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Friday, July 16, 2010

RULING IS IN: Hoff Child Support-Custody Hearing... "Pay Up!"

As many of you know, John Willard Hoff went to court on July 1, 2010 in Dakota County for his Child Support/Custody hearing (which was public, by the way) brought on by his ex-wife. It was before this hearing that John threw a little rant outside the courtroom when he saw that Terry Yzaguirre of the MplsMirror was also there. With a raised voice, John claimed that Terry was "best friends" with a Level 3 Sex Offender and that she was convicted of dealing drugs in the past. After researching the conviction claim, it turns out that it was NOT the same person. In fact, different gender and different state. But... That is Hoff's style. Make a false statement and make the innocent party defend themselves.
Hmm that is an interesting approach John uses to tarnish the images of good people who happen to not like him. It is sort of like if I were to say that John Hoff AKA Johnny Northside is actually inbred and make him prove it to be wrong. That is, IF I were to say such a thing.

Back to the topic of the day... On July 14, 2010 Judge Mary Flynn ruled on the Child Support-Custody case against John Hoff. I have copied the text directly from the MN Courts Case Record below.

"07/01/2010 Review Hearing (1:00 PM) (Judicial Officer Flynn, Mary H. C.) Result: Held

07/01/2010 Taken Under Advisement (Judicial Officer: Flynn, Mary H. C. )
07/14/2010 Order for Child Support (Judicial Officer: Flynn, Mary H. C. )
07/14/2010 Notice of Filing of Order"


Now we can all sit back and watch to see how or when or IF Johnny Northside will be able to pay up!


Anonymous said...

Thank you for the live-update on this Dead-Beat-Dad: Johnny Hater Northside Hoff Deadbeat.

I respectfully disagree with one thing you said in your news update. I quote you, below:

"Now we can all sit back and watch to see how or when or IF Johnny Northside will be able to pay up!"

Johnny The Phony Northside Pimpin' Slumlord Hoff, CAN PAY UP that which he owes to support his child. BUT HE WILL NOT!!

He WILL NOT PAY until he feels more pain from the Court. I am positive of this fact!!

I think he has indicated that he got Megaton Gutmonsoon to give him all her cash by simply calling her his girlfriend; Pimp n Ho Style and easy!!

He will probably turn her out on 28 and Penn to raise more cash for him. Yes, a job that Mega can get her Hater Hungry jaws around for her man.

Anonymous said...

I see Deadbeat Dad Johnny Hoff is trying to tag landlord Keith Reitmann in The Johnny Northside Hateful Blog, again. But there was nothin there.

He listed Reitmann's court cases for about 30 years, there were a bunch of 'um. I looked reitmann up in the State court website, too.

He got NO CRIMINAL HISTORY THERE, and no JUDGEMENTS AGAINST HIM. Most all the zillion lawsuits were Reitmasn throwin people out.

Where's the beef, Hater Johnny Hoff?

You got the court tellin you to support your son, and you won't do it. You got Court Restrainin orders against ya from a woman, does Kieth? NO.

One more thing does Kieth owe Property Taxes? No, not that i could find.

I looked it up, Deadbeat Johnny Hoff Northside.

You owe Hennepin county for years of PROPERTY TAXES on your SLUM EMPIRE; The peanut shack you operate as a flophouse. You alledgedly terrorize women there, too. Reitman paid his property taxes as far as i could see.

Do me a favor Johnny Northside Hypocrite- SUPPORT YOUR SON. The one you pimp in your blog, The Johnny Hater Northside Deadbeat Dad Blog. And quit makin up shit on others; honest people.

Jack said...

You know what is the biggest shame of all? John's ex-wife had to pay $470.00 in court filing fees to take this psycho deadbeat to court to demand he pay his child support. That's $470.00 she could have used to send her son, Alex, to summer camp or do something fun for summer. Meanwhile, John Hoff files In-Forma Pauperis and the court waived his $370.00 fee. So Alex gets to spend a few weeks with his dad this summer doing fun stuff like collecting abandoned phone books, picking up trash, and blogging about slumlords. And let's not forget..learning to make MacGyver bombs. We can only hope this acorn falls very far from the tree.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the footnote about Deadbeat Dad John Hoff's Wife throwing needed cash at a lawsuit to collect on him for CHILD SUPPORT.

I hope the Court ordered that Deadbeat Dad to pay her Court costs in the Judgement she won.

I also hope she can use the power of the Court to collect on him

We all know he won't pay until he is forced to do so. That is how Deadbeat Daddy John Hoff shows his love for his son.

la_vie_en_rose said...

Wow, how in the world can something like this happen? Does Minnesota have no Deadbeat Dad laws? As much as I dislike my home state of Indiana, at least I can agree that those laws are useful for something (even if they hurt a lot of innocent guys who try to pay in the process) -- if you don't pay up, they haul you off to jail. Repeat offenders get a nice little room to call their own in the big house in Pendleton.

And I saw the post on Keith. I thought about pointing out that most of the cases were evictions, and anyone in a business (especially real estate or renting) is bound to have a few lawsuits behind them after 30 years, but I know the child falling from the window would be thrown back in my face. (And something about that case still seems strange. I'm not going to say that the mother threw her own toddler out the window to get some money, but unless Keith's employees stopped using a staple gun on screens in the time between the fall and our family moving in, then something is slightly fishy. If they're trying to cut corners and save money, why then would they use staples on one unit and not another? Also, let's face the facts; there are some people who are not above harming their own child just to get a huge check in their hand.)

I'm still laughing over the post about the vacant lot between our buildings and Mississippi Hair. Why in the world would anyone want to pay taxes or even keep a lot for which they have no current use (thanks to a car crashing into the building that used to be there, I was told)? Also, it's quite silly for someone to rant about that when they have their own tax problems.