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Monday, June 14, 2010

Johnny's Other Side!

When I say this blog scours the Internet to "uncover" John Hoff, this is NOT what I had in mind!
Ok, this is simply too funny to not post!
GOD LOVE PhotoShop!
For those who might see this and get all worked up (and I don't mean "excited" lol), IT IS a parody!

Side Note: To the commenter on this blog known as "Patty" and "Patty A"... after doing a bit of research, if you are who I think you are (L,79)... I would LOVE to talk/email with you. Please contact me at: thedfwmentor@aol.com. -Jim


Jordan Hawkman said...

Aparently Jeff Skrenes is running with his tail between his legs because he has been busted developing his Hawthorne Hawkman Cartoon Character while at work. Is has becomse quite apparent that he has been using company resources while doing his TAJNS hobby blogging.

On the Mplsmirror.com, in the Friedman article, Skrenes intentionally waits for the article to get pushed down the page and old and then posts a comment in a weak attempt to save face. Skrenes was called out for the coward and sneaky work dodging snake he is.

"Three cheers" (as Megan Goodmundson gal of the moment of John Willard Hoff a.k.a John Hoff who may or may not have been joining hips with Constance Nempolis , a single female MN Resident, a.k.a. Connie Nempolis)to the mplsmirror.com for always posting comments without exception.

There have been hundreds of comments omitted from the TAJNS site.

Food for thought -

If at least 50% of the recent months comments that are actually posted are negative against the nothingness that TAJNS blabs on their blog.

And a plethora (that mean alot for 10 or so TAJNS cronies that have trouble understanding pretty much anything above a 3rd grade level)of comments have not been posted.

Then one can easily deduce (mean figure out or surmize for the TAJNS Cronies - probably should not use surmize ....too big if a word for them)that the consensus would be overwhelming against John Hoff and Jeff Skrenes and their fraud of a blog.

Bottom line is that the vast majority see TAJNS as a little circus sideshow and nothing more. While the goofs run around breaking the law themselves constantly they somehow think basking in the little attention they get somehow gives them purpose in life.

It just amazes us when these JNS goofs don't get that North Minneapolis is laughing AT them and not with them.

At this point, it appears that they don't care as their drinking has increased dramatically. They are a sad little group of negativity on our neighborhood.

We will send additional comments regarding more on the contributors and their ties to this little gang.

Anonymous said...

I see you removed the post about how comments do not get approved at JohnnyNorthside . There was truth to that post. Over the past few months we have been documenting how comments are selectively approved by Hoff, Skrenes, and Goodmundson.
You were absolutely correct in your statement that some comments are held for later approval (if they do get approved). For every comment we submit to JohnnyNorthside we take a screen shot and save it as a JPG file. That records the time it was submitted. We check back later to see if the comment was approved. And I must state very clearly that these are NOT TROLL COMMENTS. The comments we leave are legitimate, very appropriate, and related to the topic. They do however, frequently contain unflattering questions or comparisons. And we never use a ridiculous screenname. We either comments as anonymous or use our real name. And we honestly get involved in the discussions. For example John Hoff wrote a blog entry that exposed a slumlord for not paying property taxes. We asked the very legitimate and carefully worded question how that was any different to John Hoff not paying his property taxes for the past 2.5 years?. That comment was never approved by JNS.
We also asked how John can call 311 on housing code violations when his own home has numerous violations, and he has been cited numerous times. Again, comment not approved.
We also found that comments posted by Megan Goodmundson are often approved before comments that we have posted. This is because Megan has password access to JNS, so she can approve her own comments. We have also discovered that both Megan and John frequently post as "anonymous", usually to trash other peoples comments, or to "stir the pot". Their writing styles are not hard to spot. And computer forensics makes it easy to document.
We also were surprised when we noticed that some comments were withheld for approval for longer then a day. This occurred when a blog post was controversial. The data clearly shows that John Hoff and Jeff Skrenes manipulate the comments by withholding negative comments until they have had an opportunity to respond, or until more positive comments are submitted (or forged). John Hoff is careful to approve a limited number of negative comments to give the illusion that he is being unbiased, but this is careful manipulation on his part.
The bottom line is that those that manage The Adventures of JohnnyNorthside blog, John Hoff and Jeff Skrenes, deliberately control the comments section to hide unflattering information about them, and to withhold negative facts. A perfect example of this is the current discussion which questions Jeff Skrenes' integrity as the Housing Director. Numerous comments have not been approved.

la_vie_en_rose said...

Well, someone from this blog warned me via email that Messrs. Hoff and Skrenes are very selective with their publishing of comments, and I guess I can now join the club. I came here in order to allow my comment to be published somewhere.

I don't even understand why my comment hasn't been posted. I posted it yesterday evening in response to Hans' comment about how what a person does in their off-time is their own business (from the blog post about leaflets left at vacant homes). I didn't point fingers; all I said was that in this tech-driven era, what a person does and says off the job can get them fired if it gets back to their supervisor. There have been cases of this already with people badmouthing their bosses on Facebook only to be shown a pink slip the next day. I wasn't implying that Jeff is heading for a pink slip, but I did want to point out that there is no such thing as privacy anymore.

I sent another comment earlier today asking why my comment has not been published yet and what could have been offensive about it, but I haven't received a reply. :(

I'm disappointed. I even sent an email to USI Wireless telling them about how their leaflets left behind at vacant homes are annoying the residents of NoMi and asked them to look into doing something, and they've apparently decided to do just that (according to a comment from a "Nate" posted today). I realize that they read this blog so perhaps they can shed some light on why it wasn't posted.

MisterComments said...

Well, Ruth, welcome to the Anti-Johnny world. I sent you an e-mail a while back and haven't had time to respond to your reply until today.
You should know that the people that participate in this blog have respect for the word "private". I will never share your private e-mails, or repost your private messages without your permission.

I also wrote a rather long response to Hans' post as I thought he was very wrong in his position that employers shouldn't be allowed to fire employees for misconduct committed "off the clock". It was not approved.
As you can see from the comments here, John is very selective in the comments that get approved. Anything that makes him look bad never sees the light of day. Especially if it has to do with him failure to pay his property taxes or his child support, or if it mentions the numerous calls to 311 about the code violations at his home.
John Hoff is currently involved in two lawsuits for the harassment he does in his blog, and I hear there might be another one filed soon. But since Hoff has no assets, there is not much chance of recovery in a civil suit. And that's why he doesn't care about being sued.
Anti-Johnny has labeled John Hoff the "Ultimate Hypocrite", and that is a nick-name that fits.

But on another blog I saw the tag-line, "John Hoff - America's Favorite Douchebag". I laugh every time I see that. That should become the official slogan for John Hoff.

DOUCHEBAG (from Urban Dictionary):
An individual who has an over-inflated sense of self worth, compounded by a low level of intellegence, behaving ridiculously in front of colleagues with no sense of how moronic he appears.

Anonymous said...

Let's get Hans involved here and see how his background checks out since he likes to dig around he has become fair game now. Not that he wasn't already on our radar.

la_vie_en_rose said...

Well, my comment was posted finally, but it got lost in a mess of other comments. :/ I still don't see why it took so long to post, but I won't push the matter since it's his blog, and he can do whatever he wants with the comment system.

He's not the only wannabe journalist in NoMi, either. My first love was journalism, and my idol was Dan Rather (the guy I grew up watching). I fell out of love though by the time I actually got to college because (like my oldest brother who fell out of love with law school because he'd have to defend those who don't deserve it) I realized that I'd have to write stories that sell instead of reporting the truth. I understand that the ambulance-chasing reporting style is all the rage right now in the media, but personally, I don't like it. You should report what's going on to get the stories and the people, themselves, attention -- not to make a name (or a spectacle) of yourself.

I know people love to call me a troll because of my opinions, but I consider myself a realist who knows that there are two sides to every story, and everyone deserves to have their story told if they want it shared.

I've also lived in many "crime-filled ghettos," so I wish people could stop calling me "anti-revitalization" when I ask questions about how they hope to abolish crime and brighten up the neighborhood. I don't think I'm being anti-anything when I say that "revitalizing the neighborhood" talks in other cities turned into "let's kick out the poor and the non-whites". Some may call it "playing the race card" (which is amusing because that term is usually reserved for minorities, and I'm mostly white -- I've got enough Cherokee in me though to qualify living on a reservation if I wanted to, but I don't want to), but it really happened (and still happens in places). I didn't think my question of "what's to stop that from happening in NoMi" warranted a discussion on the disadvantages that some people have in life, but if it does, it does, I suppose.

And I won't apologize for whom I am. I'll always fight/argue/etc. when it comes to low income citizens and minorities because they deserve to be heard.

Let the World Know said...

Anonymous @ 10:25:

With all due respect. I don't think the mission is to harass everyone that comments on JNS that we don't agree with. Those are the tactics that John Hoff uses. John uses the Internet to cyberstalk, harass and intimidate all who dare disagree with him. He is ruthless, mean, and uncaring. He lacks any sympathy for those who may be hurt by his actions. In short, John Willard Hoff displays all the classic signs of being a psychopath.
I see the mission as defending those who John Hoff attacks. And in defending those people we need to spread the truth about John Hoff in order to shut him down. That requires the gathering of factual information, and informing the community about what a hypocrite, and dangerous person John Hoff actually is.
There are other people, such as Jeff Skrenes the Hawthorne Housing Director, who are so closely associated with John Hoff that they are beyond rehabilitation and need to be replaced.
The current problem is that there are a couple of people who are tossing around "gossip" and empty threats. Again, those are the tactics of John Hoff.
We need to be better that that if we are to maintain credibility.
Credibility is what makes the Anti-JNS movement strong. John Hoff has no credibility, that is his weakness.
Hans is a nobody. His comments show his ignorance.
I will be contacting Anti-Johnny directly with my concerns, some of which I have previously expressed in this blog.

John Hoff is Americas Favorite Douchebag.

Anti-Johnny said...

Hi Ruth. Thanks for offering this blog your comments.
I really don't care to be known as Anti-Johnny but, Hoff actually called me that once so... I guess I am the anti-johnny lol.
From what I saw on johnny's blog, he hasn't attacked you so, I would say you are doing well.
You can comment all you like on this blog but, if you have any hoff/skrenes/goodmundson, etc. info that you would like to submit, all I ask is that it is factual. Not that you strike me as one that slams others but, thats the big difference between his blog and this one... I may have some fun with topics (hoff on the cover of playgirl lol) but, the reason this blog and the growing list of commenters are here is to offer the public as much information about John and his lackies as possible.
Anything you might tell me in confidence... I guarantee you that nothing gets repeated to anyone or on the site without you saying its ok. John tells people what they want to hear and once he has it.... Screw you! Then he tosses people aside.

Anyway... Glad to have you on the site.

Jordan Hawkman said...

Let the World Know -

I like and respect your style. I will never go after anyone that simply disagrees with our opinions. I will continue to go after those who participate in Hoff and Skrenes attacks even if it is unwittingly.

The point here is that people need to be held accountable for undue harassing. IF they choose to harass good people they are opening themselves up to being fair game.

I will be the first to say that there are people that have spouted off incoherently and have been exposed recently. The fact of the matter is that they do not like the treatment and have wised up.

You have heard the saying of "what is good for the goose, is good for the gander?" Well......some out there are getting a dose of that medicine.

There is a whole lot more deep ties between a certain council member(s), a couple people in the inspections department and members of a few of the neighborhood councils that are as dirty as can be. Some of these people are involved in nefarious dealings and will be exposed.

They have and will be continued to be exposed.

John Hoff and Jeff Skrenes are completely lost causes and we know that. There are some others involved that we have been investigating that are clearly dirty.

There is not one person mentioned that in any of my postings that has not participated in something which is very likely illegal or at least appear that way in each of their individual situations.

People should know in and around the JNS crowd that if they want to participate in mob rule without due process they will be subject to well researched information exposing them.

We get calls and emails daily from people in and around the neighborhood who are out for their blood. Trust me, we are holding this very large group back and have toned all of the responses down as not to reflect their complete and utter disgust for these vile individuals that have not a care for the neighborhood.

Here is a hint for those out there. Once you stop joining in the mob rule we will let go of you and hold the balance of our information. Start back up. Simple as that. That is the difference between this movement and those warped individuals.

The sad thing is that they have some recruits that will be exposed in time inside the city inspections department. Unfortunately there are a very small people behind alot of these things within the city. Most of the inspections department is great. The people within the department know who these individuals are and are secretly tired of them as well. One of them will be exposed very shortly.

The bottom line is these people will be held accountable.

Tick tock.....tick tock!

la_vie_en_rose said...

Eh, I don't know much of anybody in these parts beyond Keith, our landlord, and our neighbors. That said, I don't even know them all that well. The only info I know is stuff that's been relayed to me from the few people I do know and different places on the internet.

I came across this blog (and John's) by happy accident while trying to find some sort of community site for this section of the city. Like I said before, there are two sides to every story, so I'm here out of interest and to comment; not to attack. :) As I said before, I prefer the truth, so anything I'd ever submit -- to anyone -- would be factual, rest assured.

I must admit that there are things I've been told and things I've read about Mr. Hoff that, well, make me wonder. If those are truly pictures of his house, it puzzles me as to why he's spending time complaining about our ugly brown (I still say faded maroon) exterior when he should be fixing his own up, too. There's a quote that comes to mind: You have to take care of yourself first before you can take care of others.

Jordan Hawkman said...


Those are in fact pictures of John Hoff's house and the Megan Goodmundson House and Jeff Skrenes Residence. You are exactly spot on with your comments.

I would suggest that you only state facts here as well.

John Hoff has a battle with your landlord which arose from things that are unrelated to you and very likely your landlord as well.

John Hoff and the rest of the JNS Crew have very motivated reasons for picking on your landlord which will be drawn out in a story shortly.

There is a direct connection to you neighbor Dandy Don Samuels and his help with creating an ordinance (he is the head of the regulatory committee) with direct influence from John Hoff regarding your landlord. You landlord has done nothing to deserve any of this.

Those bully bloggers are not your friends and never have been.

The only reason they post your comments and play along is to get information about your landlord to use against him.

Also, did you ever wonder why this tight group does not have a certain color involved in it or at least limited? That has a lot to do with these racist JNS contributors. You should hear some of the people in the neighborhood talk behind closed doors and what they want to do. Unfortunately for them, people in our group have first hand accounts for these private conversations. When we put all the info together, the dots are easily connected.

By the way - Rent or associate with an African American that did not graduated some sort of college and you are a target of this intertwined group.

No matter how much clever commenting you do, these slanted twisted minds respond to nothing rational. They are completely irrational people.

BTW Rose - these people create a hysteria in the neighborhood that actually increases the likely hood of crime in the area. They promote every little car on blocks or tapes person parking a car and walking into a house to do work on a house as negative activity. They are promoting a zone where criminals think the crime is just an everyday occurrence and the criminals can play the numbers and likely not get caught.

My suggestion is to stop commenting altogether on the JNS rag. It is clear they have far fewer "Actual followers" since they have started being exposed. They are simply a circus side-side at this point and people go there for a laugh and out of curiosity.

Let the World Know said...

To follow up on what Jordan Hawkman said:
With all the blighted stores along Broadway and in NoMi in general, why do you think John Hoff frequently harasses Friedman's?
Can you spell J-E-W-I-S-H?
It's not just skin color that John Hoff wants to eliminate from his Urban Utopia. John Hoff (who also goes by the name John Hoffman, a nice Aryan name)has been called out on his racist behavior numerous times.
Stuart Ackerberg, who is involved in several Broadway improvements, as well as Jewish Community Action whose members have been working to stem the foreclosure problem in NoMi have been informed about John Hoff (and Jeff Skrenes' support of John Hoff).
Suddenly, John decided to stop harassing Friedman's. John says it's because Friedman's Department Store plans to make improvements.
I suggest it's because John Hoff and Jeff Skrenes are starting to become a liability in the Hawthorne Neighborhood and need to keep their comments from becoming public. They are biting the hands that are volunteering to help them.
Racism and antisemitism are unacceptable characteristics for community leaders.
Hawthorne needs leaders that can bring a positive image to the community. Not hatred and bigotry.

Anti-Johnny said...

I wanted to make the following statement after approving the comments from "Let the World Know 6:07"

That comment is the opinion of the person that submitted it. I personally have no proof either for or against the opinion and I am nuetral on the subject.
While the comments were written in a manner which are non-offensive, I can see how someone could take offense.
The reason I posted the comments was because, I have made it clear that objective, non-aggressive comments will be approved, even if some may not agree with the person who submitted them.

In the future, I just ask that any comments which involve opinions on any specific race or religious affiliations, without submitting any documentation to support the opinions that you please refrain from submitting them.
I understand everyone is entitled to their opinions but, I don't want to take a chance of enticing a reader who might not agree.

MisterComments said...

Here's a classic statement from John Hoff on his JohnnyNorthside blog:

Johnny Northside! said...
"Or maybe there's so much damn real-estate related crime in North Minneapolis that prosecutors and banks don't have the resources to get a handle on it and, as bad as Paul Koenig is, there are worse actors out there."
June 19, 2010 1:39 PM

To that I respond:
Ya, People like Megan Goodmundson who refinanced her home, then let the mortgage go into foreclosure, and had her parents buy the home at the Sheriff's sale for fraction of the mortgage. She gets to stay in her home, renting it from her parents. And the bank lost over $130,000.
What happened to the extra money from the refinance? Several people have pointed out that this looks like a scam. So maybe, eventually, the prosecutors will get around to looking at this. And that will be a good thing since John Willard Hoff wants all mortgage fraud prosecuted. And since so many people have written about MeganGate, I'm sure the authorities know all about
Megan Elizabeth Goodmundson.

Anti-Johnny said...

Mister Comments,
I have to correct you a little bit. Megan's parents did not buy it at the Sheriff's sale. The house was foreclosed and went thru the 6-month redemption period and the lender listed the house for sale on MLS. Her parents bought the house from the bank thru a Realtor. The lender still took a huge loss.