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Saturday, November 28, 2009

We Burn "We Buy Houses" Signs... So What If It Violates City Ordinance

All pictures by John Hoff

Johnny Northside has decided it is his right to take signs (he steals them really but, I am sure he will have a logical reason for stealing) from the area and promptly burm them.
I copied the city ordinance regarding Recreational Fires.

178.10. Definitions. Recreational fire. A small outdoor fire burning approved materials for pleasure, religious, ceremonial, cooking, warmth or similar purposes.

Approved materials. Fuel for a recreational fire consisting solely of unpainted wood which has not been treated in any manner with chemicals or preservatives. (2003-Or-143, § 1, 12-15-03) .

178.20. Applicable rules. Every person starting, engaging in, conducting or hosting a recreational fire shall observe and comply with the following regulations, which are reflected in or are in addition to those imposed by the Minnesota State Fire Code:

(2) Recreational fires shall not be conducted within twenty-five (25) feet of a structure or combustible material
(3) A surrounding fire barrier of non-combustible material that is at least six (6) inches in height must be used.
(4) Only approved materials may be burned in a recreational fire.
(6) On-site fire-extinguishing equipment - such as operable garden hoses, sand and shovels, water buckets or barrels, or a portable fire extinguisher with a minimum 4-A rating - shall be readily available for use at recreational fires

I didn't see any fire extinguishing equipment in the pictures but, I see trash, leaves and chairs as well as a box of wood behind his son which has treated and/or stained wood (not approved). I missed this the first time I looked but, in the third picture on the lower right side there is a big Rottweiller dog standing by watching the sign burning. I hope the yard is fenced in because, that dog has no collar or leash round its neck. Another code violation that John does not feel apply to him.

This is the post from Johnny Northside's blog titled, We Burn "We Buy Houses" Signs
"On Sunday, I put together a last-minute father/son activity with my 12-year-old, Alex: we went around collecting the "We Buy Houses" signs littering the grassy boulevards of NoMi. My blog post about this activity actually made the Twin Cities Daily Planet, hooray.

Well, it's Thanksgiving and I have visitation with my son AGAIN. We'll be enjoying our Thanksgiving with the fine men and women of the Fourth Precinct but, in the meantime, we thought it would be fun to have a little bonfire. So we burned the signs and roasted some Peeps."
I posted two comments to JohnnyNorthside.com but, John has not allowed either one to be posted. Thats all right because, I copy them all to show later that they did not have anything that would cause them to not be posted.

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