work as usual!

No wonder her and John pickle themselves with alcohol constantly....to keep the fleas away!

One wonders how much the Alcohol and the DWI had to do her spending time with and around her close pal John Hoff.

Kinda feel bad for Megan, she has no clue what they did did last summer and perhaps more recently???? Hmmm?

Maybe Megan will move on to Jeff Skrenes...hey, maybe they can get a new rental together since it appears they are suddenly having more and more in common than one thought.

Anonymous said...

From State Court Records-

Here, BELOW, are two GIANT Judgements Against Megan Goodmunson.

Shouldn't a self-labeled SUPER CITIZEN pay her bills without being forced to pay in a court of law?

MEGAN IS A FRAUD who cheats people out of their money, as determined by a court of law. She also harms North Minneapolis.

She still has not paid, by the way.

Megan, you have the floor. We are all ears. Why have you cheated so many out of their mone? You have our rapt attention sweetie.

Shoe Fitti?

See below-

Judgment Records Search Results
Logout My Account Search Menu New Judgment Search Refine Search Location : All MNCIS Sites - Case Search Help

Record Count: 2
Search By: Case Case Search Mode: Number Last Name: goodmundson First Name: megan Sort By: Filed Date
Case No./Location Entered/Docketed Debtor(s) Creditor(s) Details

- Hennepin Civil 06/17/2008
06/17/2008, 7:53 AM Goodmundson, Megan E UNIFUND CCR PARTNERS Orig. Amount: $6,199.08
Current Principal: $6,199.08
Status: Active

- Hennepin Civil 07/20/2009
07/20/2009, 2:11 PM Goodmundson, Megan PORTFOLIO RECOVERY ASSOCIATES LLC Orig. Amount: $6,652.40
Current Principal: $6,652.40
Status: Active