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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Johnny Northside Loves His House in NoMi--!

John Hoff a.k.a. Johnny Northside photo

It has been a while since "John Hoff" has come after me with his public attempts to give me a bad name by linking me with a friend who has been crucified by the media, politicians, former friends and lets not forget... John Hoff as well. Thats alright though because, when you live a life that doesn't revolve around crime, you can sleep at night with the knowledge that you made the right choice to choose other ways to live your life. Enough about that.

I think it is important for people to protect themselves after working hard while sticking to the philosophy of "Always try to do the right thing." You never know when you may find yourself having to defend yourself against people who make their living promoting themselves by using intimidation, public information and dirty force against those that have chosen to do the opposite.
They even change their identities at times when Johnny Northside, John Hoff and John Hoffman are separate personalities one person has. Sort of like Sybil.

What can someone do to defend themselves against people who don't have any concern for other people and what happens to them in their lives?
Recording phone calls and keeping them on hand should you need to prove you were threatened.
Perhaps, you can document those special moments where face to face conversations took place and things were said against you and others. An example could be as simple as a hidden video camera recording your chat while you enjoy a nice pizza over lunch.
Maybe you can save emails that have been sent to you that show how you were bullied by bottom feeders such as Johnny Northside.

Enough of my babbling! Here is the link to The Adventures of Johnny Northside and his latest post, (click here) I Love my home in NoMi.
It is a good read and it does a good job of showing an example of how someone like John Hoff operates.
I wonder if John will approve the comment I wrote and submitted to his blog after reading the post. I get a feeling he will not want to have my words appear on his site so..... Here is a copy of what I submitted:

Hi John!
I am looking forward to that something special you have for me.
Recently, I have felt very special as I have begun to understand how Seattle was such a special place for you while you lived there. So many memories.

By the way John, I have not lived in Plano since 2002. Could I help you out with verifying your upcoming special assault of me?
Take care John.
Note: John claims I live in Plano, Texas but that is a false statement. I once lived in Plano several years ago but, I have not lived there since 2002.

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