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Monday, November 16, 2009

More Dirt on John Hoff Uncovered

What I find so amusing is that John Hoff aka Johnny Northside, uses the Internet as his main weapon against those who challenge him. Yet, it is the very same Internet that continues to reveal the truth about this blogger and his anti-government agenda.

I have copied and pasted a little nugget that turned up from Seattle about John Hoff and the extremes he went to in trying to protect his right to... Sit down. A true pioneer!


By Susan Paynter P-I Columnist

Wednesday, February 7, 1996

Section: News, Page: B1

John Hoff, a k a John Hoffman, is an appealing sort of fellow. Even Seattle City Attorney Mark Sidran, whom Hoff likes to call Satan's little helper, would have to agree.
Hoff's latest legal appeal of Seattle's no-sitting-on-sidewalks law is pending before the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals.

And today, the Displacement Coalition activist and agitator for the Community for Creative Chaos plans to appeal a Seattle Department of Engineering ruling on his request for a street use permit. For $60, it would have allowed him to sit for two hours yesterday on the curb at 4321 University Way N.E. while engaging in a free-speech demonstration.
That is, if Hoff had agreed to the terms:
-- Not interfering with pedestrians.
-- Sitting passively, doing nothing to draw a crowd and using no props.
-- Carrying a copy of the permit on his person at all times.
-- And not inviting others to sit with, near, or on him.
Was it unrelenting rain that stopped Hoff from a sodden sit?
Neither rain nor sleet, etc., Hoff said yesterday. ``It's the principle of the thing," he inevitably added.
Hoff admitted that he and members of the ``very appealing" Displacement Coalition were ``amused and amazed" when, after jumping through another city hoop and notifying abutting property owners of their intention to sit, his latest application was approved - with restrictions.
But the restrictions were too narrow.
So, en garde, Mr. Sidran. More paperwork, further appeals and permit applications are aimed at you and at Hoff's ever-patient city pen pal, Kirk Jones, manager of the Engineering Department's street use division.
Sometime, somewhere, John Hoff, a k a John Hoffman, will sit down. But he will not shut up.

Maybe one of these days the residents, politicians and media involved with North Minneapolis will realize that Johnny Northside has been a fanatic his entire life and that sooner or later, he is going to pull the same crap on them that he has done in Seattle and North Dakota.

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