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Monday, November 16, 2009

Johnny Northside: Lunatic with an Agenda

"I AM the City Council"
This blog has stated many times that John Hoff is on a mission to gain political power and once he gets it (IF he gets it), watch out! For anyone who has allowed him to become a friend, you shall see why that was a mistake. John has been very public about his new found chum, councilman Don Samuels but, little does Samuels know what John has up his sleeve. All readers of this blog should keep in mind that we are not talking about a person in his early 20's with grand daydreams of fixing the world. We are talking about a person who at the time of the article was in his early 30's.
Don't take my word for it. Take John Hoff's word for it. Below are quotes taken from the article published by the Seattle Weekly on August 9, 2000. John's words are in bold.

"Hoff is also looking into the constitutionality of North Dakota's recently revised recall law, which he claims discriminates against third-party officeholders by making it too easy for a minority to wage a recall. And if he loses, he threatens to move to other wards and run against incumbent council members he says have conspired against him. But at times he seems aware of the heavy odds facing him: "I am fighting the firefight of my life," he notes.

And John Hoff wants you to move to Grand Forks to join him. "I could show any Seattle activist how to take this place over," he says. "It's blood in the streets, it's headlines every day. I am the City Council now, I have the power. Is that crazy?"

In the region that gave us the leftie shoestring victory of US Senator Paul Wellstone and the gonzo, radical centrism of Governor Jesse Ventura, Hoff may have a point; he may be at the start of something big.

You might make plans to move to Grand Forks quickly, before the recall election ends Hoff's public career.

Or, you might brace yourself. After law school, Hoff says, he's going to start a law firm—specializing in record law, lesbian issues, and international space law—and open offices in Grand Forks, Hollywood, and . . . Seattle. Then, he adds confidently, he will get a state legislative seat, then make the jump to the US Senate as the first Green libertarian. John Hoff has tasted power, and he likes it.
(To read the entire story, click here Leaving Las Seattle- Seattle Weekly)

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