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Friday, October 2, 2009

Johhny Northside: Not Exactly Accurate (Again)

The following was copied from Johnnynorthside.com...
There will be some kind of future post about this, but behind the scenes right now Jim Watkins--self proclaimed best friend of T.J. Waconia fraudster Thomas Balko--has been trying to stir up sympathy for his incarcerated friend. Since the MPLS Mirror printed Jim Watkins' other dribble about TJ Waconia, it wouldn't surprise me if the contact is ongoing.
I'm troubled by the fact the mug shots for a number of mortgage fraudsters--Thomas Balko, Donald Walthall, Marlon Pratt, Larry Maxwell--aren't appearing on the Department of Corrections website. We need to see what these jailbirds look like and know their whereabouts. I sent an email to DOC but haven't heard back.
It looks like John is making good on his threat to go after me in public. That conversation was recorded. Listen to it HERE.
To respond to his comments... Thanks for reminding me, John. To read the full article that sheds light on the mistakes made by the Minneapolis City Council, click HERE

As for the mugshots and their whereabouts... There is a good reason he can't find them and I find it very funny that he can't figure out why. Perhaps if he wasn't an "800 pound Gorilla" with an equal mental capacity, he would have discovered why he has led himself on a pointless mission.
I am happy to announce that Johnny has convinced me how wonderful public information can be. My next post will include a few facts about Johnny that is available to anyone online!
For the full post and comments from Johhny Northside's blog, click here

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