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Friday, October 2, 2009

There Are Two Sides To Every Story

For those of you that read the National Enquirer-esq craziness at http://www.johnnynorthside.com/, it would appear that Lennie Chism is getting what he deserves from John Hoff...It would appear.

Of course, even the worst critics are reasonable enough to know that there are Two Sides To Every Story and from the limited information I have received as of today, it definitely looks like there is a clear-cut "other" side to the story.

The MisAdventures of Johnny Northside will soon be posting information (that can and will be documented as fact) about the Lennie Chism story that will give the public the chance to see the other side of the story.
One fact that really needs to be revealed immediately is the marital status of Lennie Chism. Johnny Northside portrayed Mr. Chism to be a cheating husband. In fact, he made sure everyone knew Mr. Chism is currently married.
The other side to that story, is that John Hoff rushed to get the info online before researching his opinion. Had he researched Mr. Chism's marital status, he would have discovered that Lennie Chism has been SEPARATED from his wife for nearly.... FIFTEEN YEARS!
In case you misread the last sentence..... Lennie Chism has been separated (meaning NOT together) for almost 15 years.

More to come.....

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