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Thursday, October 1, 2009

Photo from Johnnynorthside.com

Northside activist John Hoff aka Johnny Northside, has offended people and talked "trash" everywhere he has been. Recent posts have offered insight into his past and those past antics strongly suggest what is to come in north Minneapolis.
Click on the link at the end of this post to read an interview the Seattle Times published with John Hoff's first publisher, Michael Hoy of Loompanics in 1999.
Hoy mentioned the novel Hoff had written (unknown if it was actually published) and said,
"Like many first novels, it is partly autobiographical. Amid a plot about war, romance, politics and "electoral sabotage"
The author of the interview Richard Seven, had this to say about John Hoffman (Hoff is his legal name):
Hoffman, who lives in a University District apartment, is an activist for the homeless and other grassroots causes and uses his rummaging skills to forage through public records and take on city hall.
People ask me why I keep looking for info on John Hoff and I simply tell them to read some of the stuff I have found on him. The majority of them can't believe that Johnny Northside is the same person and they wonder how long it will take until he does the same thing in north Minneapolis.
Click here for the full article... John Hoff - Seattle Times

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Good work, keep digging stuff up on this no good SOB.