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Sunday, September 27, 2009

Johnny Northside: Looking to Take Over No-Mi?

John Hoff said in the recording posted two days ago that he is "Dominant" over me and its more than a power trip or a big ego. I wonder if the Minneapolis Police Department knows about what he did in Seattle? 'Ol Johnny Northside did what he does best in Seattle... He went after the Seattle PD's Internal Affairs Division.
It is ironic that he said recently that he "needs" the 4th Precinct to look after him yet, he took it upon himself to look after the Seattle Police Department in his quest for power.
My vote says that John has his sights set on Minneapolis and becoming a City Council member. Think I am crazy? In an interview with the Seattle Weekly, he said the following about his political rise in North Dakota...
"I could show any Seattle activist how to take this place over," he says. "It's blood in the streets, it's headlines every day. I am the City Council now, I have the power. Is that crazy?"

John's problem is he has left a trail of pissed off people behind him everywhere he has been. Those people haven't forgotten about him nor have they forgiven him for the way he bullied them around.
LEARN from history, folks! Do you honestly think that John has really changed? North Minneapolis is where he wants to take over... At least in his mind. Think I am crazy? Read the entire article from the Seattle Weekly and connect the dots.
John Hoff's Seattle Weekly Article


Anonymous said...

Wow! And here I was thinking he just wanted to do Don Samuels and Officer Mark Klukow. Now it sounds like he wants to bugger you too! What a closet case. I wondered if the big woman he hangs around with is nothing more than his beard. He better watch his own ass (no pun intended), I don't think Klukow's down with that scene! You better watch you ass too, you never know when Psycho Johnny will turn up behind you. I'm speaking literally here.

Anonymous said...

Keep up the good work, bring this sob down, PLEASE.