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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Johnny Northside Takes Aim at Multiple Property Owners

Note: This picture is a parody and is not to be taken literally.

This post is in response to the post on the JNS site titled, Gregge Johnson Rental Licenses Revoked. Click here to read that post. Gregge Johnson Rental Licenses Revoked

Another post Johnny Northside had put on his blog was about a property owner who should be on the radar of city officials. Click here for that post. Paul Bertelson
The comments that were made on that post were interesting. Someone posed the question of, "what percentage of multi-property owners have some sort of code violation or 311 report or something against at least one of their properties?"
What appears to be going on in North Minneapolis is that the city takes aim at individuals who own multiple properties and pull their right to use them as a rental property. Essentially that either forces the owner to sell or they lose the houses to foreclosure as they obviously can't keep paying the mortgages when they lose the ability to collect rental income.

This is actually scary when the city has the power to strip a person of their right to make money by pulling their rental licenses and thus, forcing the house to become vacant. That is EXACTLY what the city has been complaining about and attributes the increase in crime to. This sounds like the city operates as a Dictator would. The problem is, we are talking about an area that is mostly one hundred years old, give or take a few years. Things DO wear out.

Now the city, mainly Johnny's pal Don Samuels, has Johnny Northside in his hip pocket to do his dirty work for him by putting all of this information about multiple property owners on the Internet for all to see. Johnny would be quick to point out that he has not accused anyone of anything as he has merely made the public aware of these individuals. In other words, John Hoff is outing people on his blog and causing them increased hardship and I would go so far as to say that he is personally affecting their right as an American to pursue the American Dream.

It may have started out as a dream for these unfortunate property owners but, thanks to people like Barb Johnson, Don Samuels and John Hoff... The dream is quickly turning into a nightmare.

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