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Saturday, October 10, 2009

Does Johnny Northside Pay His Child Support?

Deadbeat Dad?

Johnny Northside recently got pulled into court recently by his ex-wife, Tina. This is un-confirmed but, the court complaint appears to be about enforcing child support payments.

Here is the recent activity with what appears to be late child support payments. Copied from the MN-Courts website.

08/07/2009 Expedited Process

08/07/2009 Notice of Hearing for Enforcement
08/07/2009 Affidavit-Other
08/07/2009 Affidavit-Other
08/07/2009 Notice-Other
08/07/2009 Affidavit of Mailing
08/07/2009 Documents
ERICKSON-HOFF, TINA served 07/27/2009
HOFF, JOHN W. served 07/27/2009

09/15/2009 Hearing (8:00 AM) (Judicial Officer Pastoor, Maria K.) Result: Held
09/15/2009 Taken Under Advisement (Judicial Officer: Pastoor, Maria K. )
10/05/2009 Order for Child Support (Judicial Officer: Pastoor, Maria K. )
10/07/2009 Notice of Filing of Order
10/07/2009 Expedited Process
01/12/2010 Review Hearing (8:00 AM) (Judicial Officer Pastoor, Maria K.)

Johnny sure has seen his share of court rooms lately.

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Anonymous said...

AHHHH HA HA love it! Although I feel sorry for the ex. Is that why he is requesting donations on his blog? I always new he was a dead beat. Keep digging friend, I am sure you will find even more on that POS.