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Friday, October 2, 2009

Johnny Northside's Public Contact Information

As long as information is available to the public, there is nothing wrong with letting others know... Right?

John Hoff stands behind his safety blanket known as First Amendment rights and acts as though he is doing a public service. Some of his "intentional flaming" may actually be "legal" but, I think the majority of the people who are familiar with his blog would agree... His public flaming is borderline cruel and certainly self-serving and un-ethical. John went to law school though. Surely there was a class on ethics, right? Maybe John felt there was no need to attend that class.

Since John is on the Hawthorn board, he is a public servant (Sorry, its hard not to laugh at that one) so, I was able to find his home address online, just in case any area residents wanted to drop him a letter. Maybe they would prefer to call him on his cell phone since that is also public information (lots more where out there, John).
His number was posted on the University of Minnesota website. To view the public information on John Hoff, click HERE

John's address was posted online by the City of Appleton, Minnesota. Want to know why? Remember all the bashing John has dished out to people for things like, not paying a water bill and things like that? Well, Johnny Northside apparently doesn't like to cut grass on his property in Appleton (Jill Clark & Jerry Moore: Johnny does have assets after all) because, the city slapped a judgement on him for a delinquent mowing bill in the amount of $383.00 and posted his home address in north Minneapolis. In case you were wondering, he has yet to pay for the judgement. Wait until you see how much his girlfriend owes on her two judgements!

To view the PDF file online, click HERE
(Note: Scroll down to the 5th paragraph on page 2)
To save time for the readers, I took the liberty of taking a screen shot of the page...

John Hoff insists all of this is only me trying to get sympathy for my friend but, that isn't correct. All of this is to show the public what a phony he is and that he is guilty of damn near everything he accuses others of doing (see screen shot above).

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