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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Keith Reitman Vs. John Hoff: Let's Compare

A few days ago John Willard Hoff AKA Johnny Northside, wrote about NoMi Landlord Keith Reitman. Alright, he didn't really write about him... He slammed him. John refers to Reitman on his blog as a "Slumlord" and the reason he attacked him this time was merely to copy and paste court cases that Reitman has been involved in. Click here to read the bashing... Johnny Northside Bashes Reitman.

John Hoff calls himself a Journalist but, in my opinion he does not come close. John creates buzz by taking aim at targets he thinks he can sway the public into siding with him. A good example would be John taking aim at Level 3 Sex Offenders. Even though John took the role of a vigilante against them, he figured anyone who says John is wrong in doing so, is simply supporting the L3SO's and they will wish they never went against John.
I think John falls well short of being among the ranks of respected Journalists such as, oh I don't know maybe Walter Cronkite. I think you need to look a bit further down the list to find journalists that John can hang with. Journalists like Maury Povich, Morton Downey and Geraldo Rivera.
Ok, I apologize. I know that it is an insult to those mentioned above to associate them with the likes of Hoff but, I can't think of anyone who is less respected or a bigger sleaze-ball than John Hoff. How big of a loser is John Hoff? Well if I could, I would bet all my money on John Hoff to finish last in the Human Race.

Getting back to Reitman...
Look at all those court cases he has been involved in. If anything, Keith Reitman should win some sort of award for having to go against all those bottom feeders who sued him to make a quick buck and all those tenants who broke their lease agreements, most of which was because, they did not pay their rent.
Yet, Keith Reitman is called a Slumlord.

How about the bottom-feeders of the world, like John Hoff? He is the "Catfish" of Journalism. Makes a career from feeding off the crap at the bottom and is content in his part of the world but, little does John know that no one wants to live with a bottom feeder. I know, it is an insult to Catfish to compare them to John Hoff. Perhaps a more appropriate fish would be the Carp. A waste of a fish if there ever was one and they, like John Hoff are also cold blooded.

Have a look at the cases John has been involved in. Oh, keep in mind that John always seems to be the Defendant.  Hmm, I wonder why that is?

27-CV-09-17778 Civil/Contract
27-CV-10-3378 Civil/Other

19WS-FA-10-160 Custody

19-F3-05-003698 Interstate Support

76-CV-06-655 Civil/Other ($3,228 unsatisfied Judgement)

37-VB-10-95 Criminal/Speeding

75-VB-09-653 Criminal/Speeding

82-VB-08-13920 Motor Vehicle Registration - Gross Weight Exceeds Registered Limit

Drove .5 hr past the 11 hour rule

56-T0-04-004366 Criminal/Speeding
Don't forget about the time John was ticketed in Seattle for sitting on a sidewalk. Thats right, sitting on a sidewalk! He can't plead "stupid" to that one when he was found sitting with a bunch of "anti-sidewalk sitting law" flyers on his lap that surely explained why he thought the law was stupid and therefore, should not be a law. "SO SAY'ETH THE HOFF!"
One of the lines used to promote and describe the contents of his second book, The Art & Science of Dumpster Diving. The Advanced Course, was: "How to dive for information and use it to humiliate corporations, politicians and other evil-doers."
I don't claim to know much of anything about Keith Reitman but, when looking over the list of court cases John posted on his blog about him, I saw what amounted to a high cost of doing business for Reitman.
That's Real Estate though. That's Keith Reitman's business. Then along came a bottom-feeding Carp named John Hoff. He is a bottom-feeding so-called journalist who writes mostly trash. But, that's John Hoff's business... Trash.


Jordan Hawkman Group said...

Anti-Johnny you knocked it out of the park yet again!

Anonymous said...

Hi Anti-Johnny,

I regret the delay in sharing my sympathy for the loss of your long time canine compatriot, Alex the dog.

I do wish to compare his life to the life of another dog: Deadbeat Dad John Johnny Northside Hoff.

I hope you will excuse the appearance of equal canine stature and equivalence that may appear at first glance. Yes, they are both dogs, but the equivalence ends there.

You looked after the well being and health of your trusted pet.

John Willard Hoff fails to look after the welfare of his own son. If it weren't for the determination and hardwork of Hoffhound's ex-wife, his own son, Alex, who he frequently PIMPS IN HIS BLOG by name and photo, would be ON WELFARE.

As it is Hoff's wife has to spend her hard earned and needed cash to drag his ass into court, the Hoffdog equivalent of scooting, to get him to be a responsible parent. And it IS NOT WORKING; he is still a dangerous DEADBEAT DAD who would rather attack decent people at his keypad than support his only son. SCOOT SCOOT!

Perhaps the Civil Court Judge will assist in the rendering of the anal gland of the Hoffdog, John Willard Hoff. He does exhibit the syptoms of that particular doggy ailment, and the need for that sort of treatment, especially when scooting out of the court house under a blanket in the back of some bitch's car.

Further, your dog was kept away from danger and lived well; he lived a long and dog healthy life.

Deadbeat Dad John Hoff aka Hater Johnny Northside, puts his young son in danger and boasts about it on-line. He even breaks the law with his own son in-tow, and posts pics of the misdeeds.

I wish good health to you and your remaining pets, Anti-Johnny.

To John Hoff I wish a trip to the vet to get his nuts chopped, and a PROPER RENDERING.

The idea of the spawn of him and the two faced and two bit and two ton Nomi Trampler, Makin Goddamnedherson, should trouble even the most accepting and forgiving of social service agencies, and all of us.