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Sunday, November 29, 2009

John Hoff the Name Caller

John Hoff a.k.a. Johnny Northside who resides at 2226 Bryant Ave N, Minneapolis, MN had these kind words to say in his comments section of his blog today. Jill Clark, are you getting all this?

On another note, I have rejected four or five comments from Jim Watkins of Texas, self-described "best friend" of Thomas Balko, one of the imprisoned T.J. Waconia mortgage fraudsters. Jim calls himself a "best friend" but I prefer the more accurate and descriptive term of "greased up prison errand boy."

Jim (who likes to call himself the "DFW Mentor" and claims expertise in real estate) claims to have video covertly shot of a meeting I had with him at Broadway Pizza, along with my 12-year-old child.

Of course, nothing of note was SAID at that meeting, and it was actually a friendly meeting, and I think Jim is lying about having any video. But all the same, for the record, I've been rejecting the comments of this TROLL, Jim Watkins the DFW Mentor, and I will continue to reject his comments on the basis of him being a troll.

Generally, though, his comments question whether the individuals who post the signs are, in fact, scammers and
slumlords and Jim claims to have called them about the removal and destruction of the signs. Whatever.

If I gave a rip, I would have bothered to blur out the phone number on the signs, but obviously I don't give a rip. North Minneapolis has the same right as other neighborhoods to NOT have our boulevards and utility poles used as free advertising space by slippery, scammy entrepreneurs. I remove the signs, Jeff removes the signs, and I hope others will take a moment to remove the signs as well.

November 29, 2009 10:30 AM

A funny thought that is worth looking into:
A person has a right to sit on a sidewalk, right? A certain pioneer in Seattle took that as far as he could in court. WAIT... That someone was John Hoff! So, how about we organize a little meeting in front of John's house and we all just sit on the sidewalk. Even better, we can hand out copies of John's writings with his opinions of "cops" where he calls them "pigs."
Why do that? I would think it would be great fun to have on hand when his pals from the 4th precinct show up after he calls about the sit down in front of his house.

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Anonymous said...

John Hoff is a cockroach, we just need to get the right exterminator. He will eventually lose his blog and or his job at the neighborhood group.